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How To Apply For Business Grants

How To Apply For Business Grants – COVID 19 Community Grant Features $5,000 to $10,000 for New York City Small Business News – August 12, 2020 0 0 5070

To help New York City small businesses experiencing financial hardship due to the impact of Covid-19, the Citizens Committee has launched Community Business Grants.

How To Apply For Business Grants

How To Apply For Business Grants

Grants of between $5,000 and $10,000 will fill funding gaps by prioritizing businesses of color, immigrants and women-owned businesses, which The New York Times and others report have poor access to banking systems and financial aid. Priority will be given to proposals aimed at adapting businesses to the challenges of COVID-19 (i.e. delivering orders, fulfilling online requests for products, conducting online training and classes). Donations can be made to barbershops, restaurants, food carts, vegetable stands and other small businesses. Unlike many financial opportunities currently available to small businesses, this program offers grants rather than loans.

Adding A User To An Entity’s Business Grants Portal

The application is intended to be accessible and concise, and will be continually reviewed. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Citizens Committee for New York City (CCNYC), a non-profit organization established to respond to the financial crisis of the 70s and provided instrumental community support after 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy.

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It is the digital media source for Eastern New York. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, and let us know if you have questions or want to get involved. A program to support the continued recovery of small businesses throughout Illinois. The first in a series of economic recovery programs launched by the administration, B2B will provide small businesses with access to funding to help offset losses caused by COVID-19, bring back workers and take ongoing steps to rebuild amid the aftermath. The pandemic program builds on last year’s Business Breakthrough Grant Program, which awarded $580 million to small businesses and child care providers across the state.

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The state is also providing a $9 million investment to enhance the Certified Community Navigation Program, which provides a strong network of community organizations to provide outreach and technical assistance in the most affected communities. The DCEO and Community Navigators will immediately start working to inform businesses of the steps they need to apply, giving them time to prepare before applications formally open on 18 August 2021 – a week from that day – today.

“Today, in partnership with the General Assembly, I am taking another step to promote economic growth, jobs and new opportunities for the people of Illinois,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “Accelerating our economic recovery, we’re announcing $250 million in back-to-business grants to help Illinois small businesses rehire workers and cover operating costs.” Small businesses are the backbone of the Illinois economy, representing both the largest number of jobs in Illinois and the largest job creators. And here in Illinois, they are also the cornerstone of our recovery. “

DCEO is making $250 million available to small businesses across the state that are experiencing significant losses due to COVID-19. To reach the businesses most in need of these funds, DCEO will work with more than 100 community navigators, 42 Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) and other outreach partners who have ties to their local business community.

How To Apply For Business Grants

“Through the new Back to Business Grant Program, our administration is moving our share of federal recovery dollars to provide grants that will help Illinois businesses reopen, hire their workers and rebuild stronger,” said DCEO Executive Director Sylvia Garcia. “At DCEO, we’ve begun engaging with community leaders, chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, legislators and many other partners from across the state about the availability of critical resources for businesses still in need.”

Mcallen Covid 19 Small Business Grant

Although many types of businesses and industries may be involved, businesses in the following industries will receive priority status for grants: restaurants and pubs; hotels; businesses and arts institutions; and more. Additionally, priority will be given to businesses located within Disproportionately Affected Areas (DIA), as defined in the Act.

To reach the most vulnerable businesses, the State of Illinois has invested in a comprehensive outreach support infrastructure – building on a $9 million investment to enhance a certified community navigation program. DCEO and partners work and mobilize resources to overcome any application barriers they face – including language support, document collection, and application completion – needed to help small, resource-poor businesses apply for ARPA. Will deliver technical assistance. Property

The community outreach approach has been recognized as a national model by the Biden-Harris administration, and follows the state’s investments during the pandemic in Small Business Development Centers and other community partners that provide technical assistance at no cost. Businesses in need. To find a Community Navigator near you, visit

DCEO and its grant administrator partner, Allies for Community Business (A4CB), will make awards on a rolling basis, according to the priority criteria outlined above. In addition, businesses with revenues of $5 million or less, as well as businesses not served by the Business Breakthrough Grant Program, will receive an option during the review period, with $25 million set aside for businesses to apply for but have not received funding through. Program To help businesses apply with ease, A4CB has launched a new user-friendly customer portal, which allows applicants to track and know the status of their application in real time.

Local Group Hosts Session On How To Apply For Grants

“The pandemic continues to impact community businesses across Illinois, and grant programs like B2B will support thousands of entrepreneurs,” said Brad McConnell, CEO of Allies for Community Business. Continue to work with the state to finance small businesses. most.”

B2B seeks to compensate for operational losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and will provide donations ranging from $5,000-$150,000 depending on the level of observed losses. To be considered for a grant, applicants must demonstrate a decrease in revenue in 2020 compared to 2019 and must not have an annual revenue of more than $20 million in 2019. Businesses must also have two bank statements, a business owner ID, and a federal tax return. For 2019 and 2020.

“We are grateful to launch the Back 2 Business Grant Program, an important investment by the State of Illinois to support small businesses and accelerate business recovery to rebuild our economy after the pandemic,” said Carly McCrory-McKay, Executive Director. Champaign County Economic Development Agency.” As one of three Community Navigator Hubs in the state of Illinois, we look forward to working with regional partners to help—outreach and technical assistance to ensure that programming and financial assistance are accessible among small businesses. Businesses and disproportionately affected occupations.”

How To Apply For Business Grants

“We are grateful to have been selected to participate in the Small Business Community Navigator Program,” said Kerry Minnis, Greater Egypt Regional Planning and Development Executive Director. “Working with our partners, we look forward to ensuring equal access to small business resources in southern Illinois.”

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“Cook County is honored to receive the DCEO Community Supervisor Grant as part of the state’s Back to Business initiative. It will contribute to the county’s ongoing efforts to address the disproportionate impacts of Covid-19 and the disparities the epidemic is spreading in our most vulnerable communities,” said Cook County Board of Commissioners President Preckwinkle. “Access is strategic, representing informed community outreach. Connecting business owners and residents with information is an important part, and this grant will allow us to continue to meet small businesses where they are at this time. There is justice in this action.”

“This program will provide small businesses with small ownership a real opportunity to apply for the funding they need for their long-term well-being and for the state’s strong economic recovery after the pandemic,” said Jaime De Paulo, president and CEO. of the state. Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “As a community navigator, I’m glad we can help businesses submit a comprehensive application to ensure they get the right view of the grant.”

“The DCEO Community Navigator Program serves two purposes. First, it recognizes that the Covid-19 pandemic continues to challenge small businesses. Second, the program works because it relies on trusted community partners to help underrepresented and underrepresented businesses get the financial support they need and regain future success,” said Christopher Merritt, executive director, Illinois Institute of Rural Affairs.

B2B builds on the success of the Business Interruption Grants (BIG) program, which was first launched by the Pritzker administration last year to provide emergency support to businesses experiencing severe operational impacts due to Covid-19. The largest financial assistance program of its kind at the time – BIG met its stated goals of serving the toughest businesses in the toughest places. The program allocated $580 million to small businesses and child care

Applications Accepted For Grant Programs Benefiting Struggling Small Businesses In The Nrv

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