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How To Get A Job With A Fashion Magazine

How To Get A Job With A Fashion Magazine – Wardrobe and personal style consulting Brand consulting VIP shopping experiences All podcast services Executive and Professional menswear consulting services

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How To Get A Job With A Fashion Magazine

How To Get A Job With A Fashion Magazine

It can be a scary decision to decide that you want to work in the Fashion Industry. Growing up in the South and not going to a college dedicated to fashion, I had no connection. So, I had to be very active. I had to make my way. LinkedIn became my best friend, and my go-to resource for creating these much-needed connections.

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It’s important to stay up-to-date on the industry both when you’re trying to land your first job, and throughout your career. Time is limited, and so, subscribing to email allows me to at least read the headlines. This helps me understand what happened that day, and flag what I need to read in full later. Each publication will give a different view and a different understanding of what is happening. It is important to get a global view. This will allow you to know more about what is going on than if you just read one.

The interior, even if you are not paid, is a unique experience. I didn’t know much about the different roles within the industry. I only knew from the ones I talked to. Talking to people helps, but you also need to experience it first hand to know if you’ll like it, or if you’d be better off trying something else. I would recommend having a well-rounded in-house line (eg in purchasing, publishing, planning, etc.) so you can try out multiple roles.

It’s hard to change career paths once you have a job. You may have to start over at the entry level instead of a lateral move. However, if you start a position and realize it’s not for you, changing roles may be worth it in order to reach your career goals. It’s easy to get pigeonholed into the career path you’re currently on. Note that in today’s landscape there are no shortcuts to having the career of your dreams. Work with the company you are interested in that translates your experience and skills well into a profitable occupation.

The fashion industry is very small. People are constantly moving around. It is wise to make as many connections as possible, and always treat the people you work with in a respectful and respectful manner. They may end up at a company you want to work for. Remember that you may need that connection down the road. If people know what you are looking for, they can inform you about the position before it is posted. Not all roles are posted online.

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It was helpful to talk to people at multiple companies and fields to get a sense of the types of roles out there. I would ask about their day jobs, pros/cons and their careers to determine if the path they were on would be interesting to me. Regardless of whether it was for me or not, I gained a better sense of the industry I was trying to get into. Learn more in this and this episode of The Style That Connects Us Podcast!

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How To Get A Job With A Fashion Magazine

Tailoring and personal styling consultancy VIP shopping experiences executive and professional wedding attire styling personal styling Menswear consultancy servicesNicola Osborne is a technical designer who returned to the fashion industry after a 12 year sabbatical to raise her family. Returning to any career after 12 years is difficult, but returning to the fashion industry is even more daunting. As Nicola puts it, she felt like she was “pulling her way up a mountain.”

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Nicola talks us through everything she did mentally, emotionally, and skills/learning-wise to prepare and finally get her first chance back after her 12-year hiatus. She talks about how she figured out what skills she needed to learn, how she started getting internships as a “non-traditional employer” (i.e. not a young college student), how she prepared her portfolio. , and rapidly increased technical skills. like Adobe Illustrator and technology packages, and also shares the technique she used on her resume so that the first thing brands saw wasn’t a huge 12-year gap.

Nicola also talks to us about how she bombed her first interview and exactly why it went so terribly, and what she did to better prepare for future interviews. Whether you’re currently struggling with your job search, or you’ve taken some time off and are getting back on track, there’s plenty of inspiration and insight in our interview today.

Nicola Osborne is a technical designer for a children’s clothing company in San Francisco. She is passionate about clothing and has worked for British clothing brands such as TopShop, New Look, and Next, where she helped bring products to market at the right time for the right cost. Her extensive experience working for retailers has given her hands-on knowledge of the garment development process, manufacturing systems, and order fulfillment. But it has been in the industry for a LONG time, and it has deep roots.

Nicola started in the fashion industry as a fashion model when she was still in school. After she retired from modeling in her 20s, she knew she still wanted to work in the industry in a way that was more intellectually stimulating. She attended a two-year fashion design course in her hometown, fell in love with dressmaking and design, and was interested in the technical/artistic side of clothing.

How To Get A Job In Fashion

She went on a four-year course in fashion and textile management, and learned all about fabrics, manufacturing and the business side of the industry. When she first started school, she had never heard of a garment tech/technical design job position! But when she dipped her toes in the water, she knew she wanted more.

Nicola landed one of her first jobs as a junior clothing technician at New Look, a fast-fashion clothing brand. She gained great insight into the entire garment making process and into the hands of the customer, which is something most people don’t get to do when working with factories in China. After New Look, she took a job at Next in the children’s clothing department. While she wasn’t originally interested in getting into children’s clothing, she ended up loving it and perfecting her niche – it became a specialty for her. There is so much to consider when designing children’s clothing, and so many different body shapes to consider when ordering and sizing for babies up to 12 years old. Then there are security considerations – and when you’re in, you’re pretty much an expert.

Nicola decided to take a break after her first child was born and her husband’s job took her out of the country. After a while, when the children started school full time, he thought about going back to work. At first she didn’t think about going back into the fashion industry – she thought about training for something else entirely! She had never heard of anyone having a part-time fashion industry job, and was worried she wouldn’t be able to land one. But when she thought about her 6 years of experience in the industry, she realized why not, and started. looking for job postings. And then he was “really scared”.

How To Get A Job With A Fashion Magazine

The question of how to move forward was frightening for her. Things were so advanced, and her role as a Garment Tech didn’t really exist in the US (where she and her family lived at the time), but she found that the technical designer position was something she could pursue. a bit of work But that was a bit of work… Adobe Illustrator. Every job asked her, and she never used it before. So she researched and studied and signed up for courses, and honed her skills.

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Nicola worked hard to learn the technical side of the industry, and then proved that she knew how to do it. Twelve years is a long time to be out of the industry, and she wanted to show people that she knew what she was doing. She took self-directed sample projects to show interviews she knew

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