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How To Get A Job At Video Ezy

How To Get A Job At Video Ezy – When Steve Chambliss and his family opened the National Video Store in West Monroe, Louisiana, 20 years ago, six employees were manning the registers at a time to keep up with the traffic.

The 6,000-square-foot store featured a glittering theater-like marquee, movie-themed carpet, a 5-foot-tall Gumball Wizard Spiral machine and wall-to-wall titles. Refunds for lazy customers who return their movies without releasing them?)

How To Get A Job At Video Ezy

How To Get A Job At Video Ezy

In those days, there were more than 27,000 video rental stores in America, 9,000 of which were operated by Blockbuster alone. Pop [stranger Things]

Consumers have moved to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon or video-on-demand rental options from cable companies.

A customer walked into Chambliss’ store this week and acted like he’d stumbled through a time portal. “I didn’t know places like this still existed,” he said.

In fact, West Monroe’s National Video Store is the last in Louisiana and one of America’s last extinct dinosaurs.

“I think we’re the last in Louisiana, but I’m not sure,” Chambliss said. – My friend says I should get the museum fee.

Pandemic Forces Family Video, America’s Last Video Rental Chain, To Close Its Doors

Although consumer spending on home entertainment grew to a record $25.2 billion in 2019, video rental stores accounted for $250 million of that amount, according to Digital Entertainment Group.

“We’re still trying hard enough to stay open and hire college kids at night,” he said, pulling out several new customer sign-up sheets received this week. “And we’re still very busy on Friday and Saturday nights.”

Chambliss supplemented the store’s video rental business by offering services such as transferring old home movies to DVD and adding a line of games to attract younger customers.

How To Get A Job At Video Ezy

But the bulk of the store’s revenue comes from a core of loyal, longtime customers like Les Dykes of West Monroe and Ervin Clark of Monroe, who have been customers since 1989, when the Chambliss family bought National Video Superstore.

Video Store Clerk

“I still like to come to the store and watch the movies and look at the walls,” Clark said.

Visit National Video and browse 35,000 titles, browse the “New Releases” wall to see what’s coming out this week, or browse the “Classics” shelves featuring past masterpieces.

There are movie box candy classics like Goober’s, Mike’s and Ike’s and each carton features a movie style popcorn box display with microwave popcorn sleeves inside.

Little 4-year-old Juan Perez, 20 years ago, was thrilled to see a giant red gumball, twice as tall as the kids who had just walked into the store, roll out of the machine.

Family Video, The Last Video Store Chain In The U.s., Is Closing All 250 Stores

It’s all enough to roll out the red carpet at the National Video Supermarket in West Monroe.

GregHilburn is a movie aficionado who usually covers state politics for the USA TODAY Network of Louisiana. Founded in Dallas in 1985, the company was a corporate leviathan in its heyday, the kind of monster that devoured its competitors. In Austin, where the independent video store culture prevails, stores like I Luv Video will give you a free membership if you trade your card in at a chain like Blockbuster or Hollywood Video. We knew the chains were bad because they stocked their shelves with endless copies

, put stores carrying independent or lesser-known titles out of business. When the company opened a Drag store in Austin in the early 2000s, I signed up to destroy it in front of local store clerks. A war was on for the soul of home video, and Blockbuster was the enemy.

How To Get A Job At Video Ezy

Today, at the end of video stores, that battle seems ridiculous. Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in 2013, and the news that it was closing its last store in Texas — one of eight remaining in the U.S., with six in Alaska (the other is in Bend, Oregon) — was widely welcomed over the weekend. “Oh, there’s still a blockbuster video out there somewhere?”

Mondo Video! Is The Best Kept Secret When It Comes To Epic Basement Vi

There were. It was in Edinburgh, on Sugar Road, less than ten miles from Freeze Frame Super Video, an independent shop in Pharr where I worked as a teenager. This store wasn’t hip like I Luv Video or Vulcan in Austin; it was just a place owned by a local family. They couldn’t afford to cover the walls with hundreds of copies of each new release, so the offerings varied as needed, leaving older titles on the shelves to keep up with the inventory. People rented videos that weren’t their first choice for the night because it was in stock. You may be signed in to check out

, or follow the left-field suggestion of an employee with indie tastes and meet a director like Jim Jarmusch, but that’s not really the point. It was more like a happy accident.

A store like Freeze Frame Super Video, which wasn’t opened with the intention of cultivating cinephiles, gave audiences and teenage employees the freedom to develop our own eclectic tastes. Instead of corporate video loops, we chose a movie from the collection to watch while we worked; I had an inside joke with myself that I would put it in a movie

, with Martin Lawrence and Luke Wilson, back and forth, three or four times a shift. Independent video stores attracted weird people, and we got to be weird in them. It gave us space to understand our taste as a form of self-expression. Blockbuster’s blue polo shirts and khakis felt too oppressive in comparison.

The Video Store As Film School

At one point in the 2010s, there were more Vulcan and I Luv Video locations than Blockbusters in Austin, but Blockbuster’s slow decline didn’t feel like a victory. Independent video stores survived, but they couldn’t beat Blockbuster, offering customers an experience, a taste, and a sense of cool instead of movies as a mere commodity. They could not overcome him at all; The independent store has managed to survive (so far) the coming apocalypse of Netflix and Redbox.

They’re equipped, at least in the short term, in ways Blockbuster doesn’t have. Blockbuster built its business model on stocking shelves with endless copies of the biggest new releases. But the Blockbuster store had a large footprint. The average Blockbuster was 5,700 square feet, and DVDs were tiny. Redbox packed most of the practical functions of a video store chain into a vending machine, then dropped 40,000 of them across the country — ten times more than Blockbuster ever had. Both companies were lean on older and independent titles, but offered the likes of Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and more. Blockbuster eventually died because it was too expensive and inefficient a way to bring current hits to their TV screens for people who wanted to see them immediately.

Still, Blockbuster may be all but gone, but the video store is not dead. For the rest, or craft video snobs, by curating movies — think of the still-standing Austin stores, or the soon-to-be-opened video store inside North Carolina’s Alamo Drafthouse, or through small-town outposts. A more private and social rental experience than Redbox. If you’re in Stephenville, you can stop by the Dollar General for a Redbox kiosk, or rent from Mike’s Videos and more; if you’re in Sulfur Springs or Denison, a family video location can offer a human touch that Netflix can’t.

How To Get A Job At Video Ezy

But these stores are also on alert. Premiere Video of Dallas, which promoted independent and foreign films, closed in May 2017. Vulcan moved from its North Central location in Austin to a more affordable location in South Austin in December. Family Video, with 90 percent of its stores in rural North and Central Texas, fills a niche that could eventually be covered by expanded broadband. (The chain’s owner, Keith Hoogland, told Forbes magazine last year that the company’s long-term future is not as a video chain, but ultimately more as a real estate company: It buys property in rural areas, installs video stores there, and uses the proceeds to pay off mortgages.) is valid for.)

You Can’t Close’: Melbourne’s Last Video Store Determined To Stay Open In Streaming Era

As Blockbuster goes, so do the rest of the video stores. But while they are still with us, what they offer should be celebrated. Visiting a video store is a completely different experience than the online options. The posters on the walls seem ephemeral by comparison to the tiny pictures on the Netflix menu, and the experience of holding a box in your hand when deciding what to rent gives you a great deal of choice beyond aimless clicking. One of the most lonely things a person can do is see

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