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How To Get A Lot Of Money In Pet Society

How To Get A Lot Of Money In Pet Society – This might be the easiest way to get hundreds of dollars in free money – and most people don’t do it

Fewer than 1 in 5 people eligible to collect in class-action lawsuits join, says one insider, which means many people are leaving money on the table. Here’s what you need to know.

How To Get A Lot Of Money In Pet Society

How To Get A Lot Of Money In Pet Society

For some class action lawsuits, it can only take a few minutes to fill out the necessary paperwork – and then the cash will finally be coming your way. photo illustration/iStockphoto

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As Americans grapple with rising prices and bearish markets, they’re no doubt thinking of ways to put a few extra dollars in their pockets.

Well, here’s one that netted me just $274.03: I filled out a simple form in a few minutes.

In this case, it was a form to join a class action lawsuit against Noom, the weight loss program I signed up for a few years ago. The suit charged that the company’s “auto-renewal and cancellation practices violated both common law and consumer protection laws nationwide,” according to the settlement website. Noom denied the allegations but settled the case for $56 million, with the company saying it believes “the settlement is the best way forward as it allows us to focus our energies on delivering the best possible health outcomes for our Noomers.”

I barely remember filling out the lawsuit form, so the check was a welcome surprise. And in a sense, I wasn’t really “profitable”—class action lawsuits are about righting wrongs—but it was still money I didn’t expect to have. And it came just in time for the holiday shopping season.

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This is not the first time I have received such a settlement check. I usually respond any time I am contacted about a class action lawsuit, even though it may take some time before I receive the money. And, to be sure, the figure is often a nominal amount, or the settlement offers an offer of goods and services instead of cash. But again, I look at it as an unexpected “gift”, the legal equivalent of a $20 bill on the street.

As it turns out, there is a community of people who take these things to the next level. Not only do they respond when contacted about suits, but they also look for other suits they may be eligible for.

Consider Philadelphia resident Noah Webster (yes, he says he’s related to the dictionary editor). He says he usually takes in more than $1,000 each year by staying on top of the suits he can join. Like me, he got close to $300 from the Noom case, but he’s also received money through settlements with companies and brands ranging from cell phone carriers to Naked Juice.

How To Get A Lot Of Money In Pet Society

Webster told me that consumers should never feel like they’re beating the system or playing some kind of game when they join a pack. For him, the cash is nice, but the business is really about holding businesses accountable. “They’re the ones using the system against consumers” in the first place, he says.

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Either way, if you’re hoping to earn some settlement money, there are a few things worth understanding. Or, as Webster says, “So many friends message me and ask me, ‘How do you do it?’

Information is king, as they say. The easiest way to find out about any class action lawsuit is to be contacted directly by a lawsuit administrator, often via postcard. (And if there’s any question about whether the contact is legitimate, you can always look up the case online and even reach out to the law firm representing the plaintiffs, legal experts advise.) But you may not necessarily be in the contact loop — that is, there may not be a record of your purchase of a product or service (this is especially true with smaller purchases) or you may have moved since you made the purchase.

At the very least, if this is an option, you should register each product purchased from the company so that your contact information is in the system at that time. “Spend those 60 seconds,” says Scott Hardy, president of Top Class Actions, a website that provides information about suits. A side benefit of registration, Hardy notes: You’ll be made aware of any product recalls.

But what if you’re not in the contact loop? That’s why it pays—literally—to learn about what suits are going on. Top Class Actions is one source for such information, but there are others, such as and Consumer Action.

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Even if you have a legitimate claim, you may not want to join the case. This is because you may feel that you have a strong enough individual claim to merit a case of your own. Experts recommend that you can always discuss the matter with an attorney to help weigh the merits of joining versus not joining. Hardy says reaching out to the law firm representing the plaintiffs to discuss the case is also a possibility. But he warns that withdrawal rarely works in your favor.

Sometimes joining a pack can only take a minute or two of your time. “It can be a matter of saying, ‘I bought this product on this date,’ and that’s it,” says Hardy. Other times, you may be asked to provide more documentation, but experts advise that this may be the key to getting a larger settlement. Webster says he had records of all his Naked Juice purchases — he usually bought the product at Starbucks and saved his receipts — and that earned him a bigger check. (The Naked Juice case involved a claim over its “all natural” labeling; PepsiCo PEP, +0.15% , the company behind the brand, agreed to a $9 million settlement.)

Forget about getting a check within 30 days from the time you respond. You’re looking at months, if not years. Philip D. Stern, an attorney who specializes in class actions and is with the New Jersey-based Kim Law Firm LLC, says the court process involves hearings, potential objections and working out a final settlement, all of which take time. But Webster says that if you join suits regularly, the time lag is less of an issue — ideally, while you’re waiting for one suit to settle, you’ll receive a check from another.

How To Get A Lot Of Money In Pet Society

While Stern says he’s seen settlements that can go as high as thousands of dollars per person, he’s also seen one for as little as a few pennies. A lot of it depends on how many people respond – as in, the more who join a suit, the less each person gets. That said, Stern notes that typically less than 20% of those eligible to join do so, which means a lot of people are leaving money on the table. Think of it a bit like playing the lottery – you have to be in it to win it. But again, your “victory” may be about something bigger. “It has the benefit of keeping companies honest,” says Stern.

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How To Get A Lot Of Money In Pet Society

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