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How To Get A Job At Tiffany’s

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A NASA engineer has sparked a debate over wages and living costs in the US after revealing he is in the process of applying for part-time jobs at Tiffany & Co and Apple.

How To Get A Job At Tiffany’s

How To Get A Job At Tiffany's

Kelly, who lives in Houston, Texas and goes by the username @sexybipartygirl on TikTok, documented her interview experience with the jewelry brand on the app, where she began: “I’m a NASA engineer and I’m applying for a job at Tiffany’s, part-time. And I have my interview in 40 minutes. “

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She showed off the outfit she’d chosen for the interview, which consisted of a simple black dress and black heels, and said she hoped she was on-brand at the store location she applied to work at, the Gallery. Mall in Houston

After showing a short clip from inside Tiffany, the NASA employee revealed that he had gotten a job as an “operations…person” and would make $20 an hour, noting in the caption that he had also set up an interview with an Apple store. .

Kelly’s video, which has since been viewed more than 3.1 million times, drew a confused response from viewers, with many questioning why she had to get another job at the top of her career at NASA.

“So NASA doesn’t like it that much?” As one person asked, another said: “I have no hope for my future if anyone working at NASA needs a second job.”

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Another added: “NASA engineers need part-time retail jobs, yet people aren’t taking the wage crisis seriously.”

Others were shocked to learn how much Tiffany was paying its employees, with another writing: “They only pay 20 bucks an hour [at Tiffany’s]?! Jeez, we have a wage problem in this country, it’s crazy. “

In the comments, Kelly revealed that he hopes to earn more money so that he can visit his family in Wisconsin more often.

How To Get A Job At Tiffany's

In a follow-up video, the NASA engineer also addressed some of the comments he received from the audience, beginning by explaining that Kelly “loves” his job at NASA and that the employees are “well paid.” Want a little more money”

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“I’m not looking for a new full-time job, but my rent is high, I have student loans, I have car loans and I like to raise a lot of money,” she said.

Kelly then discussed the salary at Tiffany & Co., which he said was really good for a part-time job in Texas, before asking the ticket user if another part-time job would be good.

In response to a question the government official received about his education, Kelly concluded the video by revealing that he had a degree in chemical engineering from Wisconsin and that he would “not recommend it.”

The follow-up video was met with additional concerns from viewers, with one viewer claiming that “capitalism has failed us when a highly skilled highly educated person who helps us go to SPACE has to get a second job.”

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Another said: “I just looked at the NASA engineer pay scale, are you kidding me, what do you make???”

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for a NASA engineer in Houston, Texas is $87,880, while the national average is $95,114.

While many viewers were upset at the realization that Kelly might need another job to make ends meet, there were also those who tried to “normalize” the idea of ​​having to work two jobs for her lifestyle.

How To Get A Job At Tiffany's

In a follow-up video, Kelly revealed that she declined Tiffany’s offer, while in another video, she explained that she was offered a job at NASA when she applied to the company’s Pathway Internet Program at the age of 20.

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What he thinks the company is looking for, Kelly said, admitting that his resume is “very poor,” adding that NASA wants to hire “well-rounded people” who have “good social skills” and are “good” people.

She also explained that she thought that being a woman in engineering could help her secure her position at the government space agency.

In Kelly’s latest video, she revealed that after three interviews with Apple, she was offered a job as a technician at a retail store.

“I’m so excited, they seem like really nice and cool people,” she said.

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Kelly ends the video saying that he is not leaving his job at NASA and that he wants a part-time job for money.

“I make enough money but I want to have more fun and not have to worry about it, and I still have a lot of time so I don’t mind working a little bit more so I can spend more,” she said. .

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How To Get A Job At Tiffany's

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How To Get A Job At Tiffany's

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