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How To Apply For Grant Money For Free

How To Apply For Grant Money For Free – There is often a misunderstanding about grant funding. Sometimes I hear organizations think that grant funds can be used for anything that is needed within the organization. Or, some well-meaning board member will say, “well, we’ve got grant money in the bank, let’s use it.” All organizations must understand that grant funds are not “free money” and that they are attached.

Government grants have clear regulatory requirements, program regulations and standard guarantees. These requirements are specified in law and failure to comply with all statutes, regulations, policies, guidelines and requirements may result in legal action against the organization. In fact, every government grant submission requires the signature of an official of the organization acknowledging acceptance and acceptance of these requirements. If these requirements are not agreed upon, the organization will not pass the initial technical review of the grant application. In many cases, when the grant is being submitted electronically, it cannot even be submitted without an agreement.

How To Apply For Grant Money For Free

How To Apply For Grant Money For Free

However, foundation grants are not usually so clear about their expectations and requirements. It is generally expected that when an organization applies for foundation funding, the funds received as a result of the application will be used for the purposes for which they were applied for and subsequently awarded. In the event that the funds are not used for the purposes for which they were intended, they may be revoked.

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For example, an Oklahoma hospital had to pay Garth Brooks $1 million after Brooks filed a lawsuit because the hospital failed to build a women’s health center for which the funds were donated. The judge in that case identified the use of funds for other projects as a breach of contract.

While most organizations may never face a lawsuit for not using grant money as directed, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

Additionally, organizations that use funds for purposes other than those for which the funds were requested could be embezzling funds. Funds awarded based on a grant proposal are essentially designated funds. These are therefore permanently designated for this purpose. Just as any donor can designate where their funds will be used within the organization, so can grant funds.

In the event that grant funds are not used for the purposes for which they were intended, external auditors will note this during a financial audit or review. This note could lead to an audit finding which, in turn, could lead future funders to decide not to fund the organization in the future.

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Finally, even if the organization is never found to have embezzled funds, faced a lawsuit, or angry donors, using grant funds for the purpose for which they were designated is biblically okay. Essentially, when a grant proposal is written, it becomes a promise to do what we said we would do. Throughout the Bible we are told again and again that we must keep our promises; thus, our commitment to use grant funds for the purposes for which they are designated, even if it is difficult to do so, becomes a testament to the mission and integrity of the organization. is a MUST HAVE for entrepreneurs, business owners and non-profits (at any stage and in any industry) who need help applying for and winning grants. Shante R Roddy, a multiple grant winner and has helped other companies get over $100 million in free money, will walk you through an entire grant application from start to finish. You’ll get a first-hand look at the process for qualifying and winning grant awards. You can use this training to guide you when completing your applications.

You can apply for thousands of grants without hiring a grant writer. Since COVID-19, donors have made the process simpler and easier to do yourself with a little help.

This training includes a 1.5 hour video in mp4 format. This will be one of the best investments you ever make that will give you a high return on your investment. Don’t delay! Download your training today! Grants are time dependent, so you want to act fast

How To Apply For Grant Money For Free

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Grant Application Training: Step By Step Process To Winning Your Free Money

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