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How To Get A Job With Pwc

How To Get A Job With Pwc – Yes, usually for experienced hires with at least five years of work experience (subject to the issuance of a work permit by the Ministry of Manpower Republic of Indonesia).

Yes, definitely. Considering our extensive business growth and the needs of a diverse workforce, we welcome applicants from Law, Engineering, Information Technology, Mathematics, and many other study backgrounds to deliver quality service to our clients.

How To Get A Job With Pwc

How To Get A Job With Pwc

Yes, however we will only process your application for one vacant position at a time. If you are unsuccessful for your first preference, we may consider you for your second preference (based on business needs and requirements).

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I am currently doing a Master’s Degree/PhD but I have more than one year of relevant work experience. Can I apply as an Experienced Hire?

Yes, you can apply as an experienced hire if you have more than one year of previous work experience. Our recruitment team will assess your qualification for the position you have applied for.

If you do not find any position suitable for your skills (for internship, experience and graduate), please search the keywords “talent pool” for each line of services in .A talent pools is a database of profile of the candidate interested in working with . We will review your application and proceed with it if we have an upcoming vacancy suitable for your qualifications.

You’ll get the opportunity for training, client experience, coaching and development, insight expertise, pocket money, and direct hire if your performance meets our expectations.

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Well, we strongly recommend that you apply for both then as we conduct a separate assessment process. Those programs aim to provide a wide range of opportunities for you to join our fulltime graduate work.

Of course. Please make sure your CGPA is at least 3.0 out of 4.0. For overseas graduate, you need to provide your CGPA conversion on 4.0 scale. Furthermore, we also look for applicants who possess strong personal qualities, such as communication and interpersonal skills, leadership, business acumen and technical abilities.

Considering the purpose of our internship program, we will prioritize applicants who are in their final year. So, we recommend that you submit your application as soon as you are in your final year.

How To Get A Job With Pwc

Absolutely! We objectively assess your performance during your three-month internship and provide various recommendations for your associate recruitment process (direct hire, user interview, regular process, or not recommended). If you complete less than three months of the internship program, you must go through the regular recruitment process to join our graduate program.

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Generally, our assessment process begins with behavioral interviews before offering a role. However, additional assessment may be conducted depending on the business unit and position applied for. Please refer to the following diagram:

Due to our high volume of applicants, our recruitment team will only send notification for shortlisted candidates to attend the assessment session.

Generally, our assessment process begins with telephone interviews before being offered a role. However, additional assessment may be conducted depending on the business unit and position applied for. Please refer to the following diagram:

Unfortunately, we have applied a one-year blocking period that makes it impossible for you to retake the test unless it is one year after your first attempt. We strongly recommend that you prepare yourself before the written exam.

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After taking the written test, successful applicants will be notified within 2 – 3 weeks to attend the interview. The outcome of the interview will be communicated around 2 weeks after the session.

We may consider a video interview with prior notification from candidates. However, it depends on the situation and the position being applied for.

Yes. We always try to communicate any progress or results at least two weeks after the assessment day. Audit combines deep expertise with an open-minded approach and modern technologies. It goes beyond accounting and financial reporting. Audit teams build long-term business relationships with clients, analyzing in detail companies’ strategies and their operating principles. In their work auditors need in-depth knowledge of corporate finance management. They provide general auditing and financial auditing services.

How To Get A Job With Pwc

Working in one of our Risk Management teams means supporting clients in identifying, understanding and managing risk, e.g. through system and process controls, internal auditing and data security. It requires a critical approach to available sources of information, accuracy and honesty as well as creativity in finding unconventional solutions.

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The Consulting team offers clients a unique combination of capabilities from strategy consulting, business transformation and business operations areas. The team designs new services and smart business models, combining strategic and technological knowledge with management consulting and helping companies to be successful.

The team supports clients in capital transactions, such as company acquisitions, post-transaction conditions, mergers of entities, acquisitions, strategic alliances or business expansion in the international market. Mergers and acquisitions are complex, multi-stage processes. The Transaction Advisory team helps clients achieve their strategic and financial goals.

Legal is part of the tax advisory department of. They offer comprehensive support services covering legal aspects of mergers and acquisitions, contracts, employer-employee relations and competition law. The Litigation and Regulatory team provides assistance in tax proceedings before tax and customs authorities, tax inspection authorities, administrative courts, etc.

The Tax team offers comprehensive tax transaction support with value added tax, excise, duty, international trade, tax planning and restructuring capital group. They also deal with the tax aspects of international business activity focused on reducing the tax burden and improving financial results and cash flow processes.

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The Tax Management and Accounting teams provide support services including accounting books, tax settlement, payroll and financial statement preparation. The team manages tax projects and a range of matters related to social insurance and personal income tax. They offer advisory services in both domestic and international law.

A career in our Service Delivery Center is the natural extension of our world class delivery capabilities. We provide premium, cost-effective, high-quality services that support process quality and delivery capability in support of client interactions.

Your development / promotion depends entirely on YOU: your work efficiency, learning progress and desire to take on new roles and tasks.

How To Get A Job With Pwc

We believe that combining work with your university studies will help you progress faster and with greater impact. From your first day, you will be part of a team that will count on your responsible support. Through your participation in various projects, you will have the opportunity to hone your knowledge and skills, learn about new business practices and processes, and share your vision to improve team performance. You’ll start building your professional network right away by meeting market experts at lunchtime, attending meetings, attending clients and setting yourself up for a great start after university. Your coach will provide appropriate guidance along the way. Most interns stay with us after graduation.

Pwc: Audit And Assurance, Consulting And Tax Services

The position of associate (consultant) is offered to university graduates and individuals in the early stages of their careers. Recent graduates often seek the opportunity to work as an associate to help them determine their career direction after graduation.

We want you to make your mark at the firm by supporting your rapid development and professional growth. The best way to support you here is to provide internationally recognized professional qualifications, the opportunity to learn with peers, opportunities to meet a wide variety of businesses and business leaders, and a rewarding compensation and benefits package.

Many of the students we recruit go on to become senior staff and partners at , some locally and others abroad. We offer career coaching throughout their work, with many opportunities to develop internally and across the network.

The position of senior associate (senior consultant) is offered to employees who have spent three to five years in the company.

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We believe that the position of senior consultant is the main step for future business leaders and partners. Therefore, the essence of your work here is more focused on management. You will participate in client discussions, drawing on your expertise to suggest potential solutions for the range of issues they face.

To develop your leadership skills, you will coordinate and coach other team members involved in projects. To upgrade your knowledge, we have developed special courses on coaching and project management, as well as other courses on dealing with day-to-day activities.

Managers usually have more than five years of experience and have already obtained professional qualifications. Our managers supervise, coach and coordinate the work of teams that work directly with clients. You will also be responsible for engaging with clients and nurturing relationships to build the trust and value our clients desire. Our managers become the go-to person for our clients. Clients reach out to them on a variety of issues and they rely on our managers to offer professional advice from our business units. Regardless of your specialization or the country you work in, you will find yourself working with experts from different fields and countries when you work.

How To Get A Job With Pwc

Our senior managers are responsible for a large portfolio of clients or business functions. Senior managers are also expected to perform a more public role in the company, including hosting seminars, conducting surveys, teaching courses, speaking at

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