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How To Get A Job With Cirque Du Soleil

How To Get A Job With Cirque Du Soleil – Cirque du Soleil never fails to impress the public with its feats of fantasy. Photo by Marie-Andrée Lemire

Cirque du Soleil is back with one of its most popular shows, Alegría, a quarter of a century after it first debuted. In its original form, it has been seen by over 14 million people worldwide, and established Cirque du Soleil’s signature style. Today, Houstonians will once again witness the spectacle at Sam Houston Race Park through January 1.

How To Get A Job With Cirque Du Soleil

How To Get A Job With Cirque Du Soleil

“The show is about a clash of generations. We are in a kingdom that has lost its king. There is a new movement that challenges the established order to bring peace, harmony and hope to destroy their world. is,” said Frances Jalbert, the show’s senior director of public relations. “There are three families of characters: Angels, Bronx, and Aristotle. They interact and find their new balance in this world. The king’s idiot, Mr. Floor, pretends he has power and takes it. There is, and that’s the moment that shakes everything up. People want to challenge society because they don’t like how it’s working.”

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Featuring a soundtrack that incorporates an eclectic mix of vocal rhythms and spectacular feats of circus artistry, Alegría earned its reputation as an all-time classic Cirque du Soleil show. Stunning costume designs and dynamic sets allow you to fully immerse yourself in this kingdom on the brink of revolutionary change.

Sound familiar? That’s probably because the show’s plot hasn’t changed since its 1994 debut and subsequent 2013 tour, but the way it’s interpreted has evolved. Jalbert, who has been a member of the Cirque du Soleil team for 10 years, provided a personal behind-the-scenes tour to show what goes into pulling off the jaw-dropping stunts and latest productions. .

“For the 25th anniversary, we wanted to bring Alegría back, but we wanted to show what Cirque du Soleil has become. We looked at the concept of the show and the costume design. We had the same family of characters. “We brought in new staging and a new director to look at things from a different angle to show where we are today,” Jalbert said.

Cirque du Soleil knows how to keep an audience excited and will incorporate that classic artistic flair that it has become so famous for.

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To put on the spectacular display seen daily at Sam Houston Race Park, production planning began nearly two years ago. The casting department in Montreal scoured the world to find the best actors in various fields.

“Forty percent of our performers come from a gymnastics background, so they’ve been training or competing at the national or international level. We give them the opportunity to transition. We take them to Montreal, teach them different artistic skills. teach how to move, and integrate them into tasks that utilize that skill set,” explained Jalbert. “We also have performers who come from a circus background. They are already trained circus performers, and they come with a skill set that is specific and specific to specific fields. We have them around the world. will find in circus competitions or circus schools.”

With a team, the company spends about eight months developing the concept – and each member of the creative team works independently on their concepts and pushes their vision through the director. Then, for another six to eight months, the artists gather in Montreal to train, and slowly the show begins to take shape.

How To Get A Job With Cirque Du Soleil

Each of these cast and crew members plays an important role in the show, whether in the spotlight or behind the scenes. In total, the Houston production featured 113 people, 53 of whom were actors. And they leave no stone unturned when it comes to making sure the group has all the resources it needs.

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We even have a plumber, chef, IT specialists and performance medicine specialists. This is a very diverse group. Everyone has a professional background, a cultural background, sometimes a different language. But together we all put on a great show every night,” added Jalbert.

Alegría also requires significant equipment and time to visit. Seventy trucks take the show from city to city, with each stop usually lasting a month or more. Setup takes eight days. When the artists take their final bow, it’s another two and a half days to pack up and leave.

But of course, it’s the magic that happens between set-up and tear-down that leaves audiences in awe. Two artists took time out of their training and show schedules to share what it is to be a Cirque du Soleil artist: Nikolai Kuntz, who performs a swinging trapeze duo, and Alexey Turchenko, who performs an aerial strap. are

Kuntz comes from a circus family and has been trained since childhood. “I grew up in a German circus. My parents worked in an office. I started training when I was eight, and I mastered trapeze when I was 12. Since then, I Love the trapeze. This show is the first time I’m doing it in sync with a partner,” he said.

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The act is something that requires not only skill but regular practice to keep the duo in sync with each other. Cirque’s performance schedule sometimes runs two shows a day. If the company is on a performance day, the players use this spare time to train and improve their skills. As part of Kuntz’s job, those extra exercises are necessary to keep his performance at the highest level with his partner, Julia.

“The big difference here is that it’s synchronized, which means we have to adjust the swing with each other to be in sync. It’s really good to be on stage together because we have a close relationship, and it Brings the audience closer,” he said. “It was a lot of training. We spent a long creative period in Montreal in 2018 and 2019. It was about eight months of training. Then, we were in Montreal for about a month training for the show. We trained twice a day for two hours to get back into it. It just takes a lot of time.”

“I really enjoy the flying parts of it because it gives me the closest feeling to actually flying. It gives me so much joy. I also like being up in the air, because it gives me a little edge. puts on,” he said.

How To Get A Job With Cirque Du Soleil

When it comes to the smallest details, Sirk has the experience to know what works best for the audience and the actors. This includes ensuring that the apparel is tailored to the exact needs of each athlete.

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“Because I hold the trapeze so much with my legs, I can’t wear a dress that’s loose around the legs,” Kuntz said of her act of flipping, twisting and contorting in the air. are “Everything is tailored specifically to my size. When we get to Montreal, we take a lot of measurements. I didn’t know there were so many measurements to take on the body. Each costume is made for that person. Fits up to meters.

Makeup is equally important. Each actor is taught how to apply the correct facial expressions. To ensure standards are kept high, the circus has regular check-ins where they take photos of the performers in their make-up which they send to head office to ensure the look is just right. Or provide feedback if there are touch-ups. Required

“Makeup is a process. It still takes me a good hour to do. In the beginning it took me about two hours. It’s really fun to do, and it acts as a ritual before the show. It’s your “There’s a moment of focus and preparation for the show. It’s pretty exciting. I never thought I’d want to do so much makeup,” Kuntz said.

Despite all the preparations, we’re still talking about imperfect human performance, which means that occasionally something will happen that doesn’t go according to plan. And this is where all the training begins to make the show look as flawless as possible. Anything less than perceived perfection will not live up to Cirque du Soleil’s reputation.

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“There’s always going to be a mistake with acrobatics. It’s nice to have a 10 out of 10, but sometimes it’s a nine out of 10. There’s going to be a moment where there’s a little bit of a mess. It’s about getting it right and around it. There are many ways to get around, but this is where experience comes in. The longer you’ve been practicing a discipline, the more you can anticipate mistakes before they happen and correct them before they happen. Can. Even if it does, there are ways to fix it to make it look nice and cool for the audience,” Kuntz said.

Partnerships between cast members also help in general, which is an underlying theme experienced by all cast members. Because they are working with each other for hours.

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