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How To Get A Job At Vons

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How To Get A Job At Vons

How To Get A Job At Vons

NORTH HILLS, Calif. – New Horizons, Albertsons/Vons grocery stores and the CA Department of Rehabilitation are partnering on a new program called Go Grocery.

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This is a 10-week program that helps customers with special needs (ages 16-22) learn the skills they need to work in the food and retail industries.

Trevor Harris is the Go Grocery Training Manager at New Horizons, where a mock-up grocery store is used as a training classroom.

“Essentially, we wanted to recreate the mini-mart or grocery store in a way that would expose our customers to day-to-day operations and give them hands-on training,” Harris explained. “It all serves to help them with the various activities they do at work.”

Student clients learn operational skills such as bagging, stocking and cleaning, as well as soft skills that help develop confidence in the workplace and positive relationships with colleagues and clients.

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“We’re exposing them to a lot of different types of jobs that exist within the market, so once they get it, they understand what’s open to them,” Harris said.

After the classroom training, students move on to the real thing with the support of in-store trainers and their new colleagues.

Yesenia Hernandez, a New Horizons graduate, says working at Vons has given her more skills than just grocery shopping.

How To Get A Job At Vons

“Honestly, I was a very shy person, and then with New Horizons I really came out of my shell,” explained Hernandez. “I’m more talkative and out there now.”

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“Sweeping!” “I don’t like sweeping,” he said with a laugh. “But I really like this place. I like working in the store.”

Vons store director Danny Almada said he has no concerns about the skills of New Horizon’s employees.

“Oh, they’re great,” Almada said. “They are like other partners. Good looking. Very customer service oriented, you know, they’re a pleasure to have. I am very happy.”

Harris added, “Just like everyone else, it’s up to them what they apply for and what jobs are open. We’re all for whatever hours they want to work.” The interview process generally takes about a week or two to complete. Many candidates face multiple job interviews during the hiring process, but prospective entry-level associates face one job interview. Specific job interview formats typically consist of telephone interviews and one-on-one interviews with a hiring representative. Additional employment requirements may include background checks, personality tests, skills testing, and drug testing. Vons interviews are often with store managers, district managers, human resources representatives, and general managers.

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Each interview can last from 20 minutes to an hour. Vons interview questions explore personality traits and pose hypothetical situations to candidates, such as:

The average applicant reports interview questions as harmless and easy to answer. In some cases, candidates will answer only a few interview questions, with topics covering general information such as:

More detailed interview questions cover general situations involving candidates. The company hires workers who go above and beyond to help patrons. For example, an interviewer might ask, “If a customer asked where an item was, how would you help them?” Candidates may answer the question by pointing the customer in the direction of the product. However, Vons looks for candidates who can physically take the customer to the item, display it on the shelf, and then ask if the customer has anything else they need help with. Customer service is a key selling point during interviews. Candidates should always demonstrate enthusiasm and willingness to help others in order to gain acceptance in the interview process.

How To Get A Job At Vons

Build confidence, smile a lot and show enthusiasm for work. Arrive early to answer key Vons interview questions before each recruiting session. Being able to tell the company’s history and familiarity with store layouts and products will be of great benefit to candidates. Provide examples of past experiences in the grocery or retail industry from previous jobs. Most interviewees receive a job offer within a few days of successfully completing the Vons interview process. Official employment decisions may be made at the final session.

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Vons Employee: I started working at Vons when I was 15 years old. I used to work as a courtesy clerk, which means you bag groceries, cart, and help customers. You do returns, which means you have to return all products left behind by customers to your original location. And that’s about it.

Vons Employee: The work environment was very fun. Get to know a lot of customers – they have different stories and you get to know them. That was one of the good things about the job. You’re always busy, so the day goes by quickly because you’re always running around doing one thing or another. Overall it was a very good experience.

Vons Employee: There is an online application and you have to fill it out and then call them because they get so many applications. If you fill it out and leave it in their stock of millions of applications, you won’t get the job. And after I did that, they interviewed me and immediately hired me.

Vons Employee: Do I speak English, am I friendly, am I good with customers, am I hardworking, things like that. I mean, it’s not the hardest job, it doesn’t require that much skill. They are just looking for friendly, hard working people.

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Vons Employee: I would say be really friendly, be really open because Vons has this program where they rate their employees. They have secret shoppers, they rate customer service and you can do better, if you are very friendly you will get paid faster, you show you actually want to be there, at least pretend you want to be there . Therefore, I encourage everyone to be really friendly. The chain of Vons stores serves most of Southern California and parts of Nevada. Despite operating as a regional chain, the supermarket continues to grow and has more than 325 locations in the American Southwest. A grocer needs to hire fresh and motivated people, including opportunities in entry-level positions as well as store and department management.

The unique demographics surrounding Vons supermarkets greatly influence the services provided and employment opportunities. The retailer primarily caters to a high-end and culturally diverse customer base. The stores feature a high-quality selection of groceries, deli, meats, seafood, cheeses and general groceries. Regional chains source many products from local farmers. Candidates seeking employment with a grocery store should have some knowledge of organics, food allergens, and popular brand names in addition to general food knowledge to best serve the ethnic demographics of customers who frequent Southwest Supermarket.

Candidates also often need to be able to speak both English and Spanish to work at Vons. Although the supermarket does not require applicants to be bilingual, workers who can communicate effectively in Spanish and English are often hired for additional jobs. Many part-time and full-time positions ask applicants to be in good health to fulfill the roles available. Job seekers typically have to work around different schedules when hiring.

How To Get A Job At Vons

A well-known, regional grocery store chain only asks applicants to be 18 years of age or older to apply. Full-time career and entry-level positions include flexible scheduling options, competitive salary for the supermarket industry, and access to excellent resources for personal and professional growth. Vons is always hiring for the following jobs:

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The application process varies slightly depending on the position, department and specific industry. Applicants looking for entry-level retail jobs typically go through several steps to get hired. Choosing careers in pharmacy services and management requires much more extensive consideration from recruiters. To get a better idea of ​​the potential steps used to move new employees from one title to another, visit the company’s website to review the qualifications for each position before applying.

A typical entry-level candidate will receive a call back for an interview within a week. Pharmacy job seekers and aspiring managers can wait up to a month. If there is no contact before then, call or visit the official store to check the missing documents. Candidates can check the status of their applications through their individual career profiles. Profiles are required to complete electronic recruitment forms.

The Southern California-based grocery store chain offers many job benefits for hiring associates. Part-time and full-time employees have access to a variety of schedule options, discounts on products and services, additional names and uniforms, and job benefits packages sponsored by Safeway parents. Vons employment benefits packages include a 401(k) pension

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