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How To Become An Ibm Business Partner

How To Become An Ibm Business Partner – IBM defines the nature of the partnership in this showcase as “solutions from IBM Business Partners and IBM with success in industries, specializations, and product areas. Find solutions that have met the criteria defined for specific IBM initiatives and developed on IBM technology.

The program seeks to secure IBM’s important position as a crossroads between cutting-edge technology and the business industry. Beyond a simple stack for B2B technology, IBM’s vision is to investigate and sign technology partners in hopes of displacing other cloud computing providers in a market where businesses value trust over choice when it comes to technology support. Therefore, IBM has decided to develop a rather small group of partners that consider not only sound technology but also the right “solution”.

How To Become An Ibm Business Partner

How To Become An Ibm Business Partner

And what is the solution? Again, we can modify our own definition: “IBM uses the term solutions to refer to all types of products and services provided by our Business Partners. This general term describes the added value of Business Partners who join IBM to provide solutions to customer business problems.

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IBM Cloud has reviewed and validated the Cypherium enterprise-class blockchain as one of these solutions, and from there it was placed in the PartnerWorld showcase, where it joined 24 other projects, new flagship technologies in the world of computing and software services.

See our list here. Cypherium is prepared to meet the needs of customers as infrastructure, platform, or cloud. As the IBM partnership proves, the private chains and consortia available through this platform can prepare the businesses of the future to compete in a world where the efficiency, speed, and organization of blockchains are the norm.

Through the IBM Cloud Showcase, Cypherium can join with large institutions to implement concepts that have been around for a long time in the crypto world – faster payments, safer transactions, transparency, and efficiency in private records – all that comes with living in decentralized technology landscape.

However, for the new internet infrastructure to replace the current vulnerabilities, many players must come together and cooperate well. There needs to be, paradoxically, trust to overcome distrust in scale. For many small businesses to use decentralized technology, major companies that provide payment services and infrastructure must champion the new technology; so that large companies can champion new technology, it must be investigated by experts, current technology providers, and compatible with some legacy systems. This may not happen overnight, but it always does. By ratifying Cypherium’s practical design elements, such as instant transaction finality and Java virtual machines, IBM Cloud Showcase leads business clients to a smoother, more secure, and smarter future. We at Cypherium are happy to be a part of it.

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Cypherium is a scalable smart contract platform with a unique hybrid double-chain that features Proof-of-Work (PoW) and HotStuff consensus mechanisms (also adopted by Facebook Libra) without sacrificing decentralization.

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