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How To Get A Job In The Fbi

How To Get A Job In The Fbi – The path to becoming an FBI Special Agent is highly competitive, challenging, and a true investment of your time. The recruitment process can take over a year and involves a variety of assessments and interviews. If you’ve always dreamed of becoming an FBI special agent, make sure you understand what it takes to get the job.

There are many jobs you can do as an FBI agent. You are responsible for enforcing over 300 federal laws, conducting criminal investigations, conducting surveillance, and most importantly protecting the American public. The FBI works to investigate and thwart all kinds of threats to national security.

How To Get A Job In The Fbi

How To Get A Job In The Fbi

All FBI applicants must be between the ages of 23 and 36, hold US citizenship, and have no prior felony convictions.

Working At Federal Bureau Of Investigation (fbi)

All candidates must have at least a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of work experience. The FBI seeks agents with the following skills:

During the 16 weeks of training at the academy you will receive a modest salary. Once you are fully vested, your starting salary will range from $53,743 to $58,335 per year. More experienced agents can earn up to $113,00 per year. Employment includes many non-monetary benefits such as; Excellent health benefits, savings plan, life insurance, and plenty of vacation days.

The first step is to submit your online application to become an FBI special agent. Be prepared with all your personal information and references handy. You will need to submit a fitness assessment as part of the initial application.

Once you submit your application, if you meet the pre-screening requirements, you will be asked to take the FBI Phase I test. It is a three-hour long test that tests your logical, behavioral and cognitive skills. It is important that you excel in this exam. If you don’t get 70% or more you won’t go to the next level of recruitment.

Preparing For A Career With The Federal Bureau Of Investigation — Fbi

In the interview you will learn the inside and out of the Special Agent Selection System. A team of interviewers will screen you. Don’t be fooled by the “meet” aspect of the interview since the moment you are being evaluated, this is the FBI.

If you pass the “meet and greet” you are lucky enough to enter Phase II: which consists of a written task and a formal structured interview. The written work will take 90 minutes. You will be given a set of background information and will be required to analyze the data and prepare a comprehensive report. Phase II Structured Interview will last for 60 minutes. You will face a panel of interviewers who will focus on your critical thinking skills and overall abilities.

Hooray! If you pass Phase II, you will be given a Conditional Job Offer (CJO). You will then be asked to schedule a physical fitness test (PFT) and undergo a background investigation. You’re not clear: The PFT test is an extremely difficult test of physical endurance that conforms to the FBI’s strict physical protocol.

How To Get A Job In The Fbi

The most important part of the recruitment process is the Phase I FBI test. The FBI has 14,000 employees with countless candidates. If you don’t pass the first step, you won’t even be considered for the job. Please view using a supported browser. Download the latest version of the browser of your choice from the providers’ websites. Some popular browsers are listed below for reference.

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Note: Please note that these third-party websites are not controlled by the FBI or subject to its privacy policy.

Application and Qualification Process Your New Career Begins Here Becoming a special agent is a multi-step process designed to find individuals who will be successful in this career. Learn how to navigate the process here.

The Special Agent Selection System (SASS) is designed to identify suitable applicants to become special agents. The application and clearance process is thorough and can be lengthy, but an applicant coordinator will help guide you through the process.

To begin, you must submit a complete application packet including a federal resume, transcripts, and any applicable military or previous federal employment documents. You can find a comprehensive list of forms on the Documents and Downloads page.

The Rise Of The Fbi

The screening process depends on the submission of all application materials, the overall volume of the application, and current FBI requirements. Follow the instructions in the Special Agent job posting to expedite the processing of your application.

You must have lived in the United States for three of the last five years. If you currently reside overseas, you must travel to the United States for all testing at your own expense. You can choose any processing field office that is most convenient.

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How To Get A Job In The Fbi

Throughout the process you will be assessed against our core competencies. These eight special traits represent the knowledge, skills, and abilities that all of our employees are expected to apply to their critical work to fulfill their mission.

Fbi Director Wray Interview: Capitol Attack, Atlanta Shootings

The Phase I test is a computerized test conducted in a proctored environment. It is a three-hour test consisting of five assessments: Logical Reasoning, Figural Reasoning, Personality Assessment, Preferences and Interests, and Situational Judgment. Once invited, you will have 21 days to schedule and complete your Phase I test. You will receive a notification if you pass the test within an hour of completing it.

A meet and greet session is usually conducted by your processing field office (PFO). During this session, one or more reviewers will personally review your application and verify the information you submitted. Your information will then be reviewed to assess your competitiveness for Phase II.

After the Meet and Greet, you must pass the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) with at least nine points, at least one point in three events and no less than zero in any one event. A negative score in any of the four events is considered a failure.

The training doesn’t stop there. You will need to achieve a minimum score within 120 days before taking the PFT again and reporting to the BFTC.

How To Get An Fbi Background Check

For more information on PFT, see the Physical Requirements page and download the PFT Training Guide below.

Phase II consists of a written assessment and an interview conducted by a panel of three special agents.

You will receive your overall Phase II results within two weeks of completing both parts of the test.

How To Get A Job In The Fbi

Our special agents have many backgrounds, educations and skill sets that collectively allow us to stay ahead of threats. Special agents are individuals with leadership skills who are motivated to take on new challenges and set ethical standards for their colleagues and teams.

Steps To Becoming An Fbi Agent

Recruitment is contingent upon your successful completion of the remaining SASS components, including the polygraph examination test, medical evaluation, and background investigation.

Once you obtain a CAO, you must complete a background investigation to obtain a Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) clearance.

A background investigation includes a personal security interview (PSI), polygraph examination, drug test, fingerprinting, and medical examination. It also includes credit and arrest checks, peer interviews and references, and verification of academic achievements.

The average background investigation takes about six months but can take up to 18 months or more depending on where you live, work and travel.

Fbi Special Agent Cover Letter Examples

To be eligible for BFTC, you must complete another PFT within 120 days of your scheduled arrival. Government employment as a Special Agent is contingent on completing the 16-week BFTC.

Each BFTC has a limited number of spots based on FBI requirements. Your BFTC may be scheduled three to six months out.

You must demonstrate physical fitness to perform duties by completing at least one PFT during BFTC. If you are unable to pass at least one PFT, you will be dismissed.

How To Get A Job In The Fbi

You will be assigned to one of 56 field offices located across the country. You will not normally be assigned to the same location where your application was processed. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents enjoy competitive salaries, robust health insurance coverage, excellent retirement benefits, and a certain level of status and prestige, making employment one of the most important law enforcement careers in the United States. making it one of the most sought-after options. Although a career in the FBI can be lucrative, there are several important requirements you must meet before becoming an agent. Here’s a look at some of those requirements and what you can expect from a career protecting Americans as an FBI agent.

What’s It Really Like To Be An Fbi Agent?

As with many positions within the federal government, there are a few minimum requirements to meet before getting a job as an FBI agent. To be considered for this role, you must meet the following requirements:

FBI agents must have at least two years of professional work experience, be able to pass medical and security clearances, and be willing to relocate to new locations around the world if necessary. Additionally, if you speak at least one foreign language and can pass a language proficiency test, your chances of becoming an agent will be better.

The FBI accepts less.

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