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How To Get A Job In California

How To Get A Job In California – Looking for a new job can be an intimidating process for many people. Now, with a global health crisis mounting major economic hurdles, it can feel even more overwhelming. So how should you go about finding a new job during these challenging times?

That timely topic was front and center at a recent UC Alumni Career Network event on LinkedIn Live, as career expert and UC Santa Barbara alumna Dana Manciagli, in conversation with Vice Provost Yvette Gullett, potential employers and land shared tips on how to stand up to your next job

How To Get A Job In California

How To Get A Job In California

Before starting, the most important thing is to check with yourself. What’s holding you back from just taking the first step?

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“Check the tapes that are playing in your head as a job seeker and eliminate all the negativity like, ‘I can’t do this. I don’t have this skill,'” Mancigli said. You have to rise above it all to win.” So start by giving yourself a pep talk and practice tuning out negative self-talk.

Once you clear that mental block, the rest is pretty easy. Manciagli breaks down the job search into a handy three-step guide, aimed at helping you stand out from the competition: First, identify what type of job is right for you. Then, prepare your communication toolkit. And finally, apply, apply, apply.

Before applying for an open position, make an honest assessment of the job and whether it’s a good fit, given your skills, goals and needs.

“Make sure you know what you’re aiming for, what type of job it is, and in what industries, or are you flexible with the industry? But know that next move and anchor in it,” Mancigli said. That said, taking the time for this kind of self-reflection will help you simplify and narrow your job search.

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You also need to make a realistic assessment of the skills employers are looking for and think strategically about how to match your experience to those needs. “So it’s getting ready and researching what hiring managers need for your target job,” she says. A good way to do this is to look at job descriptions for the types of positions you seek and note the keywords and key phrases that employers use to describe the skills needed.

Now that you understand what your next job will look like and what a potential employer wants to see in a candidate, you can quickly update your communication tools to showcase your strengths and talents. This includes updating your resume, editing your cover letter and enhancing your LinkedIn profile. Equally important is practicing for an interview and leveraging your network and connections.

A job interview today will likely take place over Zoom or another video conferencing service, but the rehearsal process should be much the same.

How To Get A Job In California

Ask a mentor or friend to help you prepare by role-playing an online interview, suggests Manciagli. “How’s the light? Audio? Role-play interview questions with each other,” she says, “before any role-play, bullet points of what you’re going to say. Prepare your message first.”

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Also, don’t be afraid to make full use of your LinkedIn account. When you’ve perfected your profile, and in the absence of more traditional networking, Mancigli strongly suggests putting yourself out there. “Find alumni at the company you’re interested in and introduce yourself as a fellow alumni,” he said, adding that when you click “connect” with someone on LinkedIn you always get a personal Note should be written.

Finally, accept the fact that job applications are a numbers game, she said. The more you apply, the more likely you are to hear back from a potential employer. What is the magic number? “Ten jobs in the air at one time,” Mancigli insists, “they’re not all going to interview at the same time. One’s going to drop out, so you add another one.” And if you find more than 10 jobs that you think are a good fit, guess what? Keep applying.

So where should you look for these jobs first? Really? For Manciagli, the answer is “none of them — it’s the company website.”

In Game of 10, research 10 companies or organizations whose work you admire and start browsing their job boards, then apply directly on their company site.

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Despite the uncertainty in the job market, there are open positions, and landing your next job is all about setting yourself apart from the pack. You can do this by knowing specifically what type of job you want and what an employer is looking for in a new job. Just as important, you should continue to network online and consider your existing connections as potential referrals to an employer.

It may take longer to land an interview today, but Mancigli reminds job seekers not to get discouraged. “If there’s an open position on a company’s site, assume it’s something an employer needs. And apply,” she says.

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How To Get A Job In California

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“The Big Lebowski” fan quit his job at a bank in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he made six figures right out of college. He did his MBA and then turned in a different direction from his classmates – at age 31 in a role in the Mail series at the Gersh Agency.

“The thought of going into the mailroom and starting from the bottom was a tough pill to swallow,” said Noriega, now a partner at Verve, an LA-based talent and literary agency. “At the same time, if I went through this transition and went back to school to do something I was really passionate about, it wasn’t looking at spreadsheets.”

Although the talent representation business has been challenged during the Covid-19 pandemic, getting a job as an agent is still one of the most popular positions in Hollywood. We spoke to Noriega and other experts for advice on what you need to know about breaking into the profession.

Join Times reporters Anusha Scoi and Wendy Lee as well as Bree Frank, vice president of physical production for Unscripted TV at Hello Sunshine, and Phillip Sun, president and co-founder of management company M88, for a virtual webinar on careers in entertainment industry. We’ll discuss the state of Hollywood jobs, how aspiring entertainers can get their foot in the door, and take your questions.

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What’s on your mind? Please let us know your interests and top questions about working in Hollywood before August 10th. Share your questions here.

Noriega’s life-changing decision followed the traditional path many people take to become a talent agent. It’s a plum job often described as a Hollywood matchmaker who assembles talent for projects, negotiates deals and advocates strongly on behalf of clients.

Key traits to becoming a successful agent include a strong work ethic, refined cultural taste, passion for your clients — and patience. It can take years to make it into the profession and reap the financial rewards.

How To Get A Job In California

“We’re looking for people with a great work ethic,” said Noriega, who also co-runs Verve’s TV division. “We want people who conduct themselves with integrity. People with great taste. But the big thing is that we want people who love this business. People who have a clear passion for entertainment. You can teach people how to negotiate deals and pitch clients. But you need a baseline of work ethic, positive attitude and passion.

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Noriega, like many agents before him, got his start in the mailroom, printing and binding scripts. He had no connection to the industry and wondered if he was starring in a real-life version of the HBO series “Entourage.”

The fast-paced agency life is not for everyone. The traditional steps to working up to becoming a talent agent — first as a mailroom clerk, then as an assistant, graduating to coordinator and finally agent — often involve working long hours and starting at low wages.

L.A. Living expenses can be expensive. To make ends meet, Noriega relied on his wife, who worked at a tech company, to support his dreams. Others choose to live with their parents.

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After a month or two working in the mailroom, Noriega became an assistant for Bayard Maybank, fielding phone calls, setting up meetings and reading scripts.

He was ready for an environment similar to that depicted in “Entourage”, where Ari Gould

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