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How To Get A Football Coaching Job

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College football coaching carousel: Ranking of top Power Five jobs available after Auburn fires Bryan Harsin The first SEC opener of the year went down on Halloween when Bryan Harsin was let go at Auburn.

How To Get A Football Coaching Job

How To Get A Football Coaching Job

A sixth Power Five job opened on Halloween after Auburn coach Bryan Harsin had 21 games and a 9-12 record. Auburn was one game away from the College Football Playoff in 2017, but has averaged fewer than eight wins each year since then. Harsin soon stuck with the power brokers on campus, and now he’s announced that the hiring of Auburn athletic director John Cohen will allow him to turn the program around.

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Harsin becomes the sixth coach in college football fired before November, tying the same number from the 2021 season. Nebraska coach Scott Frost was the first coach to slip the pink, and things have gone up from there. Georgia Tech and Colorado made changes after Geoff Collins and Karl Dorrell, respectively, led their teams to historically miserable starts.

Then Arizona State fired Herm Edwards while waiting for an NCAA hammer to hit the program. Meanwhile, Paul Chryst started 2-3 for the third straight season at Wisconsin and lost 34-10 to an Illinois team led by former Badgers coach Bret Bielema.

Part of firing a coach midseason is trying to hit the market early. It could work in a big way, like USC having weeks to host Oklahoma’s Lincoln Riley hunt. If the market is oversaturated with better contenders, however, you may end up with second-rate candidates.

With that in mind, and with the carousel starting early once again, let’s take a look at the best Power Five coaching openings on Auburn’s heels.

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Outside of Ohio State, no Big Ten program has had more consistent wins over the past 30 years than Wisconsin. Between 1998 and 2019, Wisconsin had 16 AP Top 25 finishes, 12 double-digit win seasons and seven top 10 rankings. Gary Andersen left on his own after two years, but each of the last four coaches spent at least seven years in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s rare to find a combination of historic success, strong administration buy-in and patience, and a massive payday from the Big Ten’s new television contract should make the job more attractive. One complication going forward may be whether the Badgers’ beloved division setup will disappear with the entry of UCLA and USC, but Wisconsin is a strong enough program to withstand the changes. Wisconsin isn’t a Tier 1 job, but it’s at the top of Tier 2.

Auburn is perhaps the most mercurial job in college football. It has been proven that there is a legitimate national championship in this program; The Tigers have appeared in a pair of national title games since 2010. Whoever owns the program also has to deal with Alabama and Georgia as archrivals — perhaps the most unwinnable scenario in college football — along with a terminally dysfunctional administration and boosters. body. Texas and Oklahoma will join the SEC in the next three years, which will only make Auburn’s job more difficult. However, the combination of the money and the boom in the SEC’s recruiting footprint ensures that the job will be attractive. The only question remains: How attractive?

There are only eight consensus blue-chip programs in college football, and the ‘Huskers are on the list. Unfortunately, Nebraska hasn’t played like this since Frank Solich was fired in 2003. Bo Pelini finished 24th and 25th in the Big Ten in his first two years, but they have gone 36-51 in the post-Pelini years. With zero bowl appearances since 2017. The good news is that Nebraska has all the money and investment a program could want, along with one of the most committed fans in the nation. The bad news is that a new coach has to completely reinvent a path to success at Nebraska in the modern era.

How To Get A Football Coaching Job

Arizona State is the Rorscach Job. Some see a party school in a sunny city that should be able to recruit easily. Others see a program without an outright conference championship since 1996, with only one bowl victory tied since 1987. Two factors complicate the situation: Athletic director Ray Anderson was closely associated with fired coach Herm Edwards, so it’s unclear whether Anderson will be the next hire. Additionally, the weak position of the Pac-12 makes the future look bleak. However, the resources and benefits are high enough to make it an interesting job.

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If the Geoff Collins era was any indication, sitting in downtown Atlanta and throwing Waffle House logos on merchandise isn’t enough to bring recruits to campus. Georgia Tech compares to Stanford and Duke due to academic reputation and requirements to get recruits into the school, rather than the SEC and ACC programs in the Southeast that it has to recruit from. His most successful period in recent memory was when he was running the triple option under Paul Johnson and decided not to compete in the SEC’s rough recruiting footprint. Anyone who takes this job has their hands full trying to choose a long-term identity.

Colorado has a great campus in one of the most beautiful areas of the country. Unfortunately, all of the great attractions around Boulder appear in weak football investments. Colorado ranked last among Pac-12 public schools in athletics spending in the 2020-21 school year. Just three years ago, the Buffaloes lost a coach to Michigan State after one season. There is no recruiting ground or proven path to success at Colorado, which has been strongly reflected in the coaching staff’s ability to acquire and retain talent.Les Miles was fired as LSU football coach this week after a disappointing 2-2 record. . With the LSU job vacant, we wanted to look around the world of college football and identify the top 10 jobs right now based on salary, recruiting base, expectations and more. If I’ve left your group out, remember, because I have a personal problem with you. To the list!

Yes, it comes with pressure, and whoever replaces Nick Saban one day (I suspect many years from now) will have impossible shoes to fill. But Alabama is able to reload with talent every year for a reason: It’s the best program in the country, it’s the king of the state with a big recruiting pool and the exposure to reach further from that pool, and it’s the biggest program. the state that cares most about college football.

Despite not being the draw it once was, the University of Texas is still a big name in the state with some of the best high school football players in the country. If the Big 12 can fix its problems and Texas can reach its former level of greatness, it will be hard to argue there is a better job in the country. Plus the $5 million annual salary doesn’t hurt either.

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A large talent pool, strong alumni and one of the best stadiums in college football history still make USC, despite its recent decline, one of the most attractive jobs in the country.

Home to Louisiana talent, of which there is no small offering. Tulane, UL Monroe and UL Lafayette are all good programs, but if you’re a top-tier talent in Louisiana, you want to be in Tiger Stadium. A rabid fanbase and a nice salary make it a worthwhile job, too.

Georgia’s population, especially in and around Atlanta, has been growing for years, and this growing talent base is full of kids who want to play for the Bulldogs. Throw in living in Athens, one of the prettiest small cities in the South, and you’ve got a job that many people would be gunning for.

How To Get A Football Coaching Job

The Buckeyes are still the pride of the Big Ten, the biggest recruiting powerhouse in the state of Ohio and a program that hopes to be in national championship contention every year. You also stand out from the big rivalry in Michigan.

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Yes, they play in the ACC, but they’re still the big dogs in the state of Florida, and if you’re going to be in the ACC, you might as well be the best team in the ACC. Jimbo Fisher also has the fifth-highest salary in college football, which doesn’t hurt.

Nike. Nike Nike Nike. The power of the world’s biggest sports brand is behind this program, which has been able to reposition itself as one of the most exciting, high-flying and flashy programs in college football.

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