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How To Get A Job On A Sailboat

How To Get A Job On A Sailboat – It’s been almost two months since we left New York, and some days it feels like two years ago. We quickly found a routine for work and play, just like we did ashore. And we have slowly made our way east to Maine, through the beautiful bay.

A few nights ago, when I was sitting in the cockpit of the Scallywag, waiting for the meteors to fly through the sky, I really appreciated the luck and perseverance, and the ability to the work from where we got here, under the rug. of the stars in Boothbay Harbor, with our dog licking my hand. (Way to kill love, Honey.)

How To Get A Job On A Sailboat

How To Get A Job On A Sailboat

Sometimes I wake up and can’t imagine what our old life was like. This newness is a surprise and a challenge for us every day, personally and professionally. Since I decided to live as a speed skater, I also had to make some big changes to my routine.

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I thought I’d share what I love about how I run my business to help anyone else out there wondering if they can do professional hacking while they’re flying.

I am no stranger to working remotely. In fact, I am an expert in it. Part of what I do for a living is helping to advise other companies on how to build and manage remote teams. house in Iraq. On my best days, I’m a simple, easy-going person who likes to work in a different place every day, if not always.

But working while traveling isn’t for everyone. As a manager, I’ve managed remote teams throughout my career, including growing a remote editorial team of 4 to over 50 people, and I see all the different ways you work. from different places people can wig. I also became an expert on what behaviors created long-distance professional relationships and what didn’t. I am putting together a reading list and will send it to you.

Although this type of work is not unusual for me, I am a new small business owner. Three months before we took off, I opened my own company, the culmination of years of content strategy work. So, while we’re getting the boat ready for launch, I’m also closing deals, introducing the business, setting up its digital infrastructure, issuing contracts and delegating work all the time.

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To clarify, I do not recommend that schedule. For those three months, I would work 14 hour days and come home to work on the boat. Sometimes I’ll be in the middle of boating and ask Jon to stop sanding something so I can jump on the conference call.

When we were on a two-week hiatus, and our boat was on the block in a typhoon zone, I had to go to the coffee shop by climbing down the stairs with my laptop and walking for 20 minutes to check email. I thought I was going to die. Don’t be like me. Give yourself plenty of time to get your boat and business duck before you leave.

There’s old advice that says you shouldn’t move, get a new job and get married at the same time. The funny thing is, Jon and I did the same thing when we moved to New York, and we survived. But the point remains. Although these last three months before the flight were murderous, our entire sailing time was far too long. We bought our boat three years ago, not knowing how to sail. By that time we had been on it for half a week, and had plenty of time to learn how to operate and maintain it.

How To Get A Job On A Sailboat

The lifestyle, splitting your time between the boat and the land is perfect for the amazing skiing status of our house, but the idea of ​​keeping things simple is something I think will can be used worldwide. Eleven months ago, we moved onto the boat full-time, deciding on the conditions of full-time life based on the time the boat was docked until spring, and then We can play with other sources of electricity and internet when we have electricity and wifi nearby.

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When we jumped out, the only things we needed to focus on were our speed and performance, and how we felt about the anchor or the anchor ball.

Even before you leave and when you travel, start thinking about setting blocks of time for work and phone. It helps to keep the days close to the weekend, so you have time to the opportunity between navigation dates. Plan your calendar accordingly, so you know you’ll be “off” when you fly, so you don’t have to put out fires at the last minute. It can be helpful to leave a message for long periods or even weeks and you may get lost in the list. Don’t feel guilty if it’s not always available. I have found that as a manager and a manager, understanding your availability and working on it is more important than the number of hours you are said to be available.

This goes for everyday activities and the type of work you do. When I started my business, I shifted the focus of my work from managing everyday people even though I loved it, because I knew I couldn’t do manual labor with the workers like me in the same place. The people I hire as contractors are mostly people I have worked with before and have a proven track record of honesty and integrity. They charge more so I can afford it without worrying. That’s a huge investment in itself.

Professionally, I choose clients with contracts that specify timelines for turnaround (so that communication doesn’t break), and although I prefer to do video chats instead of conference calls , I’ve found it almost impossible to support video without planning ahead. So, choose the communication methods.

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Blocking time for work and navigation allows you to access a powerful internet connection for things like file transfer and heavy-use tasks, like video calling or video editing. I like to plan these things for the morning, so I have time to work in the afternoon, but most coffee shops open early and close at 3 pm. That fits my low energy schedule, so if I work from 7:30-3, I’m all done and I can change the pace when I can’t look away from the face

This means that sometimes you have to choose to place anchors in larger areas than you want, to make sure you get a signal. The extreme crew may sneer, indeed, I have mourned the lonely islands we cannot inhabit for the days of the end. But for us, being able to sail and drop anchor in a busy port to get things done is better than staying at home. So we save the grid process for weeks.

The digital nomad’s coffee shop isn’t the most popular thing on the block. You’ll want open tables, open wifi, and open wall sockets, so you don’t drain your boat’s battery. Choosing something away from the main drag and ordering a large order at the beginning of the day with a good sign you can stay for hours without any problems. If you’re on the phone, avoid cafes that specialize in smoothies and other blended drinks. Absolutely. Starbucks, with its Internet Google and Frappuccinos, is both a blessing and a curse.

How To Get A Job On A Sailboat

When I arrive at a new place, I check the internet connection on my phone while I’m waiting in line, so that I don’t end up ordering the whole breakfast for a good number and end up not a relationship.

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Invest in your equipment. It’s the difference between having a happy work-life or not. I’ll get into that in a later post, but my must-haves are fast, laptop computers, noise canceling headphones and even background noise canceling headphones for phones (like Apple’s favorite thing about this), a/c and d/c charger for my laptop, a waterproof phone case with an extra battery designed to double the battery life, and extra internet via iPhone tether and private hotspot. When the coffee shop wifi breaks during a conference call, I’ve resorted to a backup method so no one can see it.

Transportation is also important. We have folding bikes that are so small I can ride them to the coffee shop and trim them

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