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How To Buy A Established Business

How To Buy A Established Business – August 27, 2015 August 27, 2015 https:///r/am-i-ready/10-questions-you-need-to-ask-before-buying-a-business Am I Ready? en_US As an entrepreneur, you may be in a position to purchase an existing business. Here are 10 questions you should ask yourself before buying a business. https:///cas/dam/IMAGE/A4fofW881/0c9819e2842fb40fab35ebcb4bd53852.jpg https:///r/am-i-ready/10-questions-you-need-to-ask-before-buying-a-business 10 questions You need to ask before you buy a business Megan Sullivan

As an entrepreneur, you may find yourself in a position to buy an existing business. Often times this can be a great business opportunity that gives you the chance to build on an existing business or help revive a business that may be struggling.

How To Buy A Established Business

How To Buy A Established Business

However, as with any business venture, there are risks. Below are 10 questions you should ask yourself before buying a business.

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The answer to this question may be simple. It can be one of your favorite businesses, you can be very interested in the industry or you can see it as a great investment. Take this self-test a little further and make sure the business fits your strengths.

For example, if it’s a grocery store, do you have the space and patience to deal with vendors and customers? You also want to make sure you have some knowledge of the industry, and you definitely don’t want to overpay.

It’s also a good idea to review the business’s location, existing customer base and reputation. If any of these elements are detrimental to the business, you may want to reevaluate.

This may go hand in hand with why you want to buy a business. Your business acumen may lend itself to marketing, accounting and budgeting, which will have far more impact than simple cosmetic changes. Make sure you have the skills and resources to make the business a success, especially if it’s selling out of dire financial concerns (which we’ll discuss later).

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In addition to the money you’ll need to buy a business, you’ll also need working capital to cover salaries, inventory, utilities, rent, and other expenses. Analyze your current cash flow and determine how much money you will have to devote to business operations. Review the current owner’s accounting ledgers and talk to them about their current monthly and annual expenses.

This will be important for you to know in order to set a fair asking/selling price. There are a few different methods you can use to perform this value analysis, including:

Part of buying a business is talking to the current owner to get a better understanding of the business’s strengths and weaknesses. After you’ve identified a business you’re interested in buying, you should:

How To Buy A Established Business

You want to make sure you have access to their statements for the past three to five years, including tax returns and any current contracts or leases. Make sure these statements are audited by a reputable accounting firm. While it’s good to be able to trust the business’s own financial analysis, it’s best to make sure the forms are reviewed by accounting professionals.

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If the company’s financial statements have not been audited, ask the current owner for permission to conduct your own independent audit. If the owner refuses, he may have something to hide, which means you may walk away from the sale.

You want to have a clear understanding of why they are selling. Here are some important questions to ask:

The answers to these questions will help you decide if the business is worth buying, and how much work and capital it will take to run it properly.

Check with the owner and ask what he plans to do after the business is sold. Ask if he would be willing to help with the transfer. Check with the employees and find out what will happen to them after the sale is finalized. Will you keep all the employees? Will you keep some and discard others? It’s best to talk to employees when it looks like a sale will happen and answer any questions they have about the sale and the future of the business.

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If the business has one, look at your current customer list and inquire about the status of each customer account. You want to make sure that the current owners leave you with a portfolio of viable accounts that have the potential to turn a profit.

The hope is that you will buy this business and have a long, successful and profitable career. However, there is a chance that at some point you will want to sell the business as well, or at least retire. Take a look at the business and assess what you need to do to get the operation to a point where it is either profitable, salable or a combination of the two. Know what your exit strategy is early on so you can always plan for the future.

As always, make sure you consult with an experienced business attorney throughout the process. It is best to find someone who specializes in selling the type of business you are interested in.

How To Buy A Established Business

When making a big purchase like a business, and especially when you’re inheriting someone else’s infrastructure and customer list, doing your homework is the best way to go. Lawyers would call it due diligence, but for most business owners and entrepreneurs, it’s actually common sense.

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If you decide to buy a business, one of the big choices will be whether to collect cash from your business as needed or pay yourself a regular salary. To help you decide, look at ways you can pay yourself based on taxes, business structure, and more. Buying an existing business is very different from starting your own business. And it is important to carefully consider all the pros and cons and know what to ask, both yourself and the business owner, before finalizing the purchase.

Just like starting a new business from scratch, failure to take the right initial steps can result in poorly run operations and even store closures. So take a look at these questions to start off on the right foot.

Before we get into specific questions to consider when buying a business, let’s cover some basic pros and cons of doing so. Many entrepreneurs are torn between starting their own business and buying a business, so hopefully this section clears things up a bit.

This is already a proven business model – it’s probably the most interesting. Buying a business that has been successful for years means that the model and customer base are established, increasing the likelihood of future success.

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It’s easy to start – again, a proven business model means you can take more than the initial equation: business plan, market research, marketing, location planning, etc. Sometimes fewer choices make everything easier.

Branding is established – Building a brand is one of the most challenging, time-consuming and expensive aspects of running a business. It takes creativity, ingenuity, and many years to get a brand off the ground. Buying an existing business means you don’t have to worry about that.

Funding is easy – Banks and other lenders are more likely to offer loans to businesses with a proven track record. Securing loans for other locations or store improvements will be much more possible if you are buying an existing business.

How To Buy A Established Business

You have an immediate customer base – although some customers may leave after the business is transferred to a new owner, most likely will (as long as there are no major changes). Securing a strong customer base off the bat takes a lot of unknowns out of the equation. No 1 In The Us For Business Sales

It can be expensive – buying a successful and established business will come with a high price tag. All the above-mentioned professions will increase your success. You get what you pay for, and in this case, you will pay a lot.

You may have to make some big changes – even if you’re buying a successful business, there may be changes you want to make. It may be expensive, met with hostility from existing employees, or difficult to implement.

The business may be completely shy – with proper research and due diligence it is unlikely that you will close, but there is still a chance that the business may not be as successful as advertised.

You lose the ability to be creative – Like buying a franchise, buying an existing business takes some of the fun out of creating your own and adding character.

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Well, now let’s come to the questions that entrepreneurs should ask to start this process. And before talking to a business owner, you should check yourself to make sure you’re making the right decision.

This is the most important. You need to consider the list of pros and cons above and determine which option is best for you.

If you’ve narrowed down your list and have a few businesses in mind

How To Buy A Established Business

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