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How To Get A Job In Antarctica

How To Get A Job In Antarctica – You should look at the companies that have running contracts in the United States Antarctic Program (USAP) to get work in Antarctica. There are a large number of jobs listed on the website, and not many of them require you to be a scientist. Possible roles include:

Unfortunately, finding work in Antarctica can be very difficult. The process is long and tends to have a lot of obstacles; however, it can be very rewarding in the end. The first step in the process is to submit an application. If you go to the next round, you will be asked to go to a polling station.

How To Get A Job In Antarctica

How To Get A Job In Antarctica

The selection center is a group interview where you will be asked questions and monitored to see how you interact with others. If you are applying for a trade job, you will also have an interview with a supervisor in the field who can assess your knowledge and skills.

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If you pass the interview rounds, you will have to apply for a medical exam. These tests are necessary and necessary to assess your physical condition and resolve any medical problems before you are sent to a very remote and remote center.

After the medical tests, you have to go through psychological tests. There are two types of psych, and this is where they look into your personality and probe more closely to determine if you are a suitable candidate for a winter or summer job. There are big differences between summer and winter psyche.

These tests look a little more closely at how you handle isolation and how well you handle living in a small group. Usually, you will be in a group of 15 to 18, and you will be involved in these residences for about seven months out of the year. Although emergency rescue is possible, it is extremely dangerous.

Life in Antarctica requires a healthy mind and body as well as being able to adapt easily. The largest and most popular American stations in Antarctica are:

Expeditioner Personal Qualities — Australian Antarctic Jobs

There are other smaller stations and summer camps as well. It should be noted that working in Antarctica can be very dangerous. The remote and wild nature of the continent should not be underestimated. Working in Antarctica is the best way to get to know and see the continent in all its senses. What jobs are available? how long and how do you get one?

December to April is the prime time for job application, some late positions come up from June to August Australian Antarctic Territory |

You’ve seen the pictures, watched the videos, read about it online and in books and now you’ve decided you want to go to Antarctica. Maybe you can’t afford to go as a paying traveler or maybe you want to experience the continent in a more complete, intimate and important way – during the winter months when a tourist cannot visit.

How To Get A Job In Antarctica

Fact Check 1 – There are far more people wanting to work in Antarctica than there are jobs available

Job Opportunities In Antarctica

Speculative postings to Antarctica and job-seeking forums from people hoping their availability won’t be known enough to find work. Sending me your resume or cv won’t work either (so please don’t).

Fact check 2 – with a few exceptions, Antarctic workers are specialists in a specific field, enthusiastic generalists can get jobs in Antarctica, but the field of candidates is much larger.

But it is obvious that people will find jobs in the Antarctic and some of them will go down again and again.

Fact Check 3 – It’s expensive to transport workers to and from Antarctica, so while 3-6 months might suit you better, longer makes more sense for those paying the bills .

You Can Get Paid To Count Penguins & Chill At A ‘magical’ Post Office In Antarctica

Scientists and supporters come together to enable Antarctic science, here at the South Pole, a major project drilling deep into the ice to deploy neutrino detectors.

Work in Antarctica is almost exclusively on National Research Stations. These stations vary greatly in size, typically with 40 – 50 people in the summer months, from around November – March, and a much smaller winter team of perhaps 10 – 20 between March and November(ish). McMurdo has a large American base that is much bigger than this though.

About 5,000 people visit the Antarctic stations every year from about 27 different countries with about 1,000 of them remaining over the winter months. Winter means isolation when there is no inbound or outbound transportation and communication is only through various electronic communications.

How To Get A Job In Antarctica

Scientific positions are really the work of the foundation, without them there would be little or no use for the foundation at all. Scientists are at minimum postgraduate level and often post-doctoral, although the younger they are the more likely they are to spend longer periods in Antarctica (over winter for example) . Scientists usually take a project down to Antarctica with them and are very self-contained in terms of equipment. Sometimes they may be able to “plug-in” an ongoing project performing a separate sub-part of the whole. Scientists are divided into several categories:

Debunking The Pyramids Of Antarctica Myth

Support or trades positions fall into a wide range of positions involved in the activities of keeping the base and its personnel in good condition and able to carry out duties safely and effectively. efficient. These positions usually require people who have experience in their particular field and almost always have relevant professional qualifications, including but not limited to the following:

McMurdo station is more like a small town so it needs much of the infrastructure expected of small towns anywhere else in the world.

“Lawyers, judges, pharmacists, and PhDs work as mechanics, janitors, galley slaves, housing department and shuttle drivers.”

Your experience of Antarctica will depend a lot on your work. Scientific workers tend to have more interesting experiences because their jobs often take them away from the larger institution. There are exceptions though, an atmospheric scientist will have little reason to leave the base to do their job, and a ship handler will spend a lot of time away from base. If your job involves transportation in any way, you’ll see more of Antarctica than anyone.

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On many establishments there is an expectation and requirement that all employees perform general roles such as loading containers, washing containers, night watch, cleaning the base, dealing with the waste etc. . jobs you will be expected to do in addition to your own specific tasks.

Workers are carefully screened for their psychological and physical suitability to work in the challenging environment of Antarctica. They need to be in very good physical shape because full medical facilities are far away and also often on time.

Other jobs – you may have guessed by now that there are a lot of jobs where there is no need in Antarctica. So you might be the best car salesman, lawyer or basketball coach in your town, but you won’t get a job in Antarctica doing those things. The number of unnecessary jobs is too long to list, if you want to work there you have to be an essential specialist or take a non-specialist job.

How To Get A Job In Antarctica

Since it is a matter of supply and demand, and the supply of people ready to work in Antarctica generally exceeds the demand for workers, the answer to this question is not the great fortune of it is sometimes thought.

Science In Antarctica

Generally, workers in Antarctica on the National Antarctic Programme, supply ship, contract work etc. are paid almost the same as they would be for doing the same work back in their home country, often with little extra bonus but forget any comments. of 2x or 3x salary multiples.

So you should be able to save a good portion of the money you paid to bring it back home with you.

Dormitory at Halley center, facilities vary by base, but dormitories are usually quite small and used for that purpose, many staff members have an office or other work area at a base , there are also public areas.

Returning from base life to private space is not encouraged and is not good for base life or the individual.

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The first step is to find your own country’s National Antarctic programme, if only because interviews are usually held in that country. Some countries have a strong preference for their own citizens or you may find that foreign nationals are not considered.

Some countries’ Antarctic bases are run by the military or have a strong military presence, so you’ll have a much better chance if you’re already in a branch of the military.

Listed below are links to many points of the first call. Many countries simply do not have an Antarctic program or it is very small, so if you do not have the appropriate professional skills and you work in a country that does, you may find that do

How To Get A Job In Antarctica

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