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How To Apply For Colour Of Money

How To Apply For Colour Of Money – Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that explains our relationship with the universe and our environment. According to Feng Shui, strong energy lines connect people, the universe and the earth. So, every small change in the environment affects your life. With good Feng Shui, your business will flourish, your health will be good and your love life will blossom!

Every time you make a small change in your environment, you can attract a different kind of energy.

How To Apply For Colour Of Money

How To Apply For Colour Of Money

With the right ingredients, you have the ability to attract positive energy that leads to better health, a better love life and more money. Makartt Glitter Gel Top Coat, 10ml No Wipe Pearl Gel Nail Polish Top Coat, Mermaid Shiny Finish Effect And Long Lasting, Soak Off Uv Gel Top For Acrylic Nails Nail Salon

If that last bit got your heart racing, read on. This article will tell you about using the invisible energy lines in the universe to improve your wallet to attract more wealth.

Black – Black is the color of prosperity and career advancement opportunities as it is the color of the most fertile soil. So, black is the best choice for your purse color.

Blue – Like the ever-flowing blue water, if you choose blue as your wallet color, your money will flow out of your wallet.

Red – Red is not just another color for your wallet as it is the color of fire that burns everything it touches.

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Brown – Brown reflects the color of the soil during the winter months when seeds are growing. So, brown is a good choice if you want to increase your savings.

Pink – Pink is the color of love and has an idealistic immature dimension. Since pink is the opposite of the pragmatism that wealth demands, it is not a good color for your wallet.

Green – Green, the color of renewal and growth, is a good wallet color because it attracts new income opportunities.

How To Apply For Colour Of Money

Yellow – Yellow represents the change between seasons. This means that the yellow wallet is as easy to carry as it is to carry your money. If you like yellow, choose a mustard yellow purse to boost your savings or pastel yellow for more luck.

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Purple – Purple has strong energy. While it’s a good idea to put some purple in your wealth section at home, it’s not a good idea to put all your money in a purple wallet.

Feng Shui says that different shapes attract different types of energy. The wealth sector is defined by pragmatism and planning, i.e. it is represented by rectangular shapes.

Conversely, folding your notes sends the opposite message. Yes, it’s not smart to choose a foldable wallet, but it can easily be stored in the back pocket of your jeans.

Think of your wallet as the seed of wealth. Now you need to find the best soil for it.

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That land is a beautifully organized pocket or beautifully decorated wealth area in your feng shui home. Again, it’s not the back pocket of your jeans.

Clutter is a no-no in Feng Shui because it’s like a black hole for positive energy. A confused wallet sends this message to the universe:

This means you need to downsize your wallet if you want the universe to send you more money and opportunities. Here are some evacuation tips that may help you.

How To Apply For Colour Of Money

Some people who carry their wallets in their back pockets have a habit of leaving their wallets on the bathroom floor when they go to the bathroom while the universe slowly bends its face.

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Putting your wallet on the floor is like telling the universe that your wealth is not important and that you can easily sweep it away.

Come on, it only takes seconds to put your wallet on the table while you’re in the bathroom.

Get a new wallet for luck. You want wealth to flow to you. It doesn’t have to be expensive as long as it hasn’t been used before.

Three Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon is a good example of a lucky wealth symbol. Plus, it’s easy to find at any thrift store.

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If you’re looking for lucky keychains or small trinkets, head to Chinatown in Singapore. The ingredients are cheap and versatile. Here’s how you can get there.

Even if you don’t have a lot of stuff in your purse, make sure everything has its own compartment.

That way, the universe understands that it can trust you with the planning and strategy of your finances. Good financial planning is definitely an advantage. When you need money urgently, you can consider getting a personal personal loan.

How To Apply For Colour Of Money

While most credit card designs may look stylish and cool, they actually mean debt and financial loss. Many people get into trouble with credit card debt and take out credit card loans to pay off the debt.

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According to feng shui, places with a lot of debt cannot reflect the energy lines that bring in more wealth because the debt absorbs that wealth.

Wealth energy is attracted by clean, neat and elegant materials. That’s why the universe doesn’t send prosperity and innovative business opportunities to your worn-out wallet.

Don’t cram too much in there though. Use some in rotation depending on your purpose. For example, if you need more income opportunities, you can add some citrine crystals or malachite if you want to increase your savings. Similar to Vastu and Feng Shui guidelines for attracting wealth and luck in a home, these guidelines apply. To the wallet. Yes, a wallet! According to astrology, a purse is a symbol of abundance. If you also want to know what to keep in your wallet to attract money, this guide is a gold mine to explore all the answers. Jump in!

According to Indian astrology, goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of money and wealth and Kubera is the god of gold and luck. Therefore, it is considered a very lucky thing to keep in a purse to attract money by having the things that these gods love so much. Let us show you 6 such items.

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Brass and silver are preferred by Goddess Lakshmi. So keeping silver coins and copper coins in the wallet attracts money.

Always buy silver coins on auspicious occasions like Diwali and Dhantera. Cleanse them with holy water and place them near the idol of Goddess Lakshmi in the mandir and worship the deity. After the ritual is over, keep the coins in your wallet.

Keeping fresh bay leaves and peepal leaves in the wallet is believed to attract money. Always wash and bless the leaves with kangajal and milk before placing them in the purse.

How To Apply For Colour Of Money

Since lotus is the favorite flower of Goddess Lakshmi, you can keep fresh lotus petals in your purse to attract money.

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Keeping a Sri Yantra and Gomati Chakra in the wallet pleases Kubera. However, it is necessary to energize these yantras by chanting BJ mantras to all the nine planets.

Remember, a machine is nothing more than a piece of metal if it is not activated and powered. So, if you want to keep one in your wallet to attract money, make sure it’s properly energized.

Keeping some gems in the wallet is also believed to attract money. Emerald, citrine, clear quartz and rose quartz, red coral, amber and green jade are the most auspicious gemstones.

If you can’t afford expensive gemstones, you can keep sea salt crystals or seashells in your purse to attract money.

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Rice is one of the most important ingredients when worshiping any Hindu god or goddess. So keeping 21 pieces of long and unbroken rice (21 is considered a good number) in the wallet will attract money.

Vedic astrology says that rice curbs the urge to spend unnecessarily. If you’re the kind of person who spends a lot of money only to regret it later, there’s nothing better than 21 pieces of rice.

What is more auspicious than a picture of the goddess of wealth to attract money? Make sure the film is not old, torn or worn. Keep only fresh and clear image of Goddess Lakshmi in wallet to attract money.

How To Apply For Colour Of Money

According to the Feng Shui guidelines for wallets that attract money, the color of the wallet is very important. Want to know what color wallet is best for money? We have the answers and have compiled them below. one look!

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According to Vedic Astrology, you should never have a red wallet, a purple wallet or a blue wallet. These colors add unnecessary costs. So, avoid them.

Goddess Lakshmi never lives in dirty and messy places. So always keep your wallet clean and tidy. Organize the cards and don’t keep scraps of tissue paper or any crumpled paper in the wallet.

Having dirty or obscene photos of models/actors is not great if you want to attract money. Even if you have sacred images of deities, make sure they are not covered with food scraps or dust.

Credit cards are a status symbol these days. However, according to Feng Shui, having many credit cards in your wallet increases debt. It is also recommended not to keep outstanding bills or shopping receipts in the wallet.

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