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How To Find Out If Business Name Is Taken

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How To Find Out If Business Name Is Taken

How To Find Out If Business Name Is Taken

A real, memorable brand name provides immediate benefits when starting an e-commerce business. This makes it easy for potential customers to remember both you and your product and can set you up for long-term success.

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Chances are you have a lot on your plate right now. By determining your target audience, what products you will sell, and how much seed funding you need, things can easily add up.

So, if you’re struggling to come up with the perfect business name, that’s normal. This guide will walk you through how to create your own business name using name generators and examples to help you find the right one for your business.

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Business name generators are great to use as a starting point if you’re out of ideas or stuck in a creative block. Remember, these aren’t the only places to get ideas—there are other ways to find inspiration in your everyday life.

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Coming up with catchy, meaningful ideas can be a challenge, and it often feels like all the good words have already been taken.

To help you find that perfect name, we’ve compiled this list of business name generators to make sure your brand is on point, as well as five brainstorming strategies to unleash your creativity.

The Business Name Generator helps you come up with potential business names in 10 seconds or less. Just enter a keyword, click “Generate Names,” then browse thousands of auto-generated name ideas for your business domain. From smart to trendy, pragmatic to classic, you can find all kinds of brand names to help you build your brand. Or browse titles based on industries such as clothing, fashion, jewelry, crafts, and flowers.

How To Find Out If Business Name Is Taken

It’s the perfect tool if you’re looking for a little creative inspiration. Plus, if you find a unique business name you like, you can go from branding to securing a domain in just a few clicks. New business owners can register a domain name and set up an online store in minutes, so they can start selling online faster.

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The Oberlo Business Name Generator is a free resource that you can use to find potential names for your business. Enter the word you want to include in your business name and the tool will give you hundreds of creative options to explore. You can browse and choose one you like, then register its .com domain. A business name generator can check domain availability to make it easier to start a new business.

The Freshbooks Business Name Generator is a fun and interactive way to find a new business name. When you click “Get Started,” the tool will prompt you to select an industry: advertising and marketing, legal services and business consulting, sales and home services, or information technology. You will then be prompted to include any keywords you wish to include in your business name.

The tool will give you a batch of names according to what you entered. If you’re not a fan of either, you can click “Show me more words” for more options, or “Go back and change your keyword.”

Anadea’s Business Name Builder is a free tool that combines a topic or keyword with other words and modifiers to create a list of business name suggestions. Start with a catchy name that describes your business, then enter it in the name generator field. Click “Generate Names” and the tool will give you 24 unique business name ideas.

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You can scroll through the pages of matching brand names in its database or change the keyword to discover other ideas. Once you find a good domain, you can get a quote to register your domain and build your website.

Name Mesh gives you ideas for choosing a domain name depending on the specific keywords you enter. It recommends relevant domains based on your choices and then breaks them down into name suggestions based on categories like normal, new, short, similar, fun, extra, and SEO. You can browse through thousands of different suggestions to inspire your business name and register the domain if you find the perfect one.

Hipster Business Name is one of the most creative business name generators on this list, offering random, cool name ideas that are fun, catchy, and clever—think like you’re starting a business in Brooklyn. To see more words, just click “Refresh”. If you are looking for a unique name, this is the best business name generator for you.

How To Find Out If Business Name Is Taken

Getsocio’s free business name generator lets you enter the keyword you want in your business name, then provides thousands of intriguing suggestions with domain availability. You can click on many word ideas for inspiration or choose one to register.

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If you’re looking for a bunch of different name generators, you’ll want to check out Once you land on the page, you can use the standard generator or scroll down to find the most popular and popular generators to play with. Some examples include a startup name generator, a creative business name generator, a podcast name generator, and a photography business name generator.

Choose the generator you want to use, then type in your keywords and it will give you engaging brand names to choose from. If you find a name you like, you can register it with GoDaddy and start using it right away.

Namesmith’s creative business name generator lets you add up to five keywords you want to include in your business name. After you click Search, the algorithm will provide business names (and domains) with exact keywords, blends, rhymes, prefixes/suffixes, and modifications. This tool constructs a mashup of words based on your keywords, mixes them perfectly and creates unique business names.

Namelix uses artificial intelligence to bring you engaging name and logo design ideas. Enter a keyword or several keywords and Namelix will use similar words to generate a list of ideas. It will also tell you if there is a domain available for sale.

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In the example above, I chose to search for attractive business name ideas related to “jewelry”, “gems”, “stones” and “diamonds”. If you were starting a jewelry business, this would be a great starting point to choose a name and get a logo designed for you.

A great business name is critical to your success as an online entrepreneur. As Martijs Neumeier writes

, “The right name can be a brand’s most valuable asset, driving differentiation and outpacing. Getting the name wrong can cost millions over a brand’s lifetime… in settlements and lost revenue.

How To Find Out If Business Name Is Taken

When building an online store, finding the right name is extremely important to make it stand out from the crowd, both from a branding and search engine perspective. Here are some tips for finding a memorable name.

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A short, bright title is perfect for a number of reasons: it’s memorable, easy to pronounce, and fits effortlessly into the header of your online store front page.

However, finding a good name can be difficult. Brands are launched every day, and names that appeal to you will undoubtedly appeal to someone else. Fortunately, it’s a big world and there’s plenty of room for creative, compelling brand names.

Do some market research to see what words your direct competitors have chosen and try to come up with something completely different.

The challenge here is to come up with a name that reflects your niche and the type of products you sell, without the company name reflecting your competitors. By definition, if you want to be different, you have to “steal” when others “steal.”

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For example, if you sell electronics and technology products, you may have competitors that use words like “electronics,” “technology,” and “future” in their titles. Avoid using similar words. Instead, think differently and stand out.

Once you’ve made a list of your store name options, find out if the domain you’ve chosen (preferably .com) is available for registration. This might be a bit complicated considering that .com is the most popular top level domain (TLD) and has been for a long time.

A custom domain name for your store is a very important task, but you shouldn’t let the search for the mythical “perfect” domain name put you off – everything is changeable, including your domain name. However, it’s worth choosing a solid domain name that properly represents your brand from the start, so it’s a decision worth thinking about.

How To Find Out If Business Name Is Taken

You can also consider selling on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or another third-party marketplace in addition to your online store. Even if it’s not in the plan, it’s a good idea to test your business name idea on popular e-commerce sites to make sure the name is available to you and your customers aren’t.

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