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How To Check Your Business Credit

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How To Check Your Business Credit

How To Check Your Business Credit

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What Is A Good Credit Score For Businesses?

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How To Check Your Business Credit

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Consumer credit scores can be complicated to understand, but if you’re a business owner or hoping to become one, there’s another layer of information you need to digest. Just as you are assigned a credit score based on your personal creditworthiness, businesses also have a credit score to indicate their overall credit health.

Business Credit Score: How To Check Your Company Credit Report

Business credit scores are used for the same purposes as credit scores for individuals If you apply for a business credit card or a small business loan, the company you apply for credit with will use your business creditworthiness to determine your interest rate and loan terms.

Just like a personal credit score, a high business credit score is always good when it comes to getting the best rates and terms. While personal credit scores typically fall between 300 and 850, business credit scores typically range from one to 100 on a scale of one to 100.

Many third party companies make it possible for you to access a business credit report online Each provider lets you view a version of your business credit score, and some offer multiple packages that give you access to more credit features and information.

How To Check Your Business Credit

If you want to build your business credit score and are wondering where to start, you can consider the following payment options:

Why You Should Know Your Business Credit Rating

Dunn & Bradstreet offers several services to help you monitor and manage your business credit score. While you can pay $39 per month for their top-tier D&B CreditMonitor plan, they also offer a Credit Signal Plus plan for $15 per month and a Basic Credit Signal plan for free. Each of these plans lets you view and monitor your Dun & Bradstreet business credit score over time, and top-tier plans include dark web monitoring, industry benchmarking and notifications about loss of business events.

Thanks to its online platform, Dunn & Bradstreet makes it easy to sign up for an account and get started. Overall, this company is best for someone who wants to see their business credit score and monitor changes in their business credit profile over time.

Experian is another provider that lets you view your business credit score or monitor your business credit profile for a fee. For a one-time charge of $39.95, you can view your business credit score and get an overview of your business profile. This plan, called Credit Score Report, is a good option if you just want to see your business credit score but you don’t want to monitor its movement over time.

You can also pay $49.95 per month for a comprehensive business credit score monitoring plan that includes credit inquiries and detailed trade line data. An annual plan with unlimited business credit score access, credit alerts, ongoing tracking and more can also be purchased for $189 per year.

Your Financial Healing

Equifax lets you order a single business credit report on their website, though you’ll need to make a customer service inquiry to find out pricing. These reports are packed with detailed information including a company profile, a credit summary, public records, Equifax Business Risk Score, alternative business names and more.

The Business Report from Equifax also includes a unique Business Failure Score, which attempts to predict the likelihood of a business failing through “formal or informal bankruptcy” within the next 12 months.

There are some free business credit scoring services, but keep in mind that free reports tend to be light on what they include. However, they can provide a good place to start

How To Check Your Business Credit

To access your business credit score with the Nav or D&B Credit Sign program, you’ll need to provide information such as your business name, your zip code, and your email address. You will need to verify your identity by providing your home address, your date of birth, your phone number and your social security number.

How Important Is Your Business Credit Report?

Additionally, you may also be required to answer certain security questions based on your loan history, your work history or previous addresses you have.

If you just want a general idea of ​​your business credit health, a free option should work Also, keep in mind that the information you get from a free business credit report probably won’t be as detailed as what you’ll get with a paid one.

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