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How To Get A Job In Hockey

How To Get A Job In Hockey – From beer leagues to the NHL, taping the stick is often considered a pre-game rite of passage for nearly every player. Tape Job (or “TJ” for short)

For completeness, done the same way, the same length, with the same amount of overlap, and with

How To Get A Job In Hockey

How To Get A Job In Hockey

Some players do this because the tip on their blade wears off over the course of every game, but really, it’s only done for one reason: style points.

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For others, tape duties are just something they had to do because their coach once told them about it when they were eight years old playing in the Mites. In this article, we celebrate these players (sort of) by bringing you the ten most brutal tip jobs in hockey.

Taping just to the middle of the blade’s feet has been popularized by Alexander Ovechkin (a TJ commonly referred to as “Ovi”). Nikita Sherbak takes the ovi and cuts it in half just by tapping the toenails. With this tape work, who cares if you can’t catch a pass, you’ll get better off the toe than anyone else on the ice.

The general idea when taping a steak blade is, well, just cover the blade. Patrick Sharp not only taps all the blades, but he just keeps going. You never know when you’re going to have to manage the bag from the bag and the shaft, I guess.

Yes, he once scored 4 goals in an All-Star game. Yes, he was a 50 goal scorer every year between ’05-’06 and ’06-’07, but he has a pretty wild TJ. Just three stripes in the middle brings a bit of Bobby Orr-esque flair, but the sudden overlap near the ankle will make any stick-tape perfectionist O.C.D.

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Now, the “Candy Cane” has been around for a long time because back in the day, players didn’t have access to today’s composite sticks with this new stitched GripTac™ shaft structure. They should either top it with a soft wood texture or apply stick tape to the bottom of the shaft (like a candy cane) to give them a better grip at the cost of a slightly heavier shaft. Today, it’s probably ten times harder to hit than a stick with no grip, so it’s pretty funny how guys like Phil Kessel or James van Riemsdyk still put half a roll of tape on each of their sticks in 2016. wastes .

Team Canada’s Meghan Agusta is the brand ambassador for a stick “tape” company called Blade Tape. This tip replacement consists of two rubber stickers placed on the front and back faces of the blade and designed to repel water and improve wood handling. While this looks good on paper, in practice, it fails image tests big time because they just look so funny. This is a surefire way to get ripped by your opponents for the entire game long. Just stick to cloth tape, it’s not that bad!

This handmade TJ is even rarer than the Spirit Bear as it may be the first and only of its kind. It looks so weird it’s practically a work of art. Let’s break it down – Seabrook is a big guy (6’3″), so it’s no surprise that he needs a shaft extension. Flush at the top of the shaft and it gets thinner the higher it goes. Then, Instead of a knob on the top of the handle, he uses one on the bottom of his hand like King Arthur’s Excalibur.

How To Get A Job In Hockey

Bobby Orr may have been one of the first to use “minimal” tape work – simply two strips of tape near the heel of the blade to hold the tack. I’m pretty sure the puck is at least twice as wide as the tape, so it’s highly unlikely that the tape actually serves a purpose. It’s amazing how one of the best defenders to play the game can roll with the tape as well as one of the worst – when he’s even doing it.

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Commonly seen used by the kid on your summer roller hockey team who is super lazy about everything, this TJ is in a world of his own. It conveys the sense that “I just don’t care about handling the stick, shooting, or how long my stick lasts, I just want to hang out with the guys after the game and have a beer.”

Why bother wasting tape all over the blade when the puck only touches that 1″ strip anyway, right?

Some players consider the “half blade to toe” tip job to be one of the most stylish ways to tip their sticks, but Chicago Blackhawks rookie Artemi Panarin is absolutely butchering it. . Look closely – he uses a long horizontal strip of black tape (otherwise known as a “roller daddy”) under the white tape. This rookie move of using two colors of tape in two opposite directions gives Panarin one of the worst tape jobs on our list.

His facial expression says it all. It was the gold medal game for the 2015 World Junior Championship tournament – a game where every hockey player will likely be very careful with their pre-game routine. Khokhlachev appeared in the locker room as Zamboni made his way off the ice. With no time left, he should have just grabbed that dirty roll of tape that had been hidden in his bag for the past four years and threw something in about three seconds.

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Hopefully you now have a better idea of ​​how not to tip your wood before your next game. Remember, this article just pokes fun at the profession, so don’t be upset if your favorite players make the list – it’s all in good humor. When all else fails, just stick with the classics! There are two wings in hockey, the right wing and the left wing. Both wing men as well as center forwards are referred to as forwards. Forwards are aggressively minded and will score most of your team’s goals. As a winger you will mostly play down the ice, the right wing will play up and down the right side of the ice (to the right of center in front) and the left wing will play on the left side.

Your general duties as a wingman are to dig into the corner, feed the center and defense, wreak havoc against the other team’s net, and beat the other team’s defenders at both ends of the rink. I will explain further below

The defensive zone is your teams end of the ice (the side where your goalie is in the net). When you play in the defensive zone, your team tries to puck out (break out) and get into the offensive zone (the other teams cold end). When you are in the defensive zone you should generally stay between the blue line and the hash marks. You may want to stay in this area for several reasons:

How To Get A Job In Hockey

This video was created by Kevin at, thanks for the great tips! Most wingers just start by trying to cover the defense. As you get older and more skilled you can go further down as shown in the video.

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When you are in the defensive zone it is your job to cover the other teams defenders. When the other team has the puck you have to keep a close eye on the defenders because sometimes they will slip in front of you, or go to the center. When you are in the defensive zone, the defender is your man, but it is also your job to accept passes from your teammates. You usually stay between the hash marks and the top of the circle. You will get to the blue line when the defense challenges.

There are a few ways to get a pass if your team has the puck. The easiest way to get a pass is to take a few quick steps and take a pass on the hash marks along the boards, now your job is to break them. The safest way to get out of your insitu bank is to pass the boards to your center man who should break, or if the defenders are right in front of the boards you can gently pass the puck to your center or your winger who should cut off Center (always check before passing because the last thing you want to do is give the other teams defense a timer!). Another option is to take the puck out yourself, don’t try to be fancy because if you mess up and the other team scores it will be very embarrassing.

A winger’s biggest responsibility in the defensive zone is breaking the puck. Usually you will take a pass from the defenders and it is then up to you to receive it

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