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How To Get A Job With A Political Science Degree

How To Get A Job With A Political Science Degree – You get a job in politics with the right academic training, research, social networking, exposure to entry-level positions and internships, volunteering, or even running for office.

Before you can run for political office, you need to know if you are qualified or not. Politicians and political operatives come from a wide range of educational backgrounds, but most are expected to have at least a bachelor’s degree.

How To Get A Job With A Political Science Degree

How To Get A Job With A Political Science Degree

Degrees in political science, law, business, finance, or other related fields can be useful for political workers. Many schools offer extracurricular activities that might interest an aspiring politician, including student government, speech and debate, or active associations.

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Once you have the necessary education, experience and skills, you can start looking for a job in politics. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get involved in your local government. Find entry-level jobs that work at your city hall or state capitol building.

You can also serve on government committees or help with seasonal events such as voter registration. Working with local government can give you a reputation as a politically active citizen and establish your name in local political circles.

Once you have established yourself in your political community, you may decide to run for office. This typically means organizing a campaign, hiring a campaign manager, collecting campaign funds from donors, and traveling to a city, state, or country to meet with potential supporters.

Running for office is a huge time commitment and requires a lot of effort, but it is one of the most effective ways to serve your country and secure public office.

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In order to continue to improve your qualifications, you need to gain relevant experience. You can get this through a variety of ways, including entry-level jobs. However, one of the most common ways to gain political experience is through volunteering.

Many political campaigns run largely on volunteer hours contributed by unpaid contributors. If you reach out to local politicians whose ideology you believe in, you’ll likely get a chance to work on their campaign. Premium Home Chevron Icon It shows a section or expandable menu or sometimes previous/next navigation options. . Politics

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How To Get A Job With A Political Science Degree

As political observers monitor unofficial gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey, campaign workers look for opportunities to propel candidates to victory in the 2022 and 2024 contests. Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images; Eze Amos/Getty Images; Alexander Lewis/USA Today Network/Reuters; Jack Ciattarelli/Twitter

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Perhaps powerful political figures trying to change the world may need you on the campaign trail.

The 2022 election is a year away, and candidates are recruiting. Political veterans say campaign work is rewarding and a wonderful way to make lifelong friends and advance your career. But it can also be heavy.

“You have to be flexible to succeed in an ever-changing environment,” said Aaron Wilder, a Democratic strategist. “And you have to have the mentality that no task is too big or too small for you.”

Here’s what eight campaign experts have to say about getting the job done, avoiding burnout, and making a career out of getting votes.

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Entry-level jobs have historically focused on field operations — organizing, researching and contacting voters directly, said Shripal Shah, a partner at Left Hook, a Democratic media, strategy and community outreach firm. But campaigns in the last few election cycles have attracted young talent to work in jobs like digital communications and traditional media relations.

Shana Frahm, who worked on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns, said, “Campaigns need to fill many positions, from graphic artists and data analysts to insurance and legal experts.” the high-level positions you mention in the media, campaigns also need the same functions as any organization,” he said in an email.

Identifying causes you’re interested in or candidates you’d like to work with is a good start, Shah said. Then reach out, he added. A surprising number of opportunities can come from simply telling the campaign you want to help through the “contact us” link on a candidate’s website.

How To Get A Job With A Political Science Degree

Regularly meeting and following up with people who you think can help your career are “necessary skills to get your foot in the door,” says Justin Myers, executive director of the Blue Leadership Collaborative, which trains and mentors diverse leaders. with campaigns.

Disambiguating Autonomy. Ceding Control In Favor Of Coordination…

Brett Wakeman, campaign manager for Republican Derrick Van Orden, said, “Campaigns can be so hectic and so time-consuming that someone willing to reliably show up and help with whatever needs to be done is appreciated. and makes a good impression,” said Brett Wakeman. for Congress.

Volunteering is a well-worn way to do campaign work, and it doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. Wakeman suggested starting with a few hours, even if it’s only during the last few weeks of the campaign. “It’s a relationship business, so being able to meet new people and get your foot in the door leads to future opportunities,” he said.

Marisol Samayoa, a former campaign staffer who is now deputy communications director for Democratic Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly, said she benefited from deferring a semester of college classes and receiving an unpaid stipend for the mayoral campaign. “I wanted to understand how every part of the campaign worked, from how you prepare your bankroll to how you plan a week’s worth of messaging events,” he said.

Volunteering is not for everyone and there are paid opportunities, including for beginners. “If you want to make campaign work your career, find a campaign that pays you what you’re worth,” Wilder said.

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Paid scholarships with benefits aimed at creating a “diverse talent pipeline” for progressive causes and campaigns can be found at companies like Left Hook. Corporate Blue Leadership, meanwhile, hopes to break down barriers by offering year-round salary and benefits, as well as training and long-term career development.

Lauren Garrett, a fellow in the Virginia 2021 program, is managing the campaign of Virginia Del. Joshua Cole and recently signed on to manage the campaign of Rep. Sharice Davids, a Kansas Democrat.

“I’m part of this amazing group of brilliant, young, diverse managers who really care about what they do,” Garrett said. “Studying alongside them makes me a better manager, and I’m so grateful for the support and sense of community we have with each other.”

How To Get A Job With A Political Science Degree

Campaign veterans cited many “mistakes” that do not help a blossoming political career: inappropriate social media posts, unhealthy lifestyles, and poor preparation.

Best Jobs For Graduates With A Political Science Degree

It’s important to do your research and understand what the campaign is trying to achieve, rather than “just going in blind and saying, ‘I’ll do anything,'” Shah said.

Job candidates can start the interview by being rude and trying to act like their favorite expert or podcast host, Garrett said.

“Be yourself,” she added. “Talk about why you’re excited about the campaign and how you want to help.”

And watch out for the sniper on social media. Frahm recommended keeping your personal social media posts “focused on issues, not individuals.”

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About work, Wakeman said, “don’t be above doing what you think is beneath you.” But you also don’t have to sacrifice your health, Myers said. You need to learn how to set healthy boundaries for yourself so that you can physically make it to Election Day and beyond. (Hint: Don’t sleep in campaign offices.) Myers said he learned that lesson during his first campaign as an organizer, just days after the election. “I found myself in the emergency room because I was exhausted,” she said.

Another “don’t,” and it’s hard: Don’t wait too long to save money during the campaign, Myers said. Employees should plan for the possibility of being unemployed for several months after the campaign ends. “You have to think about how to hold yourself back so you don’t take the gig just to get it because you need the job, because that leads to bad campaigns,” Myers said.

Campaign workers Cole Robinson and Danielle Hull Robinson react to the expected victory for Sharice Davids, Democratic candidate for the 3rd Congressional District of Kansas, November 6, 2018 in Olathe, Kansas. Whitney Curtis/Getty Images

How To Get A Job With A Political Science Degree

Veterans described a fast-paced, sleep-deprived race toward tight deadlines with a campaign team that became like a family over shared meals and long hours.

Frontiers In Political Science

“You become a pro at packing up your whole life and moving to a new city,” Garrett said. “You meet some amazing people too. I met some of my closest friends.”

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