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How To Get A Job You Aren’t Qualified For

How To Get A Job You Aren’t Qualified For – It’s hard to get a job. You know that. I know that. But that doesn’t mean companies aren’t hiring. As long as there are businesses, there will be jobs

From my own experiences and research, the most common method is the shotgun method: blast through hundreds of resumes and applications in the hope that

How To Get A Job You Aren’t Qualified For

How To Get A Job You Aren't Qualified For

I have friends who are looking for work. After talking to a few of them, I quickly realized that I had a different approach – one that has 100% success for me.

Tips On How To Have An Effective Remote Job Interview

I’ll show you the exact steps that allowed me to get through the entire application process and land a job at a great company. This method can be applied in almost any field.

There are no programs involved, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact, it’s more work on your end. It’s easier to upload your resume and get clicked hundreds of times.

You are welcome to continue submitting resumes. But for those who want to try something new, I’d like to suggest a more targeted approach to job hunting that focuses on quality rather than quantity.

With that said, this is a comprehensive overview of what I bring to my current job. Don’t waste your time reading this article if you:

Tips That Will Help You Actually Get A Job Offer

But I know you are not lazy. You are hardworking and motivated and you deserve this great job. You can do this.

However, if you want to complain about the job market or how resume submissions work, please do so elsewhere.

Before we begin, I want to make it clear that my initial intention in this process was not to get a job. I sincerely wanted to connect, learn and get advice, but I realized I had an opportunity and took it. If you go into this process expecting work, don’t expect great results. Employers can tell right away that you want to play them. Instead, focus on the idea of ​​meeting professionals and learning from them. Knowledge and relationships are incredibly valuable.

How To Get A Job You Aren't Qualified For

With a targeted approach, you do a lot to connect with someone in the company. It is important to apply to companies that you are interested in. Don’t just get excited about what they’re hiring.

Signs You Should Apply For A Job Even If You’re Not Qualified

I’ve recently started using Twitter more and have been looking for jobs in the Los Angeles area as an experiment.

After browsing, I settled on a single grain profile on Twitter. I researched the company on LinkedIn and found Eric. His profile stood out for three reasons: (a) it was a professional profile picture, (b) he had a squiggly sign next to his name (it looks pretty legit), and (c) take a look at his skills:

For a digital marketer like me who is looking for training, I saw a goldmine of knowledge. I learned that the people around you determine your success and I found that I could learn a lot from Eric.

A quick look at Eric’s LinkedIn profile led me to two of his companies, Single Grain and Growth Everywhere, both of which he is the CEO of.

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To learn more, I visited both companies’ websites and downloaded all the free materials they offered. I’ve been reading blog posts for months to familiarize myself with their work.

Then I took my first jump. I contacted Eric using the contact form on the Growth Everywhere website:

The goal was to make it easy to say yes. All Eric had to do was let me know what time worked best for him.

How To Get A Job You Aren't Qualified For

I sent the email and walked away from my computer. Eric responded in less than an hour.

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Why am I asking for a coffee meeting? Why not just look at the websites and see if they are hiring?

A coffee meeting is an opportunity to connect and learn from highly experienced professionals. This is not a means of getting a job. I was in a position where I needed a mentor, someone with more knowledge and experience that I could learn from.

You know. They also highlight the difficulty of making meaningful and valuable connections. A coffee date helps with that. As long as you don’t screw it up with a job application.

Many call this an informational interview, which is easily but incorrectly considered part of the “game” of finding a job. It is important that you really want to learn from the person you are referring to. Professionals can immediately say that if you try to kiss the ass to find a job. Even the slightest hint of it will disqualify you from receiving a tip. So I prefer to think of it as a meeting over coffee. This is a conversation, not an interview.

Tips For Acing An Interview

I went to the Whole Grains and Growth websites everywhere and subscribed to their newsletters. I’ve already read the blog posts, but I’d like to read more. I wanted to know everything about these companies, how they started, what they cost and what they do.

I revisited Eric’s LinkedIn page and looked at his previous companies. I wanted to know as much as possible about him before meeting him.

Why all the research? Contrary to what people say, there are stupid questions, and the purpose of research is to avoid asking those stupid questions.

How To Get A Job You Aren't Qualified For

In the end I prepared about 15 questions. I didn’t plan on asking all the questions, but it’s better to be over-prepared. Here are some questions I had:

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You may notice that my questions are tailored to Eric and his experience. For question ideas, search for informational interview questions.

Eric and I met and had a good conversation. I had my notebook with questions and took notes as he spoke. The biggest thing he emphasized was “staying hungry and always looking to learn.”

Note: There is no doubt that I was nervous about meeting someone I consider successful and knowledgeable. I arrived at the meeting an hour early so I could relax. My biggest tip is to be curious about the person in front of you. Just don’t ask about their work. Ask about their knowledge and experience.

Imagine you ask a girl (or guy) out and she says yes. You both have a good time, but then neither of you text each other. You can’t wait to see each other without following. That’s why you follow.

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Follow-up is important to strengthen the connection and continue the relationship. Don’t forget to follow – Always.

It’s like how you meet a friend of a friend at a party and decide to add your new friend on Facebook. This is a form of tracking.

I did the idea of ​​working with him, but I wasn’t interested in the work part. I wanted to be

How To Get A Job You Aren't Qualified For

Eric asked if I had ever done a marketing report or audit and wanted to see some of the internet marketing I had done.

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No, I did not do any reports or audits. My previous jobs didn’t require me. And I didn’t know how to show the internet marketing I had done.

However, I learned the briefcase technique from Ramit Sethi and it taught me that the best artists go through the motions of persevering and making things happen in their favor. Although my lack of experience seemed like a handicap, I knew I could do something about it.

I was supposed to use the portfolio technique, but I didn’t think there was anything in my portfolio. Better yet, I didn’t even have a briefcase.

This is the point where more than half of all job seekers give up on this approach because it is

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This is the most important part of the process because you have the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and value.

You often find yourself looking at lists of jobs that you feel incredibly unqualified for and can’t decide. Join the club.

However, there is always a better way to hire managers – work for them as if you were already working for the company.

How To Get A Job You Aren't Qualified For

Although I haven’t done any audits or marketing reports in previous places, I remembered that Eric’s last letter was about how to do a quick SEO audit (I wouldn’t have known this if I hadn’t done my research beforehand).

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I followed along with the video and offered Eric an SEO audit for his company, Single Grain.

If you don’t know what SEO is, don’t worry. I will give examples of how you can apply this idea in other situations.

I sent a report and Eric responded within an hour with feedback. After reviewing the feedback, I improved the report and resubmitted it.

I could think, “This is too much work. For nothing.” I could stop right there. Instead, I realized that this guy was really pushing me. He doesn’t settle for a job, which is good. It helps me. I have to prove myself.

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I found the two articles he referred me to. One was Buffer’s inbound marketing audit. Another comprehensive technical SEO audit was for a sports website. One look at these articles and the first thought you might have is, “These articles are really long.”

I read

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