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How To Get A Job As A Teller

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Do you enjoy meeting people? Do you want a career working in a bank where you can use your good customer service skills? With little education investment, you can get a job as a bank teller. But you need the right qualifications to get a job.

How To Get A Job As A Teller

How To Get A Job As A Teller

A bank teller is attentive, focused and detailed. They enjoy interacting with people. They also have a lot of responsibility when it comes to handling money. But if you can handle the pressure, you will find this job rewarding.

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The best part? You don’t need a degree to become a bank teller. A degree will help you advance in your career, but it won’t prevent you from getting the job if you don’t have one.

Read on to find out how to become a bank teller and what you should put on your bank teller CV to get you the job.

A bank teller is the front line staff of a bank. They are the first people you see when you walk into a financial institution. The bank teller position involves many different tasks. Bank tellers handle customers and handle the teller system. They process loan payments and make customer deposits. Teller duties also involve certain banking operations such as:

If you want to become a bank teller, you need to have good customer service skills, good basic computer skills and training. To fulfill the many responsibilities that bank teller positions require, you undergo on-the-job training. Read on to find out how to become a bank teller and what kind of bank teller school will land you a job.

Bank Teller Skills: Definition And Examples

Do bank tellers need a degree? The short answer is no. But a surprising number of tellers have two- and four-year degrees. Those with degrees progress and move into leadership roles. They become chief teller or take a position in management. But most tellers start after graduating from high school and receiving on-the-job training.

To work as a full-time bank teller, your first step is to get a high school diploma. A GED or equivalent will also do. The classes you take in high school can prepare you for your banking job. They can also give you something to show on your bank teller resume. And if you plan to go to college and major in banking or a related subject, these classes can help, too.

In high school, certain classes prepare you with banking basics. Look for classes that teach basic computer skills. Take classes that give you experience working with numbers. High school courses may include:

How To Get A Job As A Teller

A foreign language, such as Spanish, can also help you get a job as a bank teller. Spanish is important if you want to work in an area where your customers speak the language.

Professional Bank Teller Resume Examples

Once you’ve earned your high school diploma, consider picking up a certificate. Bank teller certificates confirm your skills in:

Although certification is not required for most bank teller jobs, it can help you advance in your career. Most certificates require you to complete coursework and pass an exam. Some require you to be on the job for at least six months before you are eligible.

Bank teller jobs require prospective tellers to pass a background check. The background check includes criminal and consumer background checks. Employers look at your consumer history. They also look for criminal activities and unethical practices.

A previous bankruptcy can have an impact on rent. A bad credit score can also make you pass over for the job. But explaining the temporary setback helps. You can show an employer how you have overcome financial stress and pressure. This can help them reevaluate your bank teller resume.

Bank Teller Resume Examples

Do you need a college degree to be a bank teller? As mentioned above, you do not need a bank teller degree to work in this profession. But some bank tellers find that a degree helps them advance. It can also help you start at a higher paying position.

Below we answer the question: What degree do you need to be a bank teller? Since bank teller training varies from person to person, it’s important to understand which degrees can help advance your career. These degrees can increase your average bank teller salary from the start. Out of university you can work as a bank teller, become a loan officer or move into sales or finance. The point of the degree is that it gives you more than one career option.

Read about the training for bank teller jobs and which degree will help improve your bank teller job.

How To Get A Job As A Teller

Most bank teller jobs do not require a degree. But if you want your bank teller resume to stand out, consider getting an associate degree in banking.

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This degree program teaches you about different banking regulations and fundamentals. You learn about the banking industry. Your courses cover banking principles and basic accounting methods. You also graduate with a working knowledge of finance.

The two-year degree can help you get into a bachelor’s degree program if you choose. It can also help you qualify for an advanced job title, such as branch manager or chief teller.

Your formal training to be a bank teller does not need to include a bachelor’s degree. But getting one can help you progress. One option is the BA or BS in Accounting.

You also gain experience in auditing bank statements. An accounting degree can make your bank teller resume shine brighter than your competition.

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A Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is a foundational degree. It gives you a basic understanding of business practices. Some BBA programs offer a banking concentration. Others offer banking courses.

You can learn about relevant topics that will enhance your bank teller resume. From commercial banking to financial management, you cover subjects that can launch a banking career.

Since the job duties of a bank teller involve handling money, a degree in finance is popular for bank staff. A finance degree program exposes you to relevant banking topics. You learn about:

How To Get A Job As A Teller

Your bank teller resume will stand out with a finance degree, especially if you want to advance in your career.

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To be a bank teller, you need more than bank teller school. Certain skills can help you be successful at work.

According to bank staff, there are skills and abilities that a person must have to be a good fit for the bank teller job title. These skills are not learned in a classroom. But they can develop through your courses and training.

Most bank tellers have the ability to spot errors and check for accuracy. When handling a client’s money, attention to detail is important. If you want to become a bank teller, you need to be detail-oriented.

Your bank teller resume should include strong customer service skills. You must be friendly, helpful and patient. After all, you are the person with whom customers interact the most.

Bank Teller Job Description [updated For 2023]

You must also have good listening and communication skills. This is important when addressing problems your customers have. They are also important when explaining banking services to customers.

Organizational skills are important for a bank teller job. You spend most of your time handling money and checking for accuracy. You must be able to pay attention to details. In order to do this, organization is key.

Bank tellers handle money, often large sums. To execute transactions accurately, you must have a good understanding of numbers. Good math skills help.

How To Get A Job As A Teller

With no formal training required to become a bank teller, it doesn’t take long to qualify for the job. But you need proper training.

Bank Teller Cover Letter Sample (also With No Experience)

Bank teller training takes about a month. Newly hired tellers work alongside an experienced teller. They shadow a mentor for about 30 days. During the training time they learn:

Most bank teller training takes place during the 30-day trial period. It is during this time that you can decide if the job is a good fit.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), bank tellers earn an average wage of $32,620 per year. The lowest 10% of earners make $24,660 a year. The top 10% make more than $41,220 a year.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the top paying industry for bank teller jobs as management of companies and enterprises. In this industry, bank tellers earn an average wage of $34,120 per year.

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In certain states, bank tellers earn the highest wages. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports five top-paying states for this occupation. This means that if you live in these states and work as a bank teller, you earn the best wages for this job.

Now that you know how to become a bank teller, you should know the cities that pay their bank tellers the highest wages.

You don’t have to live in a metro area to earn good wages as a bank teller. There are some top-paying regions outside of cities where the average bank teller’s salary is high. Here you can also enjoy lower living costs, which will stretch your bottom line.

How To Get A Job As A Teller

Now that you know how to become a bank teller, you need to find out what kind of job prospects there are

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