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How To Get A Job Without College

How To Get A Job Without College – Earning a college degree is a great way to advance your career. According to the Georgetown Center on Education and Work, in most cases, more education leads to more opportunities and higher wages.[1]

However, often times, the time and cost of going back to school seems to outweigh the benefits. Degree programs take several years and cost thousands of dollars to complete. However, it is possible to acquire the skills and knowledge you need to advance in your career without getting a degree and, more importantly, without falling behind on other responsibilities.

How To Get A Job Without College

How To Get A Job Without College

Below are five things you can do to advance your career in less time and less money than a typical degree program.

Get Into It Without A Degree

There are a number of occupations that require the mastery and practical application of essential skills, such as electricians, welders, and machinists. Acquiring new skills or improving the skills you currently have can help you advance in your current job or open the door to a new career.

As you think about your next steps, take stock of the skills you currently have and what you need to take the next step.

A training and workforce development program can provide you with the skills you need and prepare you to advance to the next level in your career.

There is a lot of talk about credentials these days. A degree lets an employer know what knowledge and skills you have to offer. A bachelor’s or master’s degree is one of the ways to obtain degrees. But you can also earn credit by completing a certificate program. And unlike a bachelor’s or master’s degree that can take years to complete, most certificates can be completed in less than a year.

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Certificates are one of the fastest growing educational qualifications in today’s job market. When looking for a certificate program, look for a program where the skills acquired match the requirements of the job you are seeking. Also, look for programs that are led by knowledgeable professors who are experts in their field. Their expertise not only gives you the knowledge you need, but also ensures that your program meets the latest industry standards. Finally, look for certificate programs that give you the skills you need right away, as well as the skills you need for long-term growth, such as communication, problem-solving, and leadership.

Adult language learners are the fastest growing population on many college campuses. A number of colleges and universities have tailored their program offerings to meet the needs and busy schedules of adult learners, many of whom balance work, family life, and school.

Convenient evening and weekend classes are just one example of the options available so adult learners don’t need to take time off from work to return to school. Online and satellite locations allow adult learners to learn where they live and work, making it easier to attend classes. And finally, creating student groups also allows online students to be part of a learning community that provides support and encouragement throughout.

How To Get A Job Without College

Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles to returning to school is the high cost of tuition. Degree programs, even part-time, are expensive. However, workforce training and certificate programs provide a way to obtain needed skills and qualifications at a lower cost.

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When looking for a workforce training or certification program, look for one that offers a payment plan. Some programs allow you to split the tuition fee into smaller, more manageable payments. Also look for scholarship opportunities. While not as plentiful as full-time degree programs, there are a handful of scholarships that assist students in short-term courses and certificate programs. Finally, many employers and organizations, such as the VA and unions, offer tuition reimbursement, especially if the skills and knowledge gained will help you advance your career. An admissions counselor at the program you’re applying to should be able to help you find funding.

Many workforce training and certification programs are not accredited. This means that while you may earn continuing education units (CEUs), you won’t earn credits that can be applied toward a degree if you decide to continue your education. With the current push toward preparing students not only for the immediate needs of the labor market, but also for long-term changes and fluctuations, many colleges and universities now offer what they call “cumulative” certificates. These are programs that, while valuable in their own right, can count as credit toward a bachelor’s degree. An earned or accredited certificate gives you the skills and knowledge you need to advance your career now, along with the credits you want to advance your education in the future.

You don’t need to make a long-term commitment of time and money to a degree program to get ahead in today’s job market. Workforce education and certificate programs, many of which are offered at convenient times and places, can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to advance in less time and at a fraction of the cost of a degree. And the right workforce training or certificate program will not only help you take the next step in your career, but also open the door to a lifetime of learning.

[1] Carnival, Anthony and Ben Chi. “The Five Rules of the College and Career Game.” Georgetown University, Center for Education and the Workforce, 2018. Although college is a great way to invest in yourself, it’s not always for everyone. A college degree may be a stepping stone to overall success, but 43.2 million Americans also left college with an average of $39,351 in student debt. Get inspired by dropouts like Steve Jobs and Rachel Ray and build your fortune without a college degree. Check out 25 High Paying Jobs Without a Degree to find your alternative path to career and financial success.

Why You Should Hire Candidates Without A College Degree

Head over to the infographic to see a snapshot of high-paying jobs, as well as get inspired by other highly successful people without a degree.

Note: We used Bureau of Labor Statistics average salary data from 2019 to compile this list and infographic.

This high-paying job without a degree includes all activities related to the planning and coordination of distribution, transportation or storage. Transportation, storage and distribution managers are responsible for directing these activities based on government regulations and organizational policies. Duties include planning and implementing warehouse safety, overseeing transportation, receiving, storing, and testing products, and integrating logistics with business operations. With just a high school diploma and five years of experience getting things done, you can move up to this higher position and higher salary.

How To Get A Job Without College

First-line supervisors in this job directly supervise detectives and police officers and provide expertise in coordinating criminal case investigations. Responsibilities include training and managing personnel to conduct law enforcement operations. With just a high school diploma, you’ll be well-rewarded for rising up in the police force with a salary approaching six figures.

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While airline pilots usually require a bachelor’s degree, commercial pilots do the same job without a degree. Commercial pilots operate and fly aircraft such as helicopters and airplanes that are not affiliated with airlines. Their responsibilities include preparing and inspecting aircraft conditions, making flight plans, communicating with air traffic controllers and navigating the aircraft. Unlike airline pilots, commercial pilots usually fly non-scheduled flights such as charter flights and air tours. Enjoy the benefits of a pilot’s salary while staying closer to home.

Installation and repair of elevators and escalators are responsible for the repair, maintenance and installation of elevators and moving corridors. This job requires workers to work at high heights and in tight spaces. Full-time workers may have to work overtime or be on shift all day. Despite the working conditions, they are well compensated. Start your path to elevator and escalator installation or repair by earning a high school diploma and gaining experience with an apprenticeship.

Supervisors in this profession are responsible for supervising and coordinating the work of firefighters and other people related to fire prevention and control. Fire supervisors act as leaders of their crews and are involved in communicating fire details to all personnel, managing medical services, evaluating fires, and strategically assigning firefighters to rescue and extinguish fires. You can reach this supervisory position in less than five years and start earning well above the standard median income in the United States.

Another high-paying, no-degree-required transportation job is the transportation inspector. This job is responsible for inspecting products or equipment involved in the transportation of people or cargo. Inspectors can specialize in freight transportation, rail transportation, or other vehicles. Duties include inspecting cargo for security, recording shipping and handling conditions, observing loading for compliance, and providing expertise when storing heavy or dangerous cargo. If you are interested in transportation and management, this role is not for you

Modern Rules For Job Hunting Without A College Degree

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