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How To Get A Job In Britain

How To Get A Job In Britain – Finding a job while you are still in school can be very difficult. You may only work after school or on weekends, many companies have age limits on who they can hire, and as a teenager, your lack of experience can put you at a disadvantage when it comes to finding work. 14 is too young to start looking for a job, so your options will be quite limited. But don’t worry, it’s not impossible! You need to start somewhere, and it’s definitely worth a try if you’re motivated and want to make some money in your spare time.

Hopefully, the following 10 options can give you an idea of ​​the types of jobs available for teenagers.

How To Get A Job In Britain

How To Get A Job In Britain

If you enjoy writing and want to help other students with the knowledge you gained from school, becoming a writer is a great opportunity.

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Unlike other jobs on this list, you can work from home and only talk to publishers and editors over email.

This job is completely flexible to your needs as you can request as much or as little work as you need in the time period. You can talk to senior editors before the articles you want to write are assigned to you.

If you’re busy, you can slow down for a while, or if you have a lot of spare time and want to make some extra money, you can ask to write some more!

The salary is very competitive and is determined by how much you write. You will be paid per article word count.

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The only requirement is that you have writing skills that can be used to write articles like this. Grade 6 in English Language (assumed or already achieved) will help a lot in this.

You will not be required to have an interview, but will instead be asked to complete a sample essay to determine your eligibility.

This option is probably best for a person of this age because people you already know are likely to trust you with the job.

How To Get A Job In Britain

Some people find it difficult to hand out a CV and introduce themselves to potential employers, so starting work with someone you already know and trust is a great way to familiarize yourself with the working environment. It can also help you develop skills and confidence that you can use when looking for different jobs in the future

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You won’t necessarily be subject to the 16+ age restrictions of larger companies and you may have more opportunity to be flexible with hours and days etc compared to other jobs.

Asking around to see if anyone has Saturday jobs available is a great way to find something that suits you.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to work for a family/friend’s business, so the ideas below may be more useful depending on your situation.

Babysitting is a very common job for teenagers and can show any future employer that you are reliable and responsible as a person.

Uk Unemployment Hits 48 Year Low, Pushing Up Pay

Ideally, you will be confident looking after children and happy to be the one in charge of the household when the parents are away.

Helping to look after siblings or younger family members can be really useful experience if you are looking for work as a babysitter.

The role may vary depending on who you care for. If they are small children, parents can put their children to sleep, and you only need to stay at their house for an evening so that someone is there. If the kids are older, you can have a conversation with them because they will probably stand up after a while.

How To Get A Job In Britain

Usually, such jobs are obtained through the suggestions of others. You can ask your parents or family friends to recommend you to people looking for babysitters, as it can be difficult for people to trust complete strangers with their children.

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Be prepared to go and meet the parents and their children beforehand so they can get to know you and see if you’re a good fit.

Babysitting doesn’t have to be a constant job, as many people don’t go out the same day every week or month. Because of this, they will call you only when they need you. It is not like other part time jobs where you can set hours every weekend.

The job involves picking up people’s dogs from their owner’s homes, taking them out for exercise at an agreed time, then taking them back home.

To do this, you need to be comfortable and confident around dogs because it is a huge responsibility. You should probably have previous experience walking a dog yourself, even if it’s your own, because otherwise it can seem pretty daunting.

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It’s also worth getting some experience with dogs you don’t own and getting recommendations from people you already trust, as sometimes people can find it difficult to leave their dog with a stranger.

But, if you have strong recommendations and can get some references, this can help you get some more clients.

Depending on how many potential customers you have and what their specific requirements are, you can only take one person’s dog out every day, or you can take different dogs once or twice a week. Because of this, it’s important to make sure you have the time and dedication to commit to the role.

How To Get A Job In Britain

As a young and inexperienced dog walker, it is unlikely that you will charge high prices per walk. When coming up with prices, you should consider the length of the walk and how many dogs you take out at once.

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If you take the dog out regularly and several times a week, you may be able to work with the owner for a weekly wage instead.

As you become more experienced, you can potentially charge more but just be aware that setting your prices too high can put off customers, as professional dog walking services are widely available.

Working in a cafe is a really good way to gain skills that you will need for any future job.

Customer service, trust and communication with team members is a huge part of this role. You must be able to talk to your co-workers and listen to any instructions they give you to ensure that you are completing orders and taking care of customers in the best possible way.

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There are various things you can do if you work in a cafe. You may be behind the scenes just washing and helping or you may be interacting and serving customers.

In most cafe jobs, young people work their way up, as working directly with customers and serving food can be quite intimidating to begin with. Just as cafes rely on great customer service to keep people coming back, your employer may also want you to be a little more confident in your role before you start taking on additional responsibility.

This means you’ll have to spend some time doing (not so fun!) jobs like washing and wiping tables, but don’t worry – working in a cafe can be really fun and a great experience overall.

How To Get A Job In Britain

This type of job is suitable for anyone. If you like talking to people, you will enjoy the very social aspect of the role. Even if you don’t, it’s a great way to build confidence and improve social skills. Interacting with so many people on a daily basis can be daunting at first, but I promise it gets a lot easier!

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Salaries vary between occupations and pay rates can improve as you get more training. If you are working directly with customers, you may have the opportunity to earn tips for good service, which can really help increase your income.

Like working as a cafe assistant, waiting tables can give you a great customer service experience.

You will learn how to communicate with other people in the restaurant such as chefs, managers and other serving staff and how to interact with customers. It can also help your organization skills as you will need to learn how to divide your time between the different tables you serve.

Communication skills are essential for almost every job so learning them at an early age will prove to be very useful in whatever career path you choose. Future employers will be happy to see that you are confident around people.

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As I said earlier, finding a job in big companies can be difficult, as many of them will not accept employees as young as 14, and instead start working at 16 and above.

Because of this, you will have more opportunities to work for an independent business rather than a chain restaurant.

You should inquire with local restaurants if they have any positions available, and if so, if they would be willing to train you.

How To Get A Job In Britain

It is better to talk to the owner/manager in person as it is not

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