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How To Get A Job At Medieval Times

How To Get A Job At Medieval Times – Medieval Times performers in California vote to organize. The 27-18 vote follows the union of performers at the Medieval Times New Jersey location in July.

William Elliot III, 35, assistant head knight and former Las Vegas magician, makes his grand entrance as the Red Knight, along with other knights during a show at Medieval Times in Buena Park on Friday, May 28. June 2013. Allen J. Schaben/ Los Angeles Times via Getty Imag hide caption

How To Get A Job At Medieval Times

How To Get A Job At Medieval Times

William Elliot III, 35, assistant head knight and former Las Vegas magician, makes his grand entrance as the Red Knight, along with other knights during a show at Medieval Times in Buena Park on Friday, May 28. June 2013.

During Medieval Times, Society Was Broken Into Two S

From queens and knights to horsemen and squires, the performers at Medieval Times’ dinner theater castle in Buena Park, Calif., voted to join forces Thursday after months of back-and-forth with the company.

Low wages, dangerous working conditions and a lack of respect from company management prompted performers to fight for more job security and join the American Guild of Variety Artists, which represents some performers at Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood, said Erin Zapcic, a union organizer. .

Century Spain with jousting, sword fighting and hand-to-hand combat while guests eat a four-course meal. The cast includes knights, squires, stable hands who handle the horses, show crew with speaking roles and trumpeters.

The vote, 27-18, was decisive to the surprise of some athletes, including Zapcic, who plays a queen in Buena Park.

Medieval Times Discounts

The vote marks the end of a nearly four-month journey for Buena Park performers to unionize because of delays caused by company management, she said.

“The company really spent the time sowing the seeds of discord, creating a divide in the bargaining unit, and then based on how things went and the people we talked to, even though we started with an overwhelming majority of the bargaining unit, there was significant attrition or in the least the way it seemed throughout the process,” Zapcic said.

Practitioners in Buena Park petitioned for a union election on July 22 after the vote at the New Jersey site in July, she said. The Medieval Times has 10 locations across North America, including Atlanta, Ga, Chicago, Il and Toronto, Ontario.

How To Get A Job At Medieval Times

Medieval Times delayed the union election date by contesting that only Knights and Squires should be allowed in the union, excluding the show crew and stable department, according to Medieval Times Performers United California on August 18. Medieval Times argued that knights and squires do not share a “community of interest” with the show crew and stable hands.

The Medieval Math

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament participates in the 126th Rose Parade in Pasadena, California on January 1, 2015. Ringo H.W. Chiu/AP hide caption

“Medieval Times tried to separate and divide its California workers after they agreed to a single bargaining unit in New Jersey and then lost the election by a lopsided margin,” Spivak Lipton LLP attorney Nicholas Johnson said in a statement. “The Regional Director reviewed the employer’s baseless arguments and correctly found that a single bargaining unit is appropriate.”

Medieval Times did not contest the requested bargaining unit in New Jersey, according to Medieval Times Performers United.

The votes at the castles in Buena Park and New Jersey have created a domino effect across the company, as several castles have expressed interest in joining forces, Zapcic said. The Life And Medieval Times Of Kit Sweetly: 9781662007774: Pacton, Jamie, Nahikian, Jess: Books

Knights perform dangerous stunts that require them to fight with real titanium weapons and throw themselves off their horses at 25 mph for the performance, Zapcic said.

These dangerous duties have led to ankle, knee and head injuries, according to practitioners in New Jersey, and knights do it all for about $19 to $29 an hour.

“The job will always be dangerous for the guys, but they should be compensated accordingly,” she said. “There should be a link between how dangerous their job is and how they are compensated.”

How To Get A Job At Medieval Times

Those who want to become knights and want to go into athletics or become a stunt performer usually start out as landowners, earning “essentially minimum wage,” Zapcic told the LA Times. A knight who previously worked as a squire at a castle in New Jersey earned $12 an hour.

Lords And Serfs In Medieval Europe

The horses and falcons that the show relies on also add an element of uncertainty to worker safety, especially for stable workers who can earn $16 an hour.

Zapcic compared Medieval Times shows to Broadway shows, seating about the same number of people and putting on several shows a week. They put on 10 to 16 shows in a typical week compared to most Broadway shows’ eight, but the number can go up to 21 between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Many knights and squires will have to perform in almost every show during this busy season.

After hearing Zapcic’s comparison to Broadway shows, she said Medieval Times management responded, “You’re not Broadway. It’s dinner theater.”

Zapcic said, “It was dismissive and the feeling that the company sees us as interchangeable and that having a union really sets us apart and shows that … we take our jobs seriously and we want to be treated with the same respect. ” are not seen as fun, but Medieval Times is one of those places that seems really cool to work at. The experience has it all: sword fighting, medieval style chat, knights, queens, kings, really good food, horses, games and riding, just to name a few things. Going to the Middle Ages as a visitor is always an experience to remember, so do you work there? That must be pretty epic, right?

Strange Medieval Guilds You Didn’t Know Existed

As it turns out, it kind of is. Medieval Times employees, who did everything from waiters to knights to work in the more corporate divisions, have written about their jobs online, and honestly, it seems like they all really enjoyed themselves while working there! It’s a little hard to find, but it’s definitely refreshing to see.

Whether you want to know what it’s really like behind the scenes at Medieval Times, or you want to get some dirt on how employees feel about certain things, check out these Medieval Times secrets, brought to us by real people who worked there.

There are a lot of characters in Medieval Times, but the knights are kind of the star of the show (is that any surprise?) and apparently they actually get a lot of action out of it.

How To Get A Job At Medieval Times

Reddit user PrincessLeonor, who worked as a medieval princess, said that “the knights get their share of ladies.”

Medieval Times (schaumburg)

But all is not well. She was quick to note that “that place owns them.” She explained, “They’re there every day, every night, so the free time they have is spent resting and playing WoW. They do get phone numbers after the shows, though.”

At each show, a knight will throw some flowers into the crowd, and it’s always exciting to be on the receiving end.

Reddit user TheDovahkiinsDad, who said he used to be a knight on Medieval Times, was completely honest with his answer: “Sometimes because they’re hot, sometimes because they’re little girls, and the rest are just random. Really depends on the knight. Usually wild fans are noticed first.”

The jousting and sword fighting may look real, but don’t be fooled: it’s totally staged and it’s all fake.

Medieval People Were Surprisingly Clean (apart From The Clergy)

He added, “When it’s time to improvise, you can tell…usually they’ll just freeze and stare like ‘wtf am I doing now?'” This is because the Knights are highly trained. He added, “Training is drilled into us, so when something is different, it throws us off.”

Medieval Times creative director Leigh Cordner told Reddit that they practice combat for about three hours almost every day of the week.

She added, “Knights can range in experience from 30 days to 25 years. If you see an action sequence that’s less than believable, you’re probably looking at a novice knight (or two) in a fight. With practice comes more speed.”

How To Get A Job At Medieval Times

If you want to become a knight in the Middle Ages, you should get ready to work for it. Reddit user Keko2461, who said he used to be a knight, called the training the hardest part of his job.

Black Friday Savings At Medieval Times, Dallas

He said: “Honestly nothing compared to the training I got there for 12 months before I got my first exhibition in my armour.”

It was so difficult that he said he wanted to “just quit in the middle of training” when he was “pushed to his physical limits”. He explained: “Running, walking, fighting in that sand is no joke! Wearing real leather boots that got heavy, have you been to the beach and tried to walk on the sand? Not easy to just walk? Imagine trying to move around and go backwards, forwards, shifting side to side in that sand while wearing a pair of heavy boots that sunk into it.”

He explained: “My legs and thighs killed me for weeks learning to ride a bike! I couldn’t get out of bed at times. It takes time to get used to riding a bike every day for hours. It was the physical work that was so hard. It was honestly a military boot camp on sand on steroids. But it felt so good when you finally got that ‘you’re ready for the show

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