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How To Deal With Competition In Business

How To Deal With Competition In Business – Competitive strategy consists of business approaches and initiatives adopted by a company to deliver superior value to attract customers and meet their expectations, as well as strengthen its market position.

This definition by Thompson and Strickland emphasizes the “views and initiatives” of managers in determining strategy. Hence, competitive strategy is concerned with what managers do to improve the company’s market position by satisfying customers.

How To Deal With Competition In Business

How To Deal With Competition In Business

Thus, the concept of competitive strategy (as opposed to cooperative strategy) is competitor oriented. Competitive strategy includes approaches that define different ways to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

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The management action plan is the main focus of the competitive strategy. management adopts an action plan to successfully compete with competitors in the market. It also aims to provide superior value to customers.

The purpose of the competitive strategy is to satisfy the customers’ needs and ultimately to gain a competitive advantage over the competitors (or competing companies.).

Michael Porter identified four types of competitive strategies that can be used in any business organization, regardless of the size and nature of the products. Because all business ventures are easy to use in common, they are labeled generic strategies.

Apart from these, strategic alliance, joint partnership, merger, acquisition, vertical integration, outsourcing strategy etc. There are other strategies that a company can use as needed.

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Competitive advantage is superior to competitors. Managers often ask the question, “How long does a competitive advantage last?”

‘Barriers to imitation’ create obstacles for competitors to easily copy a company’s distinctive competencies. Competitors will always try to imitate a company’s resources and capabilities.

Resources Tangible resources (eg, plant and machinery, buildings) are easier to sample than intangible resources (eg, patents, goodwill, brand names, technological know-how, marketing techniques).

How To Deal With Competition In Business

Thus, it is necessary to create a distinctive competence based on unique capabilities rather than material resources. This will help the company to have a unique competence in the long run.

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If competitors are committed to doing business in a certain way, they will not suddenly imitate the company’s innovations.

A third factor in the sustainability of specific competences, i.e. industry dynamism, is an important determinant of competitive advantages.

For example, the software industry, the electronics industry, and the computer industry are very dynamic due to the high rate of innovation. Competitive advantages in such industries are short-lived.

Since gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage is the main objective of competitive strategies, managers must take measures to maintain competitive advantage.

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As mentioned earlier, a company has a competitive advantage if it can maintain a higher than industry average profit rate for several years.

Because of its focus on these building blocks, Apple Computer Company enjoyed a long-term competitive advantage from 1987 to 1993.

These are called “generic” because any organization can adopt them regardless of their products (or the industry in which they do business).

How To Deal With Competition In Business

High efficiency allows the company to reduce its costs; high quality allows him to reduce costs and pay a high price; superior customer responsiveness allows it to charge higher prices, and superior innovation may lead to higher prices or lower unit costs.

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As distinctive competencies are developed, they help improve performance in all areas of the four building blocks.

Specific competencies must be developed in all relevant areas – in some areas at the expense of other important areas. Companies must balance their pursuit of distinctive competencies.

Maintaining a competitive advantage requires an inherent environment within the organization that promotes learning within the organization (commonly referred to as organizational learning).

Learning organizations can keep themselves ahead of all their competitors because they are always on the lookout for knowledge.

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In the process of seeking and disseminating knowledge, they learn from past mistakes and improve their work processes over time.

Continually improving the quality of products and services (in fact, everything a company does) to maintain a long-term competitive advantage.

Some organizations have been successful in their quality improvement efforts through total quality management (TQM) programs and business process reengineering.

How To Deal With Competition In Business

Organizations evaluate (look for) successful business practices of other competitors/companies and then adopt them after necessary adjustments.

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In doing so, they can create and maintain resources and capabilities—essential to achieving excellence in efficiency, quality, innovation, and customer responsiveness.

Companies cannot maintain their competitive advantage because they cannot adapt to changes in the organization.

Companies can overcome barriers to change through effective leadership, making necessary changes in organizational structure, establishing appropriate control systems, and involving employees in decision-making.

In order to be competitive in the market, a business organization must have distinctive competence in one or more areas of its activity.

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Distinctive competencies refer to an organization’s strengths that enable it to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

These strengths are unique to the organization and they help it achieve high efficiency, quality, innovation, and customer responsiveness.

It can be argued that PepsiCo has a unique competence in the production of bottled water – Aquafina.

How To Deal With Competition In Business

However, the organization’s resources must be unique (ie, no other company has these resources). Resources consist of physical, human, financial, informational and technological resources.

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It can be said that an organization does not need unique resources to develop a distinctive competence, unless other competitors have such resources. An organization can develop distinctive competencies while simultaneously possessing unique resources and using those resources effectively.

Successful strategies often build on a company’s existing competitive competencies or help the company develop new ones.

Business strategy is broader than competitive strategy. Business strategy includes all measures and approaches to fight against competitors, management of various strategic issues.

Hill and Jones noted that business strategy consists of plans of action by which strategic managers use the company’s resources and distinctive competencies to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors in the marketplace.

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When conducting business, companies face many strategic challenges. In order to survive in the market, the management has to deal with all these issues effectively.

Business strategy deals with these issues in addition to “how to compete”. Competitive strategy deals with “a management plan to compete successfully and provide superior value to customers.” Product Mastery Opportunity, development and excitement in the field of product design. Times have changed since everyone started working online. The publishing industry should never be left behind. When offline printing shops do not have the foot traffic to do business, online orders have opened up a good way to stay ahead.

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How To Deal With Competition In Business

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How To Deal With Competition In Business

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