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How To Get A Job As A Historian

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If you love history, you may want to consider a career as a historian. But before becoming a history major, you need to know what historians do.

How To Get A Job As A Historian

How To Get A Job As A Historian

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) classifies historian as a social science occupation. The BLS lists it among other careers such as economist and psychologist. But being a historian is a different kind of job. Not only do you study the past, but you also look at how the past affects the future.

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A historian is a person who analyzes, explains and studies the past. They do this by studying historical documents. Although they spend most of their time studying the past, they are people who think about the future.

Historians look at historical events and determine how they affect the future. They write articles and books based on their research and interpretations. A historian is also a fact finder who shares important information with the public.

If you’re wondering what a historian does, the details of the job may surprise you.

But what is the main job of a historian? As there are many types of historians, so do the job duties. But the main work of a historian is historical research.

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Historians study historical events and historical places. They look at government papers and written documents from the past. They also study old diaries, letters, newspaper clippings and photographs.

They look for things that confirm authenticity. They also seek meaningful ways to understand history based on artifacts. The primary purpose of their historical research is to help the public understand:

What does a historian do with their research and findings? What they do depends on their role. Many historians use their knowledge to educate the public. They do this by:

How To Get A Job As A Historian

Because historians work at historic sites and museums, many historians have access to the public. They present the results of their historical research to small and large groups. Their audience can be investors, non-profit organizations or the general public. They also present their historical stories to historical societies.

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The number of students who want to become historians is amazing. But they don’t always know what work is. According to Google, there are two main searches from people researching the role of historian. “What a historian does” and “what historians do”.

A historian’s job duties vary by role. They also vary depending on where you work. Working in government agencies can be different from collecting historical accounts in museums. Read on to find out where historians work and what they do on the job.

Historian jobs in government jobs can involve a lot of research. Research projects involve the study of historical data. Historians interpret events and write about them.

In museums, historians present their research and findings to the public. They lead events and activities that bring the community together. They provide information about specific events or groups from the past.

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From space odysseys to military operations like Operation Desert Storm. Historians communicate their research to the public. This research gives society something to think about moving forward. And that’s what historians do. They help the public understand the past in order to change the future.

What does a historian do? A historian collects and studies data from past history. They do this so that society can learn valuable lessons that can change future events.

They store artifacts. They also provide detailed information about the historical significance and historical preservation of these relics. They also write or talk about the past:

How To Get A Job As A Historian

But to play the role of a historian, you need a strong knowledge of history. But after you get the education, you can work like this:

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Many historians have master’s degrees or doctorates. But a bachelor’s degree in history will qualify you for entry-level positions. But a master’s degree is more common than a bachelor’s degree for many historians.

As the number of jobs is limited, you will face stiff competition. But getting a degree beyond a bachelor’s degree can help.

In addition to a degree, having experience helps. History experiences give students experience while they are in school. In the internship, you will learn the practical skills that historians need on the job. These skills help you create exhibits and preserve artifacts. They allow you to put the skills you learn in class to work.

The most popular degree for historians is the Bachelor of History. Further, master’s degree. But a bachelor’s degree in history can help you get started on your educational journey.

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In the History program, you will learn how to interpret past events. You will develop the skills necessary for historical interpretation in your classes. You will study a wide range of subjects such as US and medieval history. You will also learn to answer questions about historical records and historical places. This degree will help prepare you for traditional historian jobs.

To become a successful historian, you need an advanced degree and work experience. There are qualities you must possess to work in this role.

A historian must be a good communicator. Their tasks for the day include writing papers and giving presentations. Typical job duties include:

How To Get A Job As A Historian

These tasks require good communication skills. Being able to communicate effectively helps historians get their message across. Since many historical societies rely on fundraising, you need to reach out to the public. You should also attend social engagements and special events.

What Jobs Am I Qualified For With A History Degree?

Some historians consider primary source materials that are not available in English. These historians have special knowledge and skills in other languages. They are sought after by facilities around the world.

If you know a foreign language, you can travel to other countries. You will meet experts and scientists and share your thoughts.

Not only do you translate, but you also analyze languages ​​in letters or archival materials. You will also interact with your colleagues who do not speak English.

Historians are researchers. They are inquisitive and problem solvers. To work as a successful historian, you must have deep research skills and abilities. It is necessary to be able to analyze and synthesize information collected through research.

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Historical resources such as artifacts should be valued. It should also be possible to review documents and images for originality and other measures. Historians must also be able to edit their findings. This means you can provide context for your notes and presentations.

Historians spend most of their time answering questions about the past. You may need to answer questions about something unknown, such as a(n):

Historians must also be able to analyze and interpret information about the past. A historian determines how a particular event in the past affects the present. Your problem-solving skills help you interpret your findings and explain them to others.

How To Get A Job As A Historian

A historian must have strong analytical skills. The job requires you to find and research different types of historical resources. You must draw logical conclusions based on what you find. If you have good analytical skills, you can communicate information to people.

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Now that you know the answer to the question of what a historian does, you should know what kind of income to expect. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the median annual salary for historians is $63,100 per year. The bottom 10% earn less than $30,000 a year. But the top 10% of job earners make more than $116,000 a year.

Geographical location affects the success of historians. If you want to know the highest paying states for this job, here is a list from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Metro areas also offer high returns to historians. The highest paying metro area for this job is Washington DC. Historians here earn an average salary of $106,540 per year.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest-paying non-metropolitan area for historians is in southwestern New York.

What Can You Do With A History Degree?

About 3,500 historians work in the United States. These fewer workers will slow job growth. Competition for new historian jobs is fierce. To improve your job opportunities, you can earn a master’s or Ph.D.

You can also gain experience through internships and volunteer work. You should also know where to look for places that hire historians. You will find working historians:

Many historians work as consultants for public and private organizations. Others are hired by consulting firms. Top Employers for Historians:

How To Get A Job As A Historian

History majors should look for jobs that don’t have “historian” in the job title. You can find work as (n):

What Can You Do With A History Degree?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that jobs will grow by 5% through 2030. Job forecasts are subject to limited vacancies. Due to the scarcity of jobs, historians face competition for new jobs. Competition also comes from the popularity of history as a major.

Plan to earn an advanced degree to gain an edge over the competition. You should also have work or volunteer experience in relevant fields. You can do an internship in the following areas:

Experience in specialized fields can help recent graduates land a job. You can find a job with a local museum or historical society. Job seekers can also apply

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