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How To Get A Job Coupon On Neopets

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How To Get A Job Coupon On Neopets

How To Get A Job Coupon On Neopets

Update (1/23/2023): Due to feedback from the Neopets community, Upper Deck has decided to temporarily suspend future releases. They work with the Neopets team and provide updates in an affordable manner.

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Update (01/24/2023): As of this morning, physical redemption has been disabled for cards people already own. (Their repayment status now shows as “pending”.)

The highly anticipated trading card series from Upper Deck launches tomorrow at 9am NST on!

The Upper Deck e-Pack offers a hybrid of digital and physical trading cards. The site allows you to collect and trade digitally and then redeem

All cards in this bundle will be eligible for physical card redemption. To claim a print version, you must own a digital copy (and it must not have been previously purchased!!). (Shipping and handling fees apply.) Digital cards may be sold in-app to complete collections prior to purchase. Note: Make sure the card you are trading on is not already redeemed before trading on it.

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New packs will be released every Tuesday at 9:00am NST (max 499 per week for $5.99 each) for the next 9 weeks, each containing 3 main series cards from that week, as well as one of three Baby variant cards.

1 of the six packs will contain a Faerie variant card. 1 out of 12 bundles a code card with a code redeemable for an exclusive item on Print plates (limited to 1 each) are also randomly inserted.

(Like Buzz Day, this color will be delayed for a few days from coming to the Rainbow Pool)

How To Get A Job Coupon On Neopets

Don’t forget: Mind Control Lab at Neopets is only available today, January 14th. Make sure you take your loyalty test, as this is your only chance to prove yourself for the year

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In honor of Ice Day, you will soon be able to paint the forest inhabitants in the appropriate color:

Please expect a slight delay in these releases as servers come back online from scheduled downtime. TNT predicts that the new color and items should be available later this week!

TNT has announced across multiple channels that there will be some scheduled maintenance outages beginning Tuesday, January 10th at 8:00 PM NST. It will last about 5 hours until 1:00 AM NST on the 11th.

Neopets will be unavailable during this time. So make sure you get your dailies before 8pm tomorrow!

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