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How To Get A Job In Cruise Ship

How To Get A Job In Cruise Ship – Have you ever looked around during a cruise and thought, “Wow it would be fun to live on a cruise ship and sail from one exotic location to another while constantly engaging with new and interesting people?” Well first of all… it’s not as glamorous as you might think at first. However, for many people – in the United States and from various places around the world, a cruise ship job can be a rewarding experience. For many crew it can even be a career that spans several contracts, ships, and even different cruise lines over decades. Let’s take a look at what it takes to get a job like this and if you have what it takes to get a job on a cruise ship!

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that each cruise has different policies. As such, not all details will be 100% accurate for all cruise ships. This is especially true when you compare policies and expectations between value cruise lines like Carnival, MSC, Princess, or Royal Caribbean and luxury lines like Viking, Regent Seven Seas, Oceania, or Silversea.

How To Get A Job In Cruise Ship

How To Get A Job In Cruise Ship

For the most part, jobs on cruise ships are not much different than similar jobs back on land. Although a cruise ship has its own way of doing things and is not the same as a land-based destination, with the exception of things like engineering or deck staff, other job qualifications would be similar. For example, if you want to be a waiter or bartender you need to have had experience and demonstrated talent in those roles already. However, just like in other jobs, there are sometimes opportunities where the cruise line will train crew for in-demand roles.

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As previously mentioned not all of these are correct for every ship or cruise line, but the unique nature of a cruise ship where crew live and work closely and travel in and out of different countries requires some unique minimum requirements.

All crew dealing with customers should be fluent in English and as English is the main language spoken on most international cruise ships, having at least basic English fluency is important for all members of the crew. Additionally, fluency in more than one language is also a significant advantage and will allow for advancement opportunities, especially if those additional languages ​​include: French, German, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin and/or Cantonese), Japanese, Russian, or Arabic.

All crew need to be fully fit and healthy, as well as being free of any ailments that could be challenging if they worsen at sea

As the crew will be very close as well as having access to sensitive parts of the ship as well as guests it is essential to ensure that they have criminal issues in their past that could cause problems.

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Although cruise ships seem like fun places, cruise lines are extremely conservative when it comes to the crew’s ability to express themselves through body modifications as well as basics like hairstyles and growing facial hair.

There is considerable variation in the salaries and total compensation that cruise ship crew make. While it is clear that some jobs such as waiter may make less than entertainment staff, the actual amount a crew member is paid can vary based on tips and gratuity which is a significant percentage of the overall salary.

Additionally, there are other non-wage compensations that factor into the equation as well. For example, in addition to wages a crew also receives free room and board, medical care, very cheap alcohol in the crew bar, free crew uniforms and work clothes, free laundry, and free access to washing machines also. However, most cruise ships do not provide free international wifi access.

How To Get A Job In Cruise Ship

One notable exception is Virgin Voyages, whose crew get access to free wifi on board as well as many other benefits that most other cruise lines do not provide – notably the ability to get tattoos visible, piercing, and atypical hairstyles. .

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As a result of all these variables, a person looking for a job on a cruise ship should not expect a specific number unless they are told by someone on a specific ship and cruise line.

Depending on the exact role you are looking for, it is very likely that you can find a job working on a cruise ship – even if you have no previous experience in that role. Unfortunately, as you might expect – these “no experience” jobs will generally be entry level jobs that require only basic training. This includes non-cooking kitchen positions, bell staff, porters, assistant cabin stewards, and bar assistants.

Although these jobs may not seem exciting, they provide a foot in the door so you can learn skills and receive on-the-job training and eventually move up. For example, as a bar assistant you might start by doing basic things like cleaning or making sure the bar is stocked. However, this is an opportunity to show off your knack for making drinks, taking guest orders and other talents.

Just as with other work environments, a good manager will be able to identify good people and promote them. This is one reason why we ALWAYS encourage guests to fill out their comment cards and highlight crew members who provide excellent service.

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In fact, on a recent cruise I mentioned to the hotel director how pleased we were with our cabin steward. The hotel director responded that he agreed, appreciated the feedback and certainly that our room steward would very likely be promoted to butler in the near future.

There are three main ways you can apply for a cruise ship job and these are pretty much the same as for any other hospitality job you might consider on land. These include: working with a recruiter or recruitment agency that specializes in cruise ship jobs, applying through an online cruise ship job board, or directly on the individual cruise line’s website. Quick note: I know you’re excited to learn how to get a job on a cruise ship so you can travel the world AND earn money while doing it. That’s why I brought the perfect person to teach you how.

A decade at sea, seeing the world and climbing the ranks from crew member to Human Resources Manager where he was responsible for hiring new crew members like you (talk about getting the inside scoop!).

How To Get A Job In Cruise Ship

In this excellent free resource she shares her expert advice to help you find work on board a cruise ship (even if you have no experience).

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This article is part of an ongoing series created to help you get amazing travel jobs and seasonal work so you can travel the world and get paid to do it.

Each article in this series is written by an expert who has actually lived the experience so you can learn about the reality of the job and the unique lifestyle that comes with it.

In short, you will get the raw and REAL truth behind this type of work rather than the fantasy.

If you are serious about cruise ship jobs and want to go further after reading this article, I encourage you to check out her How to Make a Life at Sea: Cruise Ship Jobs 101 course.

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Get ready to have your mind completely blown – to the water that is – because for cruise ship crew members, getting paid to visit ports around the world is just one of the MANY perks of cruise ship jobs .

It’s not all walking on white sand beaches and sipping on $1 cervezas, although that happens quite a bit. Cruise ship crew play hard, it’s true, but they work hard too.

Whether it’s Cruise Activities Staff who help passengers have a great time by hosting fun activities like karaoke, pool games, or bingo, or creating the perfect signature cocktail as an onboard bartender, the main duty of ANY member of the team is to create a great holiday experience for everyone. and all guests on board.

How To Get A Job In Cruise Ship

If providing excellent customer service while exploring new ports around the world sounds like a dream come true, life at sea may be perfect for you.

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I can truly say that I was born with ‘sea legs’ since I spent the first 3 years of my life (from infancy to my toddler years) at sea.

My father was a Captain on cargo ships and for many of his contracts, my mother and I joined him on board.

Mostly we traveled along the southern coast of the United States through to South America, along the Panama Canal, delivering goods such as Del Monte bananas.

In the early eighties, my family came off cargo ships, and my father went on to become a Maritime Solicitor in the UK. My mother started her own Marine Recruiting company in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He initially placed Deck and Engine Officers with a variety of shipping companies and later expanded into cruise ships, recruiting for major lines such as Princess Cruises, Cunard, V-Ships, P&O Australia

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