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How To Build Your Business

How To Build Your Business – It’s not just about making more money, getting more clients, hiring more people or selling more products. I see so many entrepreneurs, influencers, business owners, and brands, with this amazing message, skill, product, or service, chasing success at the expense of their marriage, relationship, children’s lives, health, and even their ability to grow. . They have a vision and a dream, but lack the guidance, experience, resources, and time to grow their business in a way that touches more lives, while still allowing them the freedom to pursue their dreams. I teach my clients, students, and masterminds how to scale their influence, income, and time freedom (what I call the IIT factor) using my nine-phase scaling method.

A few years ago, I was working as a marketing consultant and coaching clients one-on-one. I thought I was building my dream, only to find that with each client I took on, I was getting further and further away from my dream. I wanted to scale my business to a place where I had established wealth, continued to grow, and had time to do the things I love with the people I love. I envisioned a life with less stress, more peace, and being totally on fire with the work I was doing.

How To Build Your Business

How To Build Your Business

But the work I was doing was actually taking me away from the ideal business model. I was working one on one and I was doing as many people as I could take on. I was trading time for money, which meant that in order to earn, I had to work physically, and the only way to earn more was to hustle more and give up more of my time.

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A scalable business model opens the door to ways to expand your business or brand. It’s about looking at your current business, where it is today and identifying the areas that are an obstacle to your growth. Are you trying to do everything yourself? Do you have just one revenue stream, a service-based business model, or just a couple of products? Are you wondering how you can create a roadmap to grow beyond those obstacles?

The proven process I’m about to share with you doesn’t work overnight. Growing your business sustainably is something that happens over time and is based on your goals, values ​​and vision (but you can certainly see the wins early and often along the way!). And remember, you can do this at any time in your business.

I’ll walk you through each step of my nine-phase methodology so you can better understand what “scaling” means and how you can apply this methodology to grow your business. I’ll help you determine where you are, where you want to go, and then show you how to create a strategy to get there.

It’s not just about pulling out receipts and looking at the numbers. To expand your business, we not only have to audit your company, but you as a person. What do you value? What is important in your life? Think about your family, faith, health, wealth, finances, and your overall happiness and sense of accomplishment.

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How is the day-to-day life of your company? What does it feel like when your feet hit the ground in the morning? What is your ideal day like? How much time do you have available to spend with your family? how long have you been How much money are you making and when? What kind of vacation do you take? What charities are you involved in and how do you give back? How do you spend your downtime?

If you’re not building a business that supports the things that really mean something to you, you’ll forever live in a place of disappointment because your expectations don’t align with your reality.

That will get you there. An audit allows you to assess whether your actions align with your goals. I created my forecasting formula to help you with this exact step (and it’s completely free!).

How To Build Your Business

How often do you feel like you’re just winging it? Or do you think you are using hope as a strategy? Use that hope to laser-focus on creating the model to grow your business. Focus on where you want to see the numbers start to change. The idea is that we’re going to chart the process and take guesses. Let’s create some clarity for you

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Phase three is where we focus on your audience and your message to that audience. I’ve heard this advice so many times: find out exactly who your ideal customer is, find out what they want, and then provide that product or service. That simple, right?

. You want to create content that speaks to them and their specific needs. You want them to read your content and think, “Wow, that would solve my problem.” The way you talk to them about your products or services, your phrases and every word you use is what will set you apart. To do that, I want you to survey your audience and get a pulse on what they’re struggling with. Seriously: Actually

They what they need help or want to hear. Collect solid data to help drive your future messaging. You’ll then use that message to create ads, scrap sales page content, create emails, and post to social media.

Just because your ideal customer is out there and you know who they are and how you can solve their problem, doesn’t mean they will magically come to you. So how do you start attracting them? In this phase we’re going to work on creating lead magnets that will make it easier for you to impact more lives, while building multiple streams of passive income (key word here!).

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How can you attract those leads and how do you support them when you do? This puzzle piece is fun! This is where we start creating options. Are you creating video options? Are you doing Facebook Lives and promoting them? How are you going to get into the hands, eyes, and ears of your ideal customer? Where do they go? What do they love? What do they need? What are they looking for? What terms are they using to search for those things and how can you turn them into options that speak directly to them?

How can you create an opt-in that is a solution to their pain point and is a free way to get in front of them so you can start nurturing that relationship?

We often hear that “the market is so saturated.” And then we start thinking, “Someone is already doing this, they’re more famous than me, why should I bother?”

How To Build Your Business

. They didn’t use the same system as you. They didn’t feed their audience the same way you did, and their target audience may not be the same as your target audience. Your story is not their story. It’s not just about selling your product or service, it’s about creating a tribe.

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You want to be able to tell your client that you have a proven method that will address their pain points and allow them to come out the other side, completely transformed. Your signature method is when we set your high ticket offer and create cash flow in your business.

Let’s find the niche that needs your methodology. This is when we become highly strategic and gain clarity.

Once we have a niche, we can bring your ideas to life and create a set of products that aligns with your values, your goals and the impact you want to have.

We need to determine the most important details of your actual products and services at this stage. How are you creating them, how are you pricing them, who are you offering them to, and what is your overall plan? Once you’ve built a suite of products, you’ll earn passive income, higher income, better income, and most importantly,

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I love the word “optimize” because it can be applied to all things: business, health, marriage and parenting. I want you to be the best, most optimized version of you, and as a result, I want to make sure your website and assets naturally and passively shape your business.

You Utilizing these strategies can be a game changer for your business. Look at your website and determine if the design is effective. Are you using all the prime real estate on your website? Are you using an opt-in to generate leads and establish a tribe? You want the most optimized business possible so you can start living your dream.

This is all about the potential to delimit. This is where we are

How To Build Your Business

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