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How To Get A Job As An Explorer

How To Get A Job As An Explorer – Our most important mission is to show all young people that there is no one-size-fits-all path to success, and that anything is possible. Your 🔥 Career empowers kids to tap into their strengths and begin exploring career opportunities that match the ever-changing future of work. The site is free for all, thanks to funding provided by the PwC Charitable Foundation.

Extend learning with standards-aligned lesson plans and resources designed to engage students in meaningful conversations about job evaluation.

How To Get A Job As An Explorer

How To Get A Job As An Explorer

Read through the lessons included in our Teacher’s Guide. We’ve released the first four from our curriculum, which include links to worksheets and other resources to enhance learning.

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Get students started with the Skills Explorer. This quiz will show students what their strengths are and use those strengths to provide a unique story of career paths designed to spark curiosity.

Give us your feedback! We want to hear about how Your 🔥 Work is being used in your classroom. Use the tags @ and #yourhotjob when sharing.

Take a read through our Family Guide to help spark conversations at home about career opportunities. It’s filled with meaningful discussion questions and ideas to increase engagement.

Have your child download the Skills Explorer. This quiz will show what their strengths are and use those strengths to provide an updated version of the career path that will spark curiosity.

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Created by the editors of Time for Kids, Your 🔥 Job is a free digital platform that introduces children aged 8 to 14 to the ever-expanding world of jobs. Using videos, articles, research-supported skills assessments, and more, the platform invites children to think about the many possibilities of a meaningful career future. Our most important mission is to show all students that there is no one way to be successful, and that anything is possible.

We encourage users to start Your 🔥 Job journey by completing a Skills Assessment. It’s research-backed, 36 questions that help kids explore their talents and interests. When a student completes the Skills Explorer, what they see on the site will be related to their results.

Yes. Our materials are aligned with the Common Core, CASEL, and 21st Century standards. Additionally, we compare all programs to the 16 major clusters included in the Common Career Technical Core standards. Learn more by downloading our Teacher’s Guide.

How To Get A Job As An Explorer

This data was taken from the website of the Occupational Outlook Handbook, created by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Media earnings are accurate to 2021 data. Job growth rates show the predicted change from 2020 to 2030.

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Find out all the information you need to know about your dream job. Then make a plan to get there.

Be the best you at work. Learn what makes you unique and how you are best suited for your past, present, and future career choices.

Not sure what to do after college? See the range of jobs you can do with your interests, personality, and education.

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Looking to make a career change? Thinking of going back to school? it will point you in the right direction.

Know your true potential and all the options you have after high school. Then find out which way is best for you.

Our questions and algorithms are unique to us and are based on decades of learning in professional testing.

How To Get A Job As An Explorer

The world of work changes in real time – and so do our analytics. Our algorithms continuously improve with millions of daily data points to give you real-time real-time information.

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We strongly believe that you own your data, not us. We never sell your personal data to third parties.

What sets you apart at work? Identify the behavioral patterns that shape the way you think and interact with others.

This is an amazing tool to help you understand yourself and get an idea of ​​the possible jobs you are suitable for!

I love how deep it is. Not just, “what are you interested in?” but how your personality and personal preferences play into the perfect job.

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We have been using it with our college students for years. Students report a lot of what they learn from this survey, both about their interests and about themselves. 5 stars!

Really cool. I’m seeing my style and all the jobs I can get. I am currently a student and have always wondered what I can do. Now I can see the choice right in front of me.

This is a great tool! It is also very clear. I want to go to law school and get into politics to change laws/policy in the US. regarding homelessness. I am finishing my Human Services Associate of Arts degree in January and plan to become a Homeless Advocate. Like I said, it’s a big test. It can’t be more right!

How To Get A Job As An Explorer

Whatever Sokanu is doing, it seems to be clicking with people. More than 70% of test takers complete it immediately.

The Future Of Personality Assessment

Regardless of your industry, position, or perspective, Sokanu’s study can help you gain new perspectives on a fulfilling career path.

Half of our waking lives are spent at work, but many rely on a combination of emotion, gut and outside advice from friends and family to inform their career decisions. But what if there was a better, more scientific way to help guide these important decisions?For Employees › Blog › Hiring & Recruiting

. In this blog I will show what Job Explorer offers in a little more detail and then share how recruiters can use this tool.

Job Map & Opportunity Score: Helps people find the best job opportunities in the US – I’m not just talking about looking at a map with job openings. Job Explorer shows you the places with the best opportunities because it takes into account other factors such as the number and level of unemployment. In other words, it helps you figure out where you, and your significant other, have the best chance of getting a job.

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For dual-income families, Job Explorer can search for two jobs at the same time, identifying counties across the US that offer well-matched opportunities for couples. For example, if one spouse is a nurse and the other is a teacher, the Job Explorer map shows where in the country these jobs are available for both.

Career progression tool: This tool allows people to identify other careers that they are good at. For example, a technical writer may find that other technical writers have gone on to take positions as systems integrators or business analysts, jobs with an average salary 10-35% higher than technical writers.

Below I have mentioned only three situations in which this new product can help in attracting top talent to the company.

How To Get A Job As An Explorer

If your candidate is ready to accept the position but is worried that his wife won’t be able to find work in a new city, ask what she does for a living. Using Job Explorer, you can quickly search with all their names combined to show jobs for women in your city. Maybe you have a link at one of the companies listed and can introduce the woman to a recruiter you know. You just made a great connection and helped a great competitor consider joining your team.

Individual Career Map

Sometimes you meet a great candidate who isn’t a good fit for the job you’re currently filling. The main recruiters keep their applicants on the future, but using Job Explorer you can find already a position that matches their skills.

Try using Job Explorer’s “Other jobs to consider” to see if other people in your candidate’s position have moved to other positions you’re trying to fill. Based on reviews of millions of resumes, this feature tracks the career progress of those with similar qualifications and work history and provides additional career advice. For example, 3% of Web Developers go on to become Professional Writers.

Are you looking to open a new office? You can give your managers feedback on the hiring competition in that market with just a quick search on Job Explorer. One search shows you how many open positions there are for a particular job in various locations. Knowing what your hiring competition will be like ahead of time can help you provide more insightful recruiting strategies.

See more about how Job Explorer works in this video and see our press release for more information.Each user’s job exploration activities are stored in the user’s personal portfolio and can be used to create their Individual Career Map (ICM).

How Recruiters Can Benefit From Glassdoor Job Explorer|how Recruiters Can Benefit From Glassdoor Job Explorer

Using the Interest Profiler find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work. The Interest Profiler helps you decide what types of jobs and careers you might want to explore based on your interests.

The Job Value Profiler allows a person to determine how much they value success, freedom, recognition, relationships, support, and working conditions in a job and view a list of jobs.

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