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How To Get A Job At Enterprise

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How To Get A Job At Enterprise

How To Get A Job At Enterprise

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How To Get A Job At Enterprise

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The top jobs of 2022 pay an average of $145,000 a year and have more than 14,000 jobs. Insiders explain how to get into enterprise architecture.

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Data scientists, java developers and front-end engineers have topped Glassdoor’s annual list of the best jobs in America for the past five years. But this year’s title went to a perhaps lesser-known role: enterprise architect.

The role – a crossover position that combines technology skills with business acumen – made the employee rating website’s Best Jobs list for the first time last year, coming in at number four. It now leads the rankings in 2022 and has more than 14,000 job vacancies. And unlike other positions that have topped the rankings in years past, enterprise architecture doesn’t have a straightforward degree or career path. Some EAs come from operational roles, while others come from a computer science background.

This ambiguity can scare off some job seekers. But if you ask EAs what makes this field worthy of a top job designation, many point to its multiple entry points and skill sets as key factors. Glassdoor reported that the position also came with an average job satisfaction rating of 4.1 out of 5 and an average annual salary of $144,997.

How To Get A Job At Enterprise

(Glassdoor based its ranking on ratings of job satisfaction, job openings and median salary for the position reported between December 12, 2020 and December 12, 2021.)

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“I think enterprise architecture is a unique position because it allows you to use your creative brain and your logical brain,” said Deanna Shannon, vice president of enterprise architecture at Schneider Electric, a climate technology company.

Insider spoke with four current and former enterprise architects to learn what life at EA is like and how job seekers can land their next role.

An enterprise architect, sometimes called a chief architect, essentially helps connect a company’s business and technology systems—for example, helping different payroll systems work in harmony so people get paid on time.

“In many ways, I feel that the enterprise architect is the bridge that connects multiple organizations within the company,” said Jeff Kessler, enterprise architect at Netskope.

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EAs generally follow an enterprise architecture framework such as the Open Group Architecture Framework, the Zachman Framework, or the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework in their work. These frameworks also inform how teams ultimately work together within the company.

Enterprise architects must balance different interests as they work to bring their company’s teams together and meet customer needs. “This role also allows me to be creative, create amazing technical outcomes for our customers, and work with and mentor teams to identify and build solutions,” said Mark Hanson, AHEAD’s Chief Platform Architect.

To get a job in enterprise architecture, experts recommended gaining a range of technical and business experience. However, it is not very important in which industry the job seeker acquires these skills and experience.

How To Get A Job At Enterprise

“My career spanned multiple verticals, including healthcare, manufacturing, utilities and technology consulting,” Hanson said. “Be open to accepting the challenges presented. Be flexible and willing to fail so you can learn what not to do as well as what to do

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Even Kessler, who knew he wanted to work as an enterprise architect since the early 2000s, believed it took a combination of years of past experience across multiple functions to earn the degree.

Kessler, who has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in business, said combining technical and business skills — whether through education or on-the-job training — can be helpful in growing your career.

“The path to my current role has been a winding path across multiple IT disciplines,” said Colin Dawes, chief solutions architect at enterprise cloud solutions company Syntax. This “helped my education and expanded my skills across a wide range of fields in both enterprise applications and infrastructure and architecture,” Dawes added.

Entry-level opportunities can help workers discover where their passions lie in the space. Shannon, who specializes in automation and artificial intelligence, said it’s important for potential EAs to find their special passion in space.

Kintone Recognized In The 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant For Enterprise Low Code Application Platforms

“It wasn’t a direct path to enterprise architecture,” Kessler said. “But I think all the lessons I’ve learned along the way have made me a more well-rounded person to take the lead and build this function from the ground up.” for Employers › Blog › Recruiting & Hiring › How Enterprise Rent-A-Car used social recruitment to fill 1,137 positions

The beauty of social recruiting is that it provides the perfect forum for employers to authentically tell their companies’ stories to their specific target audience. One company that successfully uses the art of storytelling is Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Enterprise uses social recruiting platforms to target talent that is the backbone of its organization: hiring management trainees. While he has successfully communicated the benefits of starting a career at Enterprise for years, he is now able to use it to engage employees in the conversation. This gives the company the authentic validation they need to promote this message to their ideal candidates.

How To Get A Job At Enterprise

When Enterprise Rent-A-Car decided to partner as part of its social recruitment strategy, the results were astounding. The level of engagement on the Enterprise profile surpassed all other social media channels, showing a 130% year-over-year increase in traffic. This allowed Enterprise to get its work in front of the right audience, resulting in 846 critical managers being recruited and 1,137 in total. also improved the company’s conversion rate to recruitment by 22%. Seth and Jonah’s story: Enterprise is a great place to build a lifelong career July 1, 2021 How my Enterprise team supported me when I returned from maternity leave September 2, 2021

Career And Professional Development

If you are just starting to consider an Enterprise role or are new to Enterprise, you may not be thinking about relocating so early in your job or career search. But I want to challenge it.

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