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How To Get A Clearance Job

How To Get A Clearance Job – The idea of ​​having a security clearance sounds exciting — I mean, you might finally figure out what’s going on at Area 51 or find out who shot Kennedy, right? Unfortunately no. A security clearance gives you access to secret, secure, and proprietary information, but suddenly you won’t have all the answers.

If you are applying for a job that requires a security clearance, your prospective employer will need to obtain this clearance for you. In this article, we will tell you what this process is like and more about what security permissions are.

How To Get A Clearance Job

How To Get A Clearance Job

The government will look into several factors and dive into your background to see how loyal you are to the United States. They will check what foreign influences you may have, your integrity and honesty, whether you are mentally and psychologically stable, your criminal background, past drug use/abuse, and your financial background. Basically, every part of your life is under scrutiny.

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The next stage depends on the level of clearance you are seeking and the position you are applying for. But one of the government investigation departments will investigate you. For the safest locations, they’ll interview your neighbors, employers, friends, family, and even people in your life. Jobs with the lowest level of confidence will not have associated interviews.

No matter what level of clearance you’re seeking, you can expect to be interviewed. This is part of the process for everyone. But some people will have more than one interview.

One thing to note: the SF-86 is critical. If you want to get approved and complete it as quickly as possible, you need to be very detailed and honest. This is not a job application or resume. This is certainly not the time to gloss over some things or exaggerate others. Any discrepancies between what you wrote in the SF-86 and the investigation may cause a denied or delayed application.

Now that you have an idea of ​​what will happen during the security clearance review, these are the steps according to the US Department of State.

Background Investigations: How To Get A Security Clearance For A Federal Job

Once you submit the requested information and wait for DSS to complete the investigation, you will be able to monitor the progress with these DSS released statuses:

So what are they looking at when they’re investigating you? This is a great question. There are some things that they are definitely looking into, and then there are some factors that they are not allowed to consider. Race is one of the factors they may not consider, and you can see why.

These are not part of the determination, and the US federal government goes so far as to state that they do not discriminate on the basis of:

How To Get A Clearance Job

Not being thorough and honest in your SF-86 is a common reason for denial. Once people are interviewed and the government does background checks, they can find discrepancies. It’s kind of human nature to gloss over things; in fact, that’s what you’re told to do for your resume. But this situation requires complete honesty and transparency.

All Pilots Who Fly For The United States Military Must Have A Top Secret Security Clearance

There are other, more serious reasons why security access might be denied. And sometimes, there’s simply no recourse because you’re not seen as a good candidate.

If you are denied security clearance, you will receive information about the reason and will also be provided with the procedure for filing an appeal. Follow the steps for your particular appeal to restart the process.

You may also find that your security clearance renewal has been denied. In this situation, you will also receive information detailing how to appeal. In the appeals process, you will be able to address any concerns that have been raised.

As mentioned above, there are different durations for security clearances. Confidential clearance lasts for 15 years, secret clearance has a 10-year time period, and top secret personnel can expect to be reviewed every five years.

Employee Clearance Form: Fill Out & Sign Online

People working with compartmentalized sensitive information are top-secret-level clearance personnel, so their clearance will be reviewed every five years. But their particular project may be valid for less time.

Individuals with provisional security clearances can expect to be in this category for a short time, usually a matter of weeks or months. Then their official level of security clearance will be approved or denied.

Security clearances are typically a requirement for government jobs. Not all government jobs, but some. And it’s usually not as glamorous as you’d think.

How To Get A Clearance Job

Most people who are security cleared are in regular jobs – no, they’re not spies – they just work in a secure building or have access to confidential documents or systems. The list of jobs requiring security clearance includes:

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This list is by no means exhaustive, but you can see that some of the positions may require access to secret technology. Other security-level positions only require that you be authorized to be in the building.

Also, most security jobs are done for the government and at the federal level, but that’s not the only place they get hired. You may find that the state and perhaps even some local areas need authorized security personnel. But you will find that some civilian jobs or public sector companies need safety approved employees.

The government simply can’t handle all the business it needs – it hires contractors. From aviation specialists working on the design of new aerospace technology to plumbers entering and maintaining buildings, these jobs are carried out by trusted and vetted outside contractors. And those contractors have secure employees who are trusted in these sensitive areas.

You are probably wondering how a secretary, janitor and plumber can be required to obtain a security clearance. And is it the same that a computer programmer or a spy must get? The answer is no.

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Every position requires a background investigation, but an electronic investigation is sufficient for the less sensitive ones. For secret clearance, interviews are done with people you are associated with now and were connected with in the past. The US government lists four types of national security positions.

There is also a category of temporary security clearance. This is the intermediate stage where you have been offered and accepted for a position, but are awaiting approval of your final security clearance. It is important to note that this authorization still requires some investigative checks to be performed.

When you have this level of permission, it’s only temporary and may limit the amount or type of work you can do. But security clearances can take some time to complete, especially higher-level ones, so this opens the door for more immediate employment.

How To Get A Clearance Job

The short answer is no. One misconception is that anyone in the military gets a security clearance. You don’t automatically get a security clearance if you join a branch of the United States military.

Security Clearance News & Career Advice

That said, many people who join the military go to camps where security clearance is required. They will get their clearance through an investigation, just like a civilian would. The bonus is that they are also being trained and sometimes for a specific field while this is happening. If they decide to leave the military, they already have this clearance and it may make it easier for them to get a job that requires it.

It automatically makes them eligible to start work and saves the employer the time and hassle of going through background checks.

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