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How To Build A Better Business

How To Build A Better Business – It’s been almost two years since I started working on my startup, a price comparison site in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt that allows customers to compare the prices of anything sold on the internet, from phones and tablets to furniture and babies. During these two years, I had to make difficult decisions and face challenges in building the product, finding resources, marketing and growing the business. I have to say, more than anything else, it was a very rewarding experience. I wanted to share with you a few important lessons (and examples) that can be a useful guide for others in the idea, promotion or growth of their business.

I see many times that they start their idea by building a website, and quickly realize that the business needs more work than expected, or the business is not selling. You must become an expert in the field of your business by studying the market, competitors and needs to build a sustainable business. Build your business case based on the size of the business you are promoting, and the amount of money you need. Talk to potential customers to understand if your idea will work for them, even before you start building it.

How To Build A Better Business

How To Build A Better Business

It is very difficult to hire motivated people to work for you without them having an equity stake in the company, especially in

How To Build A Better Business Plan: A Hands On Action Guide For Business Owners By Alastair Thomson

The basic level. If you are a technology company, find your CTO and give him equity in the business. The same rule applies if you are in fashion, food and beverage, or any type of business – you need to have people. technical skills as a basis. At, the founders have a mix of technical and business / e-commerce information, which made it easier for us to build, promote and grow the product.

Your idea should have a unique difference, something that will attract your audience and use your product. To be unique, your solution must be unique or better than the competition. Make sure that your lowest available product (the launch or beta version of your entire solution) has that unique feature. If you decide not to find that in your first search, your promotion doesn’t fully prove your point. Take some time to decide what should be in your promotion, and what you can put off for later. That unique concept should also be clearly stated on your website. When we launched, we made sure there were enough stores to compare prices from the website, and also clearly stated its price comparison and historical data.

In your startup, there are usually hundreds of ideas, features, or improvements you want to implement. Prioritizing in terms of which of these projects you need to start is important, as you have limited resources to implement them. Priority should be given to the impact or success of the project, in addition to ease of implementation. At, we prioritize projects that directly strengthen our pricing, by improving the customer experience for example, or adding stores to compare prices from.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Many start thinking about expanding their ideas into new services or lines of business, before their core business model is proven. A lack of focus can reduce the effort you put into your main idea, and can kill a startup. At, we have many options to expand the reach of our website, whether to new services or new countries. however, for a long time we focused on our core business model of online shopping compared to the UAE. As soon as the success of the model was proven to customers and online stores, we began to expand the site to other countries, and added many new features such as the ability to compare prices and networks international website.

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Growth hacking is a technique that uses unconventional marketing methods and techniques to gain exposure for your startup. Paid internet / advertising marketing, social media marketing and even search engine optimization (SEO), are considered today as traditional. Beyond these, think about how you will gain access to your audience. This can be done by designing partnerships with other companies that your product can complement their offerings. at, we offer price information / reviews to other news websites, which show our solution to their audience. Other growth hacking methods can include creating viral videos, or offering users free money if they invite a friend to try the product.

The first thing you will notice is that you will need to wear many hats at the same time. On, I worked in many areas in my business, from technical tasks such as web development and product management to business development and client relationship management. . In order to do your job well, you should be familiar with the various online tools available out there. Use for project implementation. For hiring freelancers, you can use For team communication, try, a new and effective way to manage team communication without email.

I hope you find these tips very useful to help you in your new business. Remember that opportunities in our part of the world can be achieved, if you create a great product to solve a problem. This region is still developing, and like all emerging markets, there is an opportunity for s to use and analyze foreign ideas, or start something new. Find an idea based on your interests and experience. Success or failure, your journey is sure to be more enjoyable and rewarding. Improving your business practices is about being persistent about building a better business. We like the B Corp model for defining continuous processes because it gives you a complete, specialized view of your business and operations. The framework helps ensure that your practices and processes are aligned and work to create the culture needed to maximize your a impact and performance.

How To Build A Better Business

The principles of these five aspects apply and reflect best practices for all businesses. Focusing on sustainability requires changes in those five areas, and those changes will help strengthen your business by improving employee engagement, improving your reputation in the community, and reinforce the importance of your brand. As we have observed in the last two weeks, sustainable companies are generating higher profits and are more organized towards customers.

Managing Cash Flow To Build A Better Business

In addition, employees are increasingly considering the continuity of the company in making career decisions, especially in the millennial group that will comprise more than half of the US workforce in the 2020.

Changing your business processes will have a clear and measurable impact. And the businesses that qualify as B Corps are part of a larger community of businesses dedicated to building a more sustainable economy. Participating in the B Ecosystem provides opportunities to learn and improve your own processes. Being certified as a B Corp also allows businesses to clearly communicate their sales to their customers – the B Corp designation removes the guesswork for people. buy whether they are supporting companies that match their own values.

Over the next five weeks, we’ll look at each part of the B Impact Assessment individually to provide more information on how you can build a better business.

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How To Build A Better Business

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