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How To Get A Job On A Film Set

How To Get A Job On A Film Set – To get a job in film production, a person must develop the skills and contacts needed to get the job. As with any role in the film industry, many people want to move into the same positions, meaning that it can be difficult to get a position in film production without both work and networking.

Most people start their career in filmmaking by working for free or cheap on student projects, short films, music videos. This will give a person a lot of experience, give them a chance to solve a lot of problems, and can start building a resume with real credits that could lead to their first feature film as a member of a film production team. will help in

How To Get A Job On A Film Set

How To Get A Job On A Film Set

Another way one can get a job on a film production set is to first get a job as a personal assistant to a director. Getting a job as a personal assistant is competitive, so building a good resume and maintaining key contacts is essential.

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Finally, a person can move into a film production position if they apply to become a DGA trainee. Essentially if a person is one of the few chosen per year, they will enter a training program that will essentially secure work as an apprentice and eventually membership in the guild. Trainees meet lots of great contacts and get great training. All job applications these days will ask for previous experience. Finding work in the 21st century is hard. churns out thousands of fresh graduates every year. Everyone wants the best jobs, and there is a lot of pressure to find the best job before next year. As a result, finding work is more competitive and complicated than ever.

However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough work for everyone. On the contrary, the film industry is growing. Film sets require enthusiastic, skilled workers, and nothing suggests that will slow down.

The following blog post will detail how to find work in the film industry without experience. You might want to grab a pen and paper!

I have also written a comprehensive e-book Find Work in Film which looks at how to find work in film and how to rise the ranks in the film industry.

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Your goal in the film industry is not to rely on job ads. When you know enough people, you can only rely on recommendations. Also, it can happen in just 3-5 years. However, you have to focus on your job role, learn new skills, and work hard.

If you know someone in the film industry, contact them as this is a quick way to get into the industry. It doesn’t matter if they don’t work within your desired job role or department.

Unless your family or friends work in the industry, you’ll start your job search online. Here are some ways to find film jobs online –

How To Get A Job On A Film Set

The links above list job sites, film Facebook groups, and film commission websites (which often have staff glossaries). Additionally, major production companies will have their own career pages, for example, Disney.

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So, now that you know how to find film work online. The links above are primarily for US and UK filmmakers. If you live in a big city, there will be an active film industry with film and TV jobs. Small towns may only have student films, corporate work, or commercial productions.

It is able to list job sites and Facebook groups. You will need to tailor your list to your specific niche. When you apply for jobs, you may need to create a filmmaker CV and write a cover letter.

How to get a job in the film industry with no experience – apply for an internship, apprenticeship, or trainee placement.

You can find them run by big film and TV companies and government schemes and charities. Their aim is to train you and get you on professional film sets.

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You will need to make a list of your local opportunities. Some of these will have age restrictions; Others focus on specific departments or only want graduates from certain universities. However, don’t let this detract from your search.

When applying to one, read the rules carefully and take the application process seriously. These placements are very competitive, but if you’re lucky, you can make a move into the film industry that can take years of networking to achieve.

I’m sorry to break this to you. Your first film job won’t be a dream job role. If you want a higher position (screenwriter, director, producer, lead actor), you may want to try another career path.

How To Get A Job On A Film Set

That is to say, as a fresh graduate, you will not be hired to work as a director for film and TV. You can, however, work in another job role for experience and networking. Or alternatively, direct independent films.

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This job is not always available but may require previous experience (how to get a job in the film industry without experience explained below).

The big problem with entry-level work is that it won’t pay more than minimum wage. So, if you are young and have no responsibilities, you may be able to work full-time as a production assistant. However, if you can’t afford to quit your full-time job, you have a few options.

Some job roles may be transferable to the film industry. For example, the administrator’s work may transition into production management roles. If you are good at set building, you can transfer to art department. You should consider your skills and how they can fit into the industry.

You may also be able to reduce your working hours or find a more flexible job role. The truth is that feature films and TV hire people for weeks and months at a time. But you may be able to get a first-hand experience of short films, commercials, and events before heading to the movies

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Finally, the option is always to produce films and screenplays independently. You don’t have to work in movies to make a movie. You’ll still need to gain contacts to advance in the industry though, so consider attending networking events, film festivals and promoting yourself online as well.

So, you know where to find film work (recommendations, job sites, film commissions, Facebook groups, trainee placements) but how to get a job in the film industry without experience.

First, you may get lucky and you don’t need experience. This is especially true for trainee placements or if you can transfer your existing skills to film. With the right cover letter and application, you may not need work experience.

How To Get A Job On A Film Set

The film industry is, unfortunately, very competitive, especially in certain locations (London, LA). If you don’t have any experience, you can try applying for entry-level jobs such as driver, production assistant, personal assistant, runner, office assistant trainee, and internships. You might get lucky!

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You may not enjoy these roles, but starting at the bottom of the industry is humbling and educational. These roles require little prior knowledge, and you can learn by watching everyone else in action.

Typical duties for a production assistant are making tea and coffee, driving actors to set, and doing general administrative work.

Don’t worry if you need work experience. It’s not hard to find. Independent and low-budget productions abound, and they need your help. Also, you can gain this experience while doing another job.

These low-budget film sets may not pay (if they don’t make more than minimum wage for newcomers). Also, they may not have professional practice (so be careful learning from other non-professionals). The bad news is that there is more potential for overwork and exploitation.

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For high-end TV and major film sets you must have some experience, even for entry-level work. You will find it hard to work on a major film set without at least 3 previous credits in your role. As such, you may need to work on independent film sets before working in the professional film industry.

I also have a 130 page e-book course with detailed advice on how to find work in the film industry – find the e-book here.

So, now you know that there are entry-level film jobs out there, and most will require previous experience. However, you can gain this experience by working on local independent and low-budget film sets.

How To Get A Job On A Film Set

It takes 3-6 credits within your job role before you can expect to work on high-end productions. For example, a camera trainee works on three indie sets before being hired as a trainee on a TV series.

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So it can take them 6-12 months to find these initial credits, contacts and work experience. It will also help if they have attended a camera workshop and have a well-designed CV.

In another example, a production assistant worked for 6 months in the office of a local media company. They then apply for a PA position at a large production company.

So, you see people work from independent low-budget work to large film sets. The more experience you have in your job role, the better. In addition, the more you work, the more

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