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How To Get A Job As A Bounty Hunter

How To Get A Job As A Bounty Hunter – 53-year-old Joan Dallman and 28-year-old Alex Haynes divided the hunting labor according to their abilities. Haynes handles all of the digital searches: She runs names through a network of tracking data, which allows her to pin down the exact address where a bail-skipping defendant might be lying low, so she can find a bondsman. can collect the amount presented for their suspicion by Dallman, who is ex-military and previously worked as a security professional, is the one who opens the door and takes the fugitive to jail. Dallman tells me that his ideal prize is wrapped up in five minutes, with as little fuss as possible. No guns, no tough-guy profanity, no rolling around on the floor—just a quick chat and a dignified walk to the backseat of his car.

Thanks to vengeful cowboy fantasy, planet Mandalore, and Doug Chapman’s ever-present carceral mythos, the pop-culture image of a bounty hunter rises above the law with a license to kill. Dalman and Haynes, who are in a relationship and have been bounty hunting for five years, happily volunteer what they think is a great job. But the realities of how they do their job can frustrate the 14-year-olds and soldier-lovers of the world. Almost every defendant they’ve processed has come quietly, and Dallman told me the best tool in his arsenal is to treat everyone he treats with respect. Together, they expend far more energy exploring, traveling, and evacuating their mark’s habitat than during capture. Violence is specifically avoided.

How To Get A Job As A Bounty Hunter

How To Get A Job As A Bounty Hunter

Dallman and Haynes are independent contractors, and they work with about 15 bondsmen in Georgia. (The couple currently lives in the small Atlanta suburb of Gainesville.) They understand the cultural interest of bounty hunting, and together they record a podcast, called WANTED, where they recap their latest finds. But despite their love for the crowd, and the hundreds of cases they’ve completed, Dallman says he’s not sure how long fugitive recovery will be a viable industry. Bail reform is sweeping the nation, and for-profit prisons are quickly going out of style. I spoke with both of them about the ethics of bounty hunting, the memorabilia they’ve hunted down, and how much you can learn about someone by Googling their name.

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John: I found it addictive. I never aspired to be a bounty hunter, I didn’t know the job existed. I thought it was a Wild West, Boba Fett-type job. But I was doing personal security for some families in Atlanta, and knew one of them as a bondsman. They introduced us, and the bondsman said I should do some bail recovery, which is a colloquial term for bounty hunting. He said take this course and go from there. I signed up for the class, and halfway through the guy who was teaching it offered me a job. It was a little wild. I was like, “Well, I guess I’m a bounty hunter now,” and I had the files the next day.

I’m retired military, so I’ve always done jobs with an element of danger to them. It checks all the boxes for me. I love it.

Alex: I come from a background of being a professional photographer, which is a weird career transition. But as a child I always wanted to be a spy or a spy. At a certain point, at 23 or 24, I had an existential crisis that I never became a professional investigator. So I started looking for a way to get into that industry. I took a self-defense class, and the first day I went I met John. He and I didn’t know each other that well, we would see each other in this class, but he knew I wanted to go to the investigation. When he got into bail recovery, I was the first person he contacted. He said, “You’re so much younger than me. I don’t know how this social media stuff works. I don’t know how to find people on the Internet, and I have these files and I can’t find them. Yes. At the time he didn’t even know his phone had a front-facing camera. He was completely technically incompetent. I was able to find everyone in the files, and we discovered that we had complementary skill sets. were

Alex, how did your friends and family respond when you told them you wanted to give this bounty hunting thing a shot?

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Alex: Because I grew up obsessed with Lara Croft and James Bond and Nancy Drew, they weren’t surprised. Both my parents have been very supportive. He has helped with cases before.

John, you said you went to a training program to get into this line of work. What kinds of classes are needed to become a bounty hunter? Or can you just show up at a bondsman’s office and pick up files without any certification?

“Some states like Alabama you can say, ‘Hey, I’m going to be a bounty hunter’ and start catching people without any regulations.”

How To Get A Job As A Bounty Hunter

John: Bail bonds vary from state to state. It is also illegal in some states. Some states are highly regulated, like California, where an 80-hour course is required, and in some states like Alabama, you can say, “Hey, I’m going to be a bounty hunter” and catch people without any rules. starts Which is not a good thing. I don’t walk into a hospital and say, “I think brain surgery is great” and be on it. There should be a standard. Here in Georgia you have to be a bail bondsman, which is only an eight-hour course, but beyond that, you have to fill out applications at every county sheriff’s department that we turn people over to. There is a vetting process about your background, but not your skills. You basically jump through some hoops to make sure you’re not considered some kind of wackjob by the state.

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Generally, people join bounty hunting because of a bondman’s relationship. Bondsmen trust no one, are tight with their money and fear responsibility. Here’s the first rule: Don’t sue. I get DMs all the time from people saying, “Hey I have all this gear, and some guy said I could be a bounty hunter if I took his school for it, and now I can’t find work.” Can’t because the bondsman says they already have one.” It is very, very difficult to get into. There is no bond in the kingdom that we do not know.

So break down the entire process for me from picking up a file to cashing in a reward.

John: We are contractors to various prize companies. For liability purposes they put a firewall between us and them. So we are independent contractors and we pick up files from 15 different offices. What usually happens is an officer calls Alex, and he’ll email the file or we’ll stop. Alex starts searching for the file on his computer.

Alex: I’ll open the file with the phone in my hand and start running their names to see if anything stands out. I love the feeling of receiving a new file. Our cases have taken us on many wild adventures.

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John: Alex will file through databases, open-source content, and social media. We do a little digging, we ask the bondsman about the file – because most people are already out on bond. Between human intuition and Alex’s investigation, we’d be like, “Well, we think the defendant is at his baby mama’s house.” And we love to hit them while they’re snoring. We leave in the morning, I slam the front door, Alex slams the back, we talk our way through, and pick up our defenses. We took them to jail where a warrant was issued. So, if the warrant is issued in Manhattan and we pick them up in Philly, we have to go back to Manhattan. We send them in, and the jail gives us a receipt. We take the receipt to the pawnbroker, and they give us the money. It’s like recycling.

So Alex, when you’re running names, are you mostly going through social media? Or are you using tools that dig deeper than that?

Alex: I use both. I have access to commercial databases, and to gain access to them you need to provide proof that you are using them for professional reasons. They’ll give me access to address history, credit history, utility searches, social security numbers, all kinds of things. But the first thing I do is Google their name, because you never know what’s going to show up. Sometimes I’ll Google their name and see that the defendant was arrested just last week and is in jail in another county. This is a good way to see if they are a business owner, or if they have any significant criminal past. Once I’m confident they’re not in custody elsewhere, I’ll run them on Facebook. I have

How To Get A Job As A Bounty Hunter

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