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How To Get A Job In Boeing

How To Get A Job In Boeing – Looking for a career in aerospace after the military? The Boeing Company, or Boeing for short, is calling your name! Founded on July 15, 1916, in Seattle, Washington, Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and a leading manufacturer of commercial aircraft, defense, space and security systems, and global services. With your secret or top secret security clearance, the opportunities for you are endless.

If you’re reading and scratching your head wondering what it takes to win here, you’re in for a treat. Empire Resume, a professional resume services company that delivers results for veterans like you, will answer your burning questions like what career opportunities are available, how Boeing helps transition veterans, and what it takes to apply.

How To Get A Job In Boeing

How To Get A Job In Boeing

In 2021, Military Friendly ranked Boeing as a top 10 military friendly company. This speaks to how the company dedicates its efforts to the military community.

How To Get A Job At Boeing

As a veteran, you bring values, skills, and a unique perspective from your military experience that makes big companies like Boeing want to approach you. According to a January 2022 article in DiversityInc Best Practices, Boeing has a longstanding commitment to hiring and developing men and women in uniform.

Leo A. Brooks, Jr., Boeing vice president, defense, space and security, says, “Surplus personnel are an important part of Boeing’s workforce strategy because our business requires us to maintain an active, diverse and skilled talent pipeline.

Boeing says, “Our duty is to you.” For more information, be sure to check out the Boeing Veterans Careers page. There, you’ll gain insight into the Military Skills Translator to help you match your skills and experience to positions and the Boeing Career Skillbridge Program.

Need a refresher on these tools? Check out How to Translate Military Skills to Civilian Concepts and the DoD SkillBridge Program.

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To work at Boeing, the hiring process will be similar to any other application process. Below is a brief overview of the Boeing Company hiring process:

Make sure you fine-tune your resume from military to civilian to increase your chances of beating the ATS and being able to speak with the recruiter or hiring manager face-to-face.

For help building your resume, let Empire Resume edit your resume to get you the job you deserve at Boeing.

How To Get A Job In Boeing

When a position catches your eye, click the “Apply Now” button to create a profile in Boeing’s preferred HR software, Workday. Then you can upload your CV and cover letter and submit your application.

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If your CV is ‘go’ you will be invited for an interview. It is important that you take the time to prepare for a civil interview with Boeing or other companies.

The interview can be conducted face-to-face, by telephone or virtual interview and consists of a panel interview, consisting of two to four people. These will be Boeing employees or partners, and may also include a subject matter expert, hiring manager, or even a customer.

During the interview you will be asked a series of questions related to the role you applied for. You will be asked about your background, previous experience and skills. You will also be able to ask the panel questions.

You may be invited to attend more than one interview to demonstrate your qualifications and skills. This helps you and the people at Boeing see if you’re a good fit.

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If you receive a phone call or offer letter after the interview, congratulations on your new position at Boeing!

Boeing boasts a variety of benefits for employees who join its ranks. Benefits at The Boeing Company include market-leading health and retirement plans, generous tuition assistance, paid time off and programs that support you and your family as well as your community.

Applying for a job at Boeing may seem daunting, but with the information you have above, you’ll be ahead of the game. Always remember that Empire Resume is here to help you transition into the dream job you’ve always wanted. From writing a resume to sending a follow-up letter after the interview, we’ll deliver the results you need, guaranteed!

How To Get A Job In Boeing

In the meantime, bookmark our military blog so you’ll always have access to the latest career transition tips, strategies, and knowledge for the military community.

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Dr. Phillip Gold is President/CEO of Empire Resume and has extensive experience writing resumes for both professionals and employees transitioning from the military to civilian careers. He served as a captain in the US Air Force and was responsible for the safety of nuclear missiles. Phillip is a Certified Career Writer and holds a BA in Communications from The Ohio State University, an MS in Instructional Technology, an MBA in Finance, and a PhD in Finance. No Comments on How to Get a Job at Boeing? Posted in Career Advice by Samuel Posted on July 20, 2021 July 20, 2021

Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft, airplanes, satellites and rockets. It is known worldwide for manufacturing quality commercial aircraft, defense aircraft and spacecraft. In addition, Boeing is a leader in technology and innovation to work on new technologies from the seabed to space.

Are you a student trying to gain practical experience? Are you a home worker looking to start a career? Do you want to restart your career after a long career break? Or are you a retired civil servant looking to get your hands dirty with a part-time job? Then you are in the right place! Boeing offers tremendous opportunities for everyone. Being a leading manufacturer of commercial, defense and aerospace products, it has great job opportunities in various fields.

The rainbow of careers you could work in at Boeing is incredible. Business, cyber security, data science and analytics, engineering, information technology and manufacturing are Boeing’s main areas of focus. Additionally, you can find people right from high school diplomas to those with PhDs working at Boeing. This shows us that there is a wide variety of jobs available at Boeing.

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Obtaining a specific degree will be critical to applying for a job and working at Boeing. In addition, you will of course need a related degree to work for roles such as manufacturing and design in any of the following degrees or degrees related to them:

Preferably for a design position people with postgraduate degrees (PHDs) can apply. For aircraft construction, people with master’s or bachelor’s degrees in any of the above fields can apply. People with a valid flight license can apply for flight positions. For maintenance, overhaul or assembly jobs, people with a trade or technical college specializing in aerospace products can apply. These requirements may change depending on the specific positions you are applying for and want to work for.

If you are a hardworking individual who wants to work for this great company, you just need to follow the steps mentioned below and apply to Boeing for tremendous opportunities to boost your career:

How To Get A Job In Boeing

For the roles mentioned above, having an associate degree will help you get the job, as you may have acquired the important and necessary skills to work for that particular job at Boeing. Even if you’re still a student or junior in college, there are various entry-level jobs or internships and co-ops available that you can apply for to gain experience at Boeing.

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Overall, Boeing is an aerospace company that welcomes you to any job, from IT to corporate to manufacturing. All you need is the basic skills required for that particular job. Learning more about the company through various platforms such as LinkedIn and YouTube will complement the Boeing interview. Boeing has various entry-level jobs that you could apply for just by knowing the basics of what you want to work on. Then all you have to do is prepare your best and listen properly to the questions asked by the interviewers. Presence of mind is the key! Citing ‘devastating’ pandemic impact, Boeing to lay off 7,000 more workers: Coronavirus updates “This is one of the most difficult times in our more than 100-year history,” CEO Dave Calhoun said. Most of the layoffs will be in Washington state, where Boeing designs and builds many of the planes.

Boeing will lay off thousands more workers as the plane maker continues to lose money due to the coronavirus outbreak. Elaine Thompson/AP hide caption

Boeing will lay off thousands more workers as the plane maker continues to lose money due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Boeing will lay off thousands more workers as the planemaker continues to lose money due to the coronavirus pandemic and the extended grounding of the 737 Max jet.

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The global collapse in air travel has virtually eliminated the need for airlines to purchase new business jets. As a result, Boeing has scaled back production of new planes and announced this summer that it would eliminate 19,000 jobs.

In an email to employees Wednesday, CEO David Calhoun said the company needed to “align with market realities” and eliminate about 30,000 jobs in total.

Boeing started the year with about 160,000 employees worldwide, but in a memo to employees, Calhoun

How To Get A Job In Boeing

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