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How To Get A Lot Of Money As A Kid

How To Get A Lot Of Money As A Kid – Addiction to collecting money is as powerful and destructive as addiction to Upsplash/Sharon McCutcheon.

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How To Get A Lot Of Money As A Kid

How To Get A Lot Of Money As A Kid

In a confession widely cited in the New York Times in 2014, former Wall Street trader Sam Polk proclaimed himself a recovering wealth addict.

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He admits that he abuses money just as he abuses alcohol and cocaine — to feel better about himself.

In the powerful pain of deep addiction, his “fixes” including cash bonuses were never enough, just like those addicted-crazed Wall Street “users.” he will do anything Including causing damage to others to accumulate more money common drug addict He didn’t care as long as he could have more.

Scientists are beginning to see an addictive link between dopamine and money. But we don’t have to wait for them to catch up. We know this is a problem. As I argue in this video Money is the most highly addictive thing in the world:

It’s a powerful addiction. the ability to evoke good feelings It’s something that no one can compare. And the scariest thing is that you can’t physically overdose on it at all.

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Cocaine, heroin, and crack will kill you if you overdo it. but not money Money will not hurt you physically. Cash addicts can siphon crazy money from the trading floor, Senate floor or with a smartphone in hand, the bathroom floor without risking serious OD. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. But it was extremely tragic for the addict. their family and society as a whole

Don’t miss this Like an addiction story Addiction to wealth is a tragedy. Like a junkie Drug addicts will do anything to satisfy their desires. They will certainly neglect their own families while they work long hours to make more money.

For the outside world Everything will be fine. They’ll “keep it in the family” when they break up, get distracted and confused. They’ll buy babysitters, ponies, and cars. They’ll sniff cocaine and go shopping and fly to super resorts. Special to socialize with other wealthy people. They will present wealth in fashion. But one day, Sam Polk realized that pain and anguish were real.

How To Get A Lot Of Money As A Kid

And it’s not just homeless families who suffer, without boundaries, like their addiction to fentanyl. It takes over and distorts everything. Cash-strapped in the US government (actually any government), their campaigns funded by the rich. will steal from the poor destroy the environment Sick child fraud Engaging in colonial exploitation, starting wars, and even sacrificing children in another country. school shooting If it means they can make more money.

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Addicts will steal the human soul. take advantage of hate brainwashing the masses destroy democratic politics

Even if it sounds strange It might need a pill for all of this. In a remarkable experiment in the journal

Tolcapone, a drug that prolongs the sensation of dopamine This made the participants who used the drug instead of the placebo become more money altruistic. The magical cure seems okay to me. But even if you don’t have access to Tol Capone, But there are things you need to do right away.

See what this problem is: a loosely-held global group of drug addicts coming together to find ways to enrich each other’s finances. If you think this is about “Draining swamps” and creating jobs for people You are terribly wrong. It’s about sitting down at the gutter and swallowing as much as you can. no matter how obscene it looks is about service “You scratched my back. I’ll scratch your back” of global addiction. It’s a serious problem. And we should all be worried. Because for the addict everything Even genocide is just an “opportunity” to accumulate wealth.

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The same applies to drug addicts with addictions. There is no limit to how far this can go.

While there is still time, be careful, remove the big stick and the red button. Don’t hurt them and punish them. Because that’s what made these people sick in the first place. Remind them of the illness that binds them. and get the help they need.

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How To Get A Lot Of Money As A Kid

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How To Get A Lot Of Money As A Kid

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How To Get A Lot Of Money As A Kid

You’ll also need to look at the length of time your lender offers. for personal loans The term usually ranges between two and seven years, with a $100,000 loan you should probably choose a longer term. This is because monthly payments may not fit your budget.

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