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How To Get A Job As A Holiday Rep

How To Get A Job As A Holiday Rep – The National Retail Federation says retailers hope to hire between 640,000 and 690,000 seasonal workers — about the same as last year. More holiday jobs are available in transportation, manufacturing and filling.

The difference is that more and more Americans now have full-time jobs, so fewer are applying for vacation jobs. So if you search, you can get better pay and more hours.

How To Get A Job As A Holiday Rep

How To Get A Job As A Holiday Rep

Jump on it. Nervous hiring managers are “more determined to lock in their hires earlier” this year, writes the Associated Press.

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As your mother probably told you, “The early bird gets the worm.” In other words, you’ll have more jobs to choose from if you start early, and you may find yourself in a stronger position when negotiating with employers who want to hire quickly.

Job-shopping, especially for seasonal tasks, is a numbers game. You play best if you cover the city with your application. Making several applications gives you a better picture of the job you want and a better chance of scoring several offers. It helps you to be the one making the choices instead of having to accept what is offered to you.

Due to the increase in online shopping this year, demand is strong for transport and warehouse workers. Even if you’re not suited to a job that requires driving or heavy lifting, check out these fields. Keeping these functions in business also requires other skills.

When you get a job offer, wait a few days if you can. Continue your search full steam ahead. Keep sending applications, see what other offers come and compare them.

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With the competition on your side this year (depending on where you’re applying for a job), you might get a better hourly rate than in previous years.

According to the AP, Speed ​​Commerce, a company that employs 450 workers in its warehouses and call centers, is raising wages by 20 to 25 percent in places like Ohio, where workers are hard to find. Toys R Us is also raising hourly wages in areas of high demand.

When you inquire about salary, also ask about the prices for overtime and holidays. Some employers may compete for workers by raising wages in these areas.

How To Get A Job As A Holiday Rep

Money shouldn’t be everything in your decision. In many situations, better working hours, flexibility, the possibility to work at home, company day care, availability of a health plan and other benefits are also attractive. AP reports that employers are offering more benefits to attract holiday workers to their jobs. Among them:

Top 10 Reasons To Ramp Up The Job Search During The Holidays

Negotiation scares some job seekers at first, but it excites and empowers many once they get the hang of it.

Since job seekers may have more leverage this year, consider responding to the offer with kindness and tact, and respond to the offer by asking for a slightly higher salary or higher overtime pay. If more money isn’t on the table, ask for better hours or a job you want. The key is to make reasonable requests – not outrageous or demanding – and, if you have other job offers, reinforce your requests by saying that other employers are also trying to hire you.

Here are 13 Tips for Successful Negotiations (Hint: There are no “winners”. A successful negotiation leaves both parties feeling like they’ve managed to get important concessions.)

According to Snagajob’s survey, 86 percent of employers this year say they are likely to bring on temporary workers full-time after the holidays.

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UPS, for example, says it hires about 95,000 full- and part-time seasonal workers and plans to transfer many of them to permanent positions later. About 37 percent of employees who fill seasonal positions, such as package handlers, drivers, and driver assistants, are hired permanently each year. CEO David Abney began his UPS career by loading trucks at night part-time while in college.

To find out where job seekers are most in demand, follow business news, research out-of-town job postings, and keep your ear to the ground. Demand – and wages – may be stronger in nearby cities.

Accepting a job further away from home can of course mean a longer commute or staying with friends or relatives for a while. But depending on what’s available and your own situation, the money might be worth it.

How To Get A Job As A Holiday Rep

Remember that many vacation jobs lead to full-time jobs, so a short-term job out of town can give you the opportunity to make a permanent move to better pay, a new career, and a new environment.

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What are your plans for the holiday? Work more or play more? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page. If you’ve been on the brink of a long job search, or you’re a student or retiree who wants to earn extra money, a vacation job can offer an immediate solution. Some of the nation’s largest retailers, including Macy’s, Kohl’s, Walmart and, of course, Amazon, are all bringing in holiday workers for both brick-and-mortar locations and warehouses. Shippers UPS and FedEx are also hiring tens of thousands of holiday workers as e-commerce booms.

E-commerce consulting firm eMarketer predicts that total US retail sales will rise 5.7 percent year-over-year in November-December to $885.7 billion. Of this amount, 9% comes from online shopping, and an increasingly large part from smartphones. Mcommerce, as it is known, more than doubles its growth from the previous year, jumping 32.2% in 2015 compared to 2014.

Some retailers, such as Walmart and Macy’s, are not increasing their hiring compared to last year’s numbers, but are still hiring tens of thousands of workers.

UPS is reducing its holiday hire slightly, from 100,000 temporary workers in 2014 to 95,000 this year. In 2014, it doubled its holiday rental numbers from 2013 after the Atlanta-based package delivery company was hit by a surge in last-minute online shopping orders and severe winter weather that left more than a million packages stranded on Christmas Eve.

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Although not all retailers and distribution companies may increase their hiring during 2014, there is good news for employees. Wages are expected to rise this year. Entry-level warehouse wages, which had been stuck for years, will increase from $1.50 to $3.00 an hour, the Wall Street Journal reported last month. Temporary jobs, especially at e-commerce companies, start at $11 to $13.50 an hour, up from $9 to $11 in 2014. Prices vary by region. Warehouse jobs, which start at $15 or more per hour, pay better than store jobs. With the 5.1 percent unemployment rate at a seven-year low, employers are finding they have to pay more to get the people they need.

Basic computer skills are helpful for holiday shop workers, says Craig Rowley, vice president of retail at Hay Group, a global firm that consults with retailers on staff management, hiring and pay. More and more, brick-and-mortar stores expect employees to provide so-called “multi-channel” service. These refer to customers who combine online shopping with in-store purchases, exchanges and returns. They might see a pink turtleneck online and then go to the store to feel the fabric and try it on before ordering or buying on the spot. If the right size or color isn’t in stock, store managers want salespeople to rush in with iPads or direct customers to the computers at the checkout, find the product in another store or warehouse, and close the deal with the promise of home delivery. “Salespeople are getting more and more complex,” says Rowley.

If you are looking for a holiday job, don’t wait to apply. Most large employers started their vacation rentals in September. But you don’t have to limit your search to giant corporate employers, says John Challenger, CEO of Chicago-based real estate firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. If you have an appetite, take into account that catering services and restaurants hire new staff during the holidays. If you’re a wine lover, check to see if your local bottle shop needs an extra clerk to handle holiday traffic. Or if you patronize a nearby store and know its goods and layout well, offer your services during the holidays and emphasize the knowledge of the goods.

How To Get A Job As A Holiday Rep

In addition to punctuality, enthusiasm and a strong work ethic, employers are looking more than ever for flexibility in schedules and willingness to work in their free time, says Rowley. Vacation rentals start to rise in October and peak in November. If you’re still looking for a holiday job in December, you may have missed the boat.

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In 2018, retail employers increased their staff by 1.2 percent in October, 5.6 percent in November and only 0.2 percent in December, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But that was 2018. As we know, COVID-19 changed everything. This year, companies are looking to fill non-permanent positions, much less temporary positions. BLS data also show that more than 720,000 retail workers quit their jobs in August.

It is clear that there is a huge demand for workers right now, and that gives more to job seekers

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