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How To Get A Job In Tough Times

How To Get A Job In Tough Times – As a business person, it is not unusual to go through difficult times in business. In fact, successful businesses are built on the resilience needed to overcome difficult times like these. In other words, one’s ability to cope with difficult times in business is an indicator of the likelihood of success. Understanding the importance of such resilience raises the question of how to get through tough times in business. In this timely post, we explore this question and outline different ways to get through tough times in business.

. This is especially true in business where it is not uncommon to face challenges. As mentioned earlier, businesses need to build resilience that will help them through such difficult times. Before we move on to look at how businesses can weather tough times, here are some related posts on the topic that we believe will be of additional benefit:

How To Get A Job In Tough Times

How To Get A Job In Tough Times

Regardless of the challenges you may face in your business, always remember that there is hope. One great way to get through tough times in business is by building a strong support system. On this note, we would like to invite you to subscribe to our Innovate Today mailing list. Your subscription allows us to send you regular inspirational posts that keep you motivated.

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To subscribe, simply enter your name and email address in the section above. In the next section, we’ll review the reasons why you shouldn’t quit, even if you’re going through tough times.

There are many reasons for a business to fail. However, despite many possible causes, one of the most common causes of business failure is a loss of hope. In our post entitled Ten Inspirational Quotes about Hope in Hard Times, we discussed the topic of hope. We also discussed how hope gives us a glimpse of the future and helps us hold on to it. If you are facing difficult times in your business and thinking about closing down, you may have lost hope. So, before you give up, here are five reasons why you shouldn’t:

Before we move on to the next section, we would like to encourage you to try this exercise. If you are a business owner going through tough times in business, take a moment to think. What were your hopes and goals when you started your company? What problems did you have to solve? Also, what areas have you seen your business grow in? Take a moment to recall your high hopes and goals.

If you’ve tried our short exercise, you’ll probably agree that taking time to remember your dreams has been helpful. More importantly, it probably changed your outlook and reminded you why you started the business in the first place. We believe this is the key to getting through tough times in business; by keeping focus on your dreams.

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Aside from keeping hope alive and focusing on your dreams, here are some other ways to deal with tough times in business:

At one point or another, everyone will face challenges in their business. However, by keeping your hope alive and observing the steps above, there is every chance you can survive those difficult times.

Are you going through challenges in your business, career or personal life? We encourage you to keep going and not give up. Reflect on your dreams, goals and passions to rekindle hope. Also, consult with professional colleagues to get relevant advice on how to get your business moving again. Feel free to share your thoughts and challenges with us in our comments. We would love to hear from you and offer help and advice.

How To Get A Job In Tough Times

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How To Get Through Tough Times In Business

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Yesterday Baby Boomer called me with a question that many of you may have been throwing around. Sandy asked, “I really don’t like my current boss, and I want to leave this job, but should I be grateful that I have a job and not try for a new job? There is so much bad news because of the pandemic about company closings, reduced hiring, and my brother just lost his job. It put me down, so I should just quit complaining, get fired, and wait another year or two until times are better?”

I’m Having A Hard Time Getting Through

Sandy’s fear is understandable. She thinks that not many employers are hiring, which is not true. I never recommend that anyone stay in a miserable working situation. Realizing that she needs a paycheck, I suggested she test the hiring waters to see if her skills are in demand. I informed her that I have just hired four clients for great paying jobs. Two Baby Boomer professionals were making more than six figures. It was another step from 2020 who got a great opportunity to launch his career in a field he wanted. Finally, the mid-level client got the remote job they wanted. New opportunities are available. So don’t assume that all the bad news means you can’t get a better job – YOU CAN! It will take more time than ever. You have to use some job search savvy and know what works and what doesn’t. You need to take the calculated risk and see what develops. I think you will be surprised at the positive results if you apply the right job search strategies.

What is the ideal strategy for landing a new job? The answer is being forwarded to the company and the hiring manager by an employee or colleague they know. Jobvite, a talent acquisition system, reported that employee referrals only account for about 7% of potential candidates, but that 44% of referred candidates are hired. 44%! It’s worth doing that to try to find a connection with someone within the company. LinkedIn is the perfect place to find contacts and get referrals.

In today’s challenging economy, those who learn and use networking techniques will be the ones who succeed. But for some people, the task of networking is difficult. Ken was a Program Manager for a technology company who lost his job due to the Covid pandemic. He was a client and told me there was no network to speak of. Ken did not have a LinkedIn profile and did not belong to professional or civic organizations. An introvert, Ken didn’t like the idea of ​​networking, but he emailed several colleagues and his old boss, but no one had job openings, so he stopped. We began our career counseling sessions by educating Ken on what today’s job search was all about.

How To Get A Job In Tough Times

First, I wrote him a powerful resume, and then we developed a full LinkedIn Profile. I gave him the mission to make links to get a target of at least 300. Then, we worked on learning some effective networking strategies. He was surprised that 70% of all jobs are found through networking according to a report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and Yale University. Learning more effective techniques, he started again. The changes he made worked. Recruiters contacted him, and an old colleague he found on LinkedIn forwarded his resume for a great job opportunity at her company. The employer called, and after several interviews, he was selected and hired for a great new job.

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Today’s job market demands that you have to approach the job hunt differently than in the past. Here are some tips to get you started.

Increase your contacts. LinkedIn has become a place to gather contacts. A great way to farm connections is to think about all the people you’ve worked with. Note former bosses, co-workers, colleagues, vendors, anyone you interacted with at your last job, and other jobs you’ve held. Many people also add their company’s Executive leadership team. Next, invite your friends, neighbors, family and college alum friends. Then branch out into your professional associations and contact those people, especially the group’s leadership team, and board members. When it comes to networking, the more connections you have, the better.

Do not throw contact. Don’t approach people until you’re ready. It’s a common mistake to call everyone you’ve ever met and say, “I’m looking

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