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How To Get A Business Grant From The Government

How To Get A Business Grant From The Government – The TV commercials in your email inbox claim there’s free money out there waiting for entrepreneurs. Follow the chart to find out if this is true for you.

Can I get funding to start my business? Infographic by Media / www.. Click on image to see larger version. The text version of the image is below.

How To Get A Business Grant From The Government

How To Get A Business Grant From The Government

YES:  Funding is available for a variety of non-profit purposes, and it is possible for your small business idea to operate as a freelancer (you may still earn a salary, but any profits will go back into the organization). The Foundation Center ( is the best source for information on grants, but access to that requires a fee. Fortunately, you can connect to this resource through state libraries. Go to this page to find a library near you with Foundation Center information:

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YES: In North Dakota, the Ag Products Utilization Commission offers four grants with the goal of creating “wealth and jobs through the development of new and expanded crops for North Dakotas.” For more information, go to

In South Dakota, the Value-Added Ag Subfund provides funds to find good markets, conduct marketing and feasibility studies, and connect people, capital and labor. For more information, go to

YES: The Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program is a federal program that provides funding to small businesses to conduct competitive research for specific technologies sought by federal agencies. Go to to see currently open solicitations.

YES: North Dakota Child Care Resource & Referral has $800 for newly licensed, family/group child care providers in North Dakota. Go to

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Yes: Most tribes offer incentives to small businesses or entrepreneurs. Check with your tribe to see what they can offer.

YES: Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) provide a way for people with low incomes to save to achieve their goals, which may include starting a business. Everyone needs to have an income that does not exceed 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines.

In North Dakota, savings (up to $2,000) are matched 2:1; go to the Red River Community Services website.

How To Get A Business Grant From The Government

In South Dakota, savings (up to $2,000) are matched 3:1; There is a waiting list for the program in northeastern South Dakota. E-mail [email protected] for applications.

Raise Your Chances Of Getting Small Business Grants By Government Grants

YES: Great! But you still need luck and determination, however. The competition is fierce for many of these opportunities. Make sure you take the time to put together a good application.

No:  There may not be a free money train ride waiting for you. Don’t worry, though: Most businesses start out with no funding. Entrepreneurs are looking at these ways to start their business (listed in order from easiest to most difficult to access):

This loan fund is one of the ways that NECOG (Northeast Council of Governors) aims to stimulate economic activity in rural Northeastern South Dakota. By providing capital to new companies and expanding businesses, NECOG hopes to “encourage businesses and individuals to invest in the future of their local communities and citizens,” according to the program’s brochure.

Loan accounts are available for the South Dakota counties of Beadle, Brown, Campbell, Day, Edmunds, Faulk, Hand, Marshall, McPherson, Potter, Spink and Walworth. Many types of project costs can be financed, from the purchase of a business to new construction to permanent capital investment.

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“A classic example is a recent loan we made to Russ Maier Hay Grinding,” said Rich Galbraith, NECOG loan account manager. “This family-owned grass milling business needed more money to upgrade equipment and they had no access to bank financing. NECOG-DC was able to provide them with this funding and additional funding to assist them with their employment needs”.

The NECOG development agency often requires a lender on the project as well – a local bank, for example – and their financing should provide most of the project. Today, we are talking about support. Getting a grant is a lot like getting free money to start your business, but here’s the rub – they’re not easy to land.

Don’t let that stop you. If you like the idea of ​​getting free money to start your own business, then read on as we explain what you can do to increase your chances of getting small business funding.

How To Get A Business Grant From The Government

In this post we learn about who can qualify for a grant, how to prepare and apply for a grant, explore different factors that can increase your chances of getting a grant, and share a list of small business grants that are eligible for la consider. .

How To Secure Grants To Start A Business

We call the grant free money, here’s why: Unlike traditional small business loans, you don’t have to pay for the grant. Financing doesn’t come with monthly payments and APRs – it’s free money for your business and startup costs.

However, this does not mean that you can use the money however you want. Grants are given for specific purposes, so if you receive a grant to cover sales and marketing costs, the money cannot be used to pay for wages, products, your next vacation, or for anything other than what was done intention and explain its purpose.

If you use the wrong payment method you can be charged, and what’s worse, you can face legal problems and be guilty of fraud.

The agency providing this grant will issue instructions regarding accounting and reporting, and you must meet these standards and report your progress and use of funds.

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Funding is provided by government-approved agencies (not the government itself), the private sector, and individuals and businesses.

If you have established relationships with brokers and banks then call them. Ask if they offer any support and what the qualifications are. Most banks employ someone called a “Trust Officer,” a person who oversees the trust department. Their role is to manage accounts for individuals involved in charitable and fundraising activities.

The American Express Small Business Impact Study found that two-thirds of every dollar spent at a small business ($0.67) stays in the local community. Most cities and towns have an economic development agency and are required to promote small businesses and entrepreneurs in order to receive public funding. If they don’t, call your governor’s office and ask which state agencies offer grants.

How To Get A Business Grant From The Government

Well, this depends on the support. Some grants are given only to women entrepreneurs, some to minority entrepreneurs, while others are given based on industries. There are many grants available with eligibility criteria, so there are definitely some you qualify for.

An Easy To Follow Roadmap For Securing Small Business Grants By Government Grants

When an organization or business decides to create a grant, they will allocate the money and determine the eligibility and application process.

After determining whether you are eligible for the grant or not, you will want to apply. This process is called a delivery script.

The delivery note is notoriously detailed and requires effort. In fact, many nonprofits seeking grants often outsource their grant writing to professional grant writers. If you can’t do that, that’s okay, you can write an impressive support proposal yourself.

Each grant will provide different instructions on how to apply. Follow these instructions carefully. If you can’t follow the instructions on how to apply for the grant, why should anyone take the time to appreciate your request?

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Instead of trying to win on your own, look for a pre-paid grant application. You can write to government funding agencies and ask for copies of these applications (The Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, gives you access to these documents.)

As you read through these grant applications that have been awarded to you, do you notice any common threads or information that they all share? Make notes and include similar ideas in your application, just make sure they are relevant to your small business.

You are not the first person to ask for support. Use the great power of social media or your business council to connect with other recipients. Ask for their advice and listen to it.

How To Get A Business Grant From The Government

Tailor your proposal to the specific grant you are applying for, do not use a carbon copy of the application you have created for another grant. Writing a convincing proposal means you have to pay attention to your message and appeal to the funder with their vision. How does your proposal align with the funder’s goals and intentions? Acknowledge the funder and show appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity they can provide. Explain how your future success can be attributed to their improvement. A personal appeal can go a long way in influencing someone’s willingness to give you a gift.

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Before writing, think about what you want to convey in your proposal. You can use your business plan as a starting point for inspiration. Create a plan and work to make it happen.

Your reader must understand what you are saying in your grant proposal. You are more than encouraged to use a thesaurus to add variety to your vocabulary but don’t choose big, boring words in your proposal just because they sound interesting. The idea is to use the right word to get your point across, not to lose the reader in a sea of ​​jargon.

Use short

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