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How To Get A Job As A Radio Personality

How To Get A Job As A Radio Personality – Are you trying to get a job? Don’t waste your time applying for countless roles on job boards, instead, check out these helpful tips to get you on the right track.

Are you trying to get a job? Don’t waste your time applying for countless roles on job boards, instead, check out these helpful tips to get you on the right track.

How To Get A Job As A Radio Personality

How To Get A Job As A Radio Personality

Probably the best way for you to get a job is to start small. Don’t expect to jump right in at the deep end and become stationmaster overnight. You will most likely start volunteering at commercial stations first, then build your way to a paid position and eventually, the position you are looking for.

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John Peel, for example, started out as an unpaid volunteer at WRR (AM) and worked his way up to being the longest-serving DJ on BBC 1 to date, not to mention being remembered as an incredible record producer and journalist. Just remember that many stations rely heavily on volunteers, so paid positions are relatively hard to find outside of organizations like the BBC or Global (for here in the UK).

A common mistake most people make is they imagine that once they are up and broadcasting, industry professionals will notice and flood them with job offers, but that is not the case. Don’t be afraid to contact people online, the worst they can do is say they don’t have a job available at the moment. Just make sure you’re actually putting yourself out there and reaching out to people.

Take Adam Pacitti for example. He went above and beyond to land his dream job in the media industry by hiring a billboard to promote himself.

It may seem extreme, but it worked! Landing him about 60 job offers and finally a job in the media industry.

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If emailing people or splashing money on a billboard isn’t your thing, then try talking to people face to face at industry events. They are a perfect place to socialize with industry professionals and get some contact information. In fact, BBC 1’s Nick Grimshaw has built his career on networking and making a name for himself. He regularly collected connections through his show at university which helped him get his job at the BBC.

It is best to start creating a presence online as soon as possible. This means making sure that your station has a good online presence through different social media, but also yourself as an individual. Make yourself known. Create social media accounts and tell people your story.

Show them how much you enjoy doing what you do. It will always look good when you finally get that job and your employers look online and see you working and enjoying yourself doing it. If you don’t know what to talk about or how to brand yourself, then check out this guide to Social Media for Stations: Why You’re Using It Wrong & How to Fix It.

How To Get A Job As A Radio Personality

If you have a specific station that you would like to request, then you need to think carefully about how to approach them.

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First, you need to find the best person to talk to about getting your foot in the door. It’s no use emailing [email protected], maybe your message won’t be seen by the right person. Either check the station’s website or research ahead. If there is a LinkedIn page for the station, they will be a list of people who work there.

Second, when you apply, you need to use a personal touch. There is no point in being too formal or too stiff, both of these things will not make you stand out, especially in the media industry! If you are looking to do on-air work as a presenter, you will need to speak to the program controller or director. Provide a short click demo tape that showcases your skills.

Sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty by researching and applying for roles on job boards. Fortunately, there are many places you can discover jobs. Here are some for broadcasters in the UK:

If we’ve missed a job that you think we should add, then let us know by getting in touch.

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If all else fails, why not try creating your own work? Work hard on your station (or even a podcast if that’s your thing), create a real business plan and apply for startup awards for funding.

There are so many things you can do to try to start your station as a viable business. Although it definitely takes a lot of work, patience and organization, it’s definitely not impossible if you know what you’re doing!

What do you think of our tips? Did you find a job in? Then share your experiences and offer advice to others in the comments. Why not get your hands on approach and start your own station? Sign up for your 7-day free trial by clicking the button below.

How To Get A Job As A Radio Personality

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The continued popularity and success of this industry means that there are ample career opportunities in radio. If you’re interested in music, hosting a show or working behind the scenes in broadcasting, the two-year radio degree program offers hands-on training at a radio station. You don’t need to know how to talk on air or work with the equipment to get started. By the time you graduate, you’ll have the on-air skills and technical knowledge to land a job in radio.

Study the history and function of radio in society as well as radio formats, communication systems, and the types of broadcasting and production equipment used today.

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Kaitilyn Furister shares how she turned a passion for radio production into a career as the station manager for Student Radio.

The radio production degree program begins with a semester-long study of the history of radio and its context in modern society. You will also receive an overview of studio equipment and communication systems. After that, you will spend the next three semesters gaining direct in-studio experience at the Student Radio station. As your learning progresses, you can also borrow audio equipment to do your own voice tracking or work on a remote show using the Student Radio station van.

Along with your core radio production courses, choose elective classes in subjects including business, legal issues in multimedia, and sound design.

How To Get A Job As A Radio Personality

My time at was absolutely great. When it comes to the media department and classes, it never felt like going to class. I had fun. The technology was state of the art but still easy for someone like me who didn’t have much of a tech background to operate. I gained the confidence to pursue my dream of doing my own radio show and running a sports radio station.

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Earning a certificate is a cost-effective way to explore an area of ​​interest without committing to a full degree program. Two-semester production certification programs give you direct experience in operating the equipment used in a modern radio station.

Whether you’re into music, news, sports, or politics, getting hours of practice in broadcasting can help you land a job on the air. If you’re interested in the technical side of things, learning to operate radio stations can lead to opportunities as a radio producer or programmer. If you’re interested in leading or running things behind the scenes, station and program director jobs are also available.

The radio business is booming, with opportunities to work in many different positions. If you are meticulous, technically inclined or have an outgoing personality, radio can offer opportunities to apply your talents and pursue your passions.

Professors with real experience working in broadcasting teach the radio production courses at . A maximum class size of 16 students means plenty of one-on-one time with your instructor. Work with a mission. When you enter, you will be joined by some of the most curious, intelligent and accomplished journalists and storytellers, all working towards the same goal – to create a more informed public.

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