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How To Apply For A Florida Business License

How To Apply For A Florida Business License – See what a contractor’s license looks like and other certificates other than licenses. Occupational License / Business Tax ID is not a contractor’s license. A CPO or CPT certificate is not a contractor’s license.

Unlicensed contractors performing work that requires a license may be reported to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Call DBPR’s toll-free hotline at 866-532-1440 or e-mail [email protected] (report forwarded to local office/investigator). A list of regulatory offices can be found at

How To Apply For A Florida Business License

How To Apply For A Florida Business License

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The following is from the Florida Swims Foundation’s blog: Mike Madry, FSPA/The Florida Swims Foundation Staff. Dr. How dangerous is water if you can’t swim? John Doherty knows firsthand. At the age of 11 he witnessed it first hand, saving a little boy from a crowded and lively community pool in the middle of […]To start a Florida LLC, you need to file Articles of Organization with the Florida Division of Corporations. The filing fee is $125. This can be done online on the Sunbiz website or through mail. Articles of Organization is the document that officially creates your Florida limited liability company.

A guide to getting started today. You can learn more about LLCs and their benefits in our What is an LLC guide.

Choosing a company name is the first and most important step in forming an LLC in Florida. Be sure to choose a name that is easily searchable by Florida naming laws, requirements, and potential business clients.

Florida Business Licenses And Permits In 2022

2. Is the name available in Florida? Make sure the name you want isn’t already taken by doing a name search on the SunBiz Florida website.

3. Is the URL available? We recommend that you check online to see if your business name is available as a web domain. Even if you don’t plan to create a business website today, you may want to buy a URL to prevent others from grabbing it.

Once you have verified that your name is available you can choose a professional service to complete the LLC formation process for you. We recommend using one of these professional services:

How To Apply For A Florida Business License

LLC is short for limited liability company. It is a simple business structure that offers more flexibility than a traditional corporation and provides the same benefits. “What is a Limited Liability Company?” Read on for more information.

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If you’re having trouble coming up with a name for your LLC, use our LLC Name Generator. It not only searches for a unique name for your business but also an available URL to match.

Once you’ve got your business name, your next step is getting a unique logo. Get your unique logo using our free logo generator.

Most LLCs do not require a DBA. The name of the LLC serves as your company’s brand name, and you can accept checks and other payments in that name. However, you may want to register a DBA if you want to conduct business under another name.

To learn more about DBAs in your state, read our How to File a DBA in Florida guide.

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What is a Registered Agent? A registered agent is the person or business entity responsible for receiving important tax forms, legal documents, notices of lawsuits, and official government correspondence on behalf of your business. Think of your registered agent as your business’ point of contact with the state.

Who can be a registered agent? A registered agent must be a full-time resident of Florida or a corporation, such as a registered agent service, authorized to do business in the state of Florida. You can choose one person within the company, including yourself.

Recommended: Northwest provides free registered agent service for first year with LLC formation ($29 + state fee)

How To Apply For A Florida Business License

Yes. You or someone in your company can serve as the registered agent for your LLC. Read on to be your own registered agent.

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Using a professional registered agent service is an affordable way to handle government filings for your LLC. For most businesses, the benefits of using a professional registered agent service (eg privacy, peace of mind and prevention of lawsuits) significantly outweigh the annual costs.

To register your Florida LLC, you need to file Form LLC-1 – Articles of Organization with the Florida Division of Corporations. You can apply online or by mail.

If you are expanding your existing LLC into the state of Florida, you must register as a foreign LLC.

Florida LLC Articles of Organization are processed in the order they are received and may take 2 to 4 weeks.

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An LLC is referred to as a “Domestic LLC” when doing business in the state in which it was formed. Usually when we refer to an LLC we are actually referring to a domestic LLC. A foreign LLC must be formed when an existing LLC wants to expand its business to another state. Read our guide for more information if you’re filing as a foreign Florida LLC.

An operating agreement is not required for an LLC in Florida, but it is good practice to have one.

What is an Operating Agreement? An operating agreement is a legal document that describes the LLC’s ownership and operating procedures.

How To Apply For A Florida Business License

Why are operating agreements important? A comprehensive operating agreement ensures that all business owners are on the same page and reduces the risk of future conflict.

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What is an EIN? An Employer Identification Number (EIN), Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), or Federal Tax Identification Number (FTIN), is a nine-digit number issued by the Internal Revenue System (IRS); The employer ID number is used to identify the business entity and track the business’s tax reporting. It’s basically a Social Security Number (SSN) for a company.. It’s basically a Social Security Number for a company.

Where can I get an EIN? An EIN is obtained (for free) from the IRS by the business owner after the company is formed. This can be done online or by mail.

For International Applicants: You do not need an SSN to get an EIN. Read our guide to getting an EIN for international entrepreneurs.

An SSN is not required to obtain an EIN. You can simply fill out IRS Form SS-4 and leave section 7b blank. Then call the IRS at 267-941-1099 to complete your application. Read our guide to international EIN applicants.

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When you obtain an EIN, you will be informed of the various tax classification options available. Most LLCs choose default tax status.

However, some LLCs can reduce their federal tax liability by electing S corporation status. We recommend consulting with a local accountant to find out which option is best for you.

All LLCs with employees or any LLC with more than one member must have an EIN. This is required by the IRS.

How To Apply For A Florida Business License

Learn why we recommend always getting an EIN and how to get one for free in our Do I Need an EIN for LLC guide.

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When your personal and business accounts are mixed, your personal assets (your home, car, and other valuables) are at risk in the event that your Florida LLC is sued. In business law, this is known as piercing the corporate veil.

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For other important steps to protect your corporate veil, such as properly signing legal documents and documenting company business, please read our Corporate Veil article.

Recommended: Find out how much you could save today by scheduling a consultation with a business accountant.

Business insurance can help you manage risks and focus on growing your Florida LLC. The most common types of business insurance are:

How To Apply For A Florida Business License

Creating a website is a big step in legitimizing your business. Every business needs a website. Even if you think your business is very small or in the offline industry, if you don’t have a website, you are missing out on a large percentage of potential customers and revenue.

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Some may fear that creating a business website is out of their reach because they have no website building experience. While this may have been a reasonable fear in 2015, web technology has seen tremendous progress in the past few years.

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