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How To Apply For Job In Hamilton Island

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It was declared as “the best job on the planet”. Villa rental company Thirdhome is offering one lucky applicant the chance to stay in a multi-million dollar property for three months and receive £24,000 to share their experiences on social media. It’s the latest gig of its kind, offering aspiring travelers the chance to travel the world or live in a ‘desirable’ place while doing nothing but sharing their experiences with an adoring audience.

How To Apply For Job In Hamilton Island

How To Apply For Job In Hamilton Island

But Ben Southall has news for the candidates. It might be more work than you think, he says—and you should know. In 2009, he beat 34,684 applicants from over 200 countries to become the official guardian of Australia’s Hamilton Island for six months.

Race Week Reunion

“It was the best job in the world, but also the busiest job in the world,” he recalls. “I remember there was a victory party on Hamilton Island, but I couldn’t get to it because I was doing back-to-back interviews.”

The job was part of a ground-breaking advertising campaign for Queensland Tourism, and the spotlight shone brightly on Southall, both during the application process and when his position was announced. He holds the unofficial world record, he says, for the most interviews in 24 hours – 124 of them with TV crews from around the world. The attention did not stop there either. During his six-month stay, he was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and presented in a six-part National Geographic series, which aired in more than 135 million homes. In fact, in some ways, it was more of a PR role than a social network. He produced just 60 blogs, 2,000 photos, 47 video diaries and 1,500 tweets – insignificant, some might say, given that his job was a kind of Man Friday.

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of talent to become a celebrity,” he told The. “So there’s a chance that people might sign up because they want to be a celebrity and they want self-promotion. But candidates must understand that it is a lot of work.

“The beauty of what Tourism Queensland has done is that they got on the first wave of social media. Instagram didn’t exist then, and Twitter and Facebook were seen as networking rather than marketing tools. It was the first time that a company accepted social networks in this way.

Lessons I Learned As A Best Job In The World Finalist

“I remember the day after I won, I got up early to run to Passage Peak and sit there looking at the ocean. I called a friend of mine in England who said ‘I’ve been in touch with Max Clifford, you could do this, and that’. I said, ‘I don’t want any of that, let’s not screw this up.’ The winner of the Thirdhome gig may not be so ethical.

During his working time, Ben has traveled the length of the Great Barrier Reef by sailboat, catamaran, ferry, luxury yacht, jet boat, 4WD, Hobie cat, helicopter, seaplane, jet ski, kayak, train, motorcycle and car. “I visited 60 islands and spent about three days on each one,” he says. “I would adjust my lifestyle to suit me – sometimes I would be in six-star luxury and other days I would be in a basic tent.

“I would always get to know each other by going for a jog around the island early in the morning. Then during the day I would do whatever the tourism board offered – and go out to dinner with the GM. Then I would come back and start blogging, edit videos and go to sleep around 11pm or midnight.”

How To Apply For Job In Hamilton Island

Two days before the end of the contract, while descending from the jetty, he was stung by an irukani jellyfish – almost invisible to the naked eye, although its sting can be deadly. “It probably wasn’t the best support for Queensland,” says Southall. “I stupidly splashed some water on my face and got my hand. It was pretty intense. It makes you shake and all your muscles tense up. They give you morphine and valium to calm you down.”

Ben Southall Girlfriend Bre Watkins Ben Editorial Stock Photo

Was he ready for it to end? “Oh, yes,” he says. “But it’s like anything. When you’ve been working really hard, you need a break.”

After the deal was completed, Tourism Queensland offered Southall a three-year contract as an ambassador and has continued the partnership ever since. His latest title is ‘Adventurer in Residence’, a confidence building project for entrepreneurs. He also had time to run 19 marathons and set new records for the fastest climb of the highest mountain in each Australian state and the fastest completion of the Nine Great Walks in New Zealand. Oh, and he’s also written a book and married a fellow adventurer: he and wife Sophie traveled overland from Singapore to London in 2015.

Any regrets? “I was in a relationship when I started that job, and it was supposed to end sooner, but I kind of had to play it for six months,” he says rather non-gallantly.

In terms of advice for Thirdhome applicants, Southall suggests that the key to landing your dream job is to make sure you have a strong contingency plan in place afterwards. Otherwise, “it’s easy to feel like you’re falling off a cliff back to normal,” he says. And, of course, no social media-savvy candidate wants that.

Hamilton Island Camp By Jackson — Hinterland Christian College

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A new travel-filled job opportunity named ‘the best in the world’ is going viral. The first person to win a similar title talks about what his dream role is

How To Apply For Job In Hamilton Island

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Robert Oatley College Officially Opens On Hamilton Island

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Refresh the page or go to another page on the website to sign in automatically. Refresh your browser to login Join our team of amazing, dedicated and energetic professionals who spend their days capturing beautiful memories for fantastic clients in a stunning location. Apply for the position of Wedding Video Cameraman & Editor – Hamilton Island Weddings.

Hamilton Island is Australia’s favorite wedding destination and Hamilton Island Weddings is a family business based on Hamilton Island and has been with its current owners since 1994. We have a long and wonderful relationship with Hamilton Island Resort and are responsible for organizing every wedding held in Hamilton and Dent Island.

You will be responsible for creating amazing, stunning, artistic, emotional and above all timeless memories for our fabulous married couples on what is undoubtedly one of the most important days of their lives. (No pressure!)

Queensland Border Reopening Leads To More Job Vacancies On Whitsunday Islands

You will guide our brides and grooms from their first enquiry, through the entire experience, helping them decide which package size and style will best suit their wedding day, capturing their special day, editing and enhancing your captured vision, ultimately producing a short edit of highlights, along with full-length ceremony and reception editing, including high-quality audio recording.

Are you “Faster than a speeding bullet!? Stronger than a locomotive!? And they are able to jump tall buildings in one jump!?” Additionally, do you have at least 2 years of wedding photography experience, top Final Cut 10 skills? Are you an energetic, dynamic and friendly person who can also sell snow to an Eskimo?… If the answer is yes, then you definitely have what it takes…

In 2013 we partnered with Sunrise to give away a $50,000 dream wedding on Hamilton Island, hosted live on Sunrise at 8.30am. He set sunrise records and we all had a great time.

How To Apply For Job In Hamilton Island

Last November, our MD bought Karl’s suit for a donation of $6,500, which he later increased to $10,000. This money went to The White Ribbon Foundation to raise awareness of the issue of violence against women.

Hamilton Island (queensland)

We help various charities wherever we can, either through direct donations or by providing our resources to make someone’s day.

If that’s not enough, just take a look at our website and see all the happy smiling (and crying) couples whose weddings we’ve organized throughout our 21-year history.

If you would like to find out more, apply for a job today using the form below and expect a call from Rohan Gull, Managing Director of Hamilton Island Weddings.

Hamilton Island is stunning every day. Our photos were outstanding and the products and services provided were second to none. We had a magical day! From the cake, to the floral and overall presentation to the weather, the officiant and the stunning backdrop, everything was perfect, thank you!

Former Charity Fundraiser Ben Southall, 34, From Petersfield, Hampshire, With His Girlfriend, Breeana Watkins, At The Blue Pearl House Which Will Be His Home For The Next Six Months On Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island Weddings were great to choose from, helped us connect with all the other vendors and helped our day run smoothly.

I have nothing but praise,

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