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How To Get A Medical Sales Job

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Data from a 2012 survey of nearly 600 members shows that 89% of our sales job candidates have industry experience.

How To Get A Medical Sales Job

How To Get A Medical Sales Job

More than a decade ago, a small group of medical sales recruiters looking for a specific candidate profile created a website that only published medical sales jobs. Word quickly spread among medical sales professionals that this job site served their niche and remains the preferred job search engine for medical sales insiders to this day.

Get Hired In Medical Sales: Showing You The Step By Step Process To Land A High Paying Sales Job.

Today is known for members with industry expertise. Job postings can expect to receive compelling resumes from qualified job applicants. For this reason, almost a third of the job advertisements members publish their jobs exclusively with . Maybe that’s why 32% of our job posting members have been with us for more than 6 years. Another 42% advertise positions between 2 and 5 years. Our reputation for delivering both quality sales jobs and reliable candidates has become an industry standard.

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With so many different medical distribution companies, how do you choose the best niche for you? Finally, you could specialize in selling pharmaceuticals, equipment, gadgets, and more.

Answering: Why Do You Want To Do Medical Device Sales?

The market you choose must match not only your personality but also your education. After all, not everyone can demonstrate surgical sales. Some people just don’t have the stomach for this type of procedure.

So how do you find your medical outlet? Here are some great suggestions to get you started.

Yes, medical salespeople are well paid and earn a commission on top of their base salary. Also, some specialties within the industry pay more than others. Still, you don’t always want to settle for a specialty just because it pays more. Instead, you want one that is a good match for your skill set.

How To Get A Medical Sales Job

Biotech, for example, pays very well, but you must have a solid knowledge when it comes to talking about the human body and answering questions about the products. If you’re unable to meet the science requirements of this type of sale, you might be better off with something less specific like medical gear, even if it pays a little less.

Selling To Surgeons With Psychology: (part 4 Of 6) Liking

There is fierce competition in certain products such as surgical and medical devices. Not only do you need to know the main reasons and uses of these items, but you also need to explain to your customers what else they can use them for.

For example, if you sell medical devices and your contact is already using a competitor’s product and refuses to switch, how can you get them to buy and use your products? You need to be able to suggest some alternative uses to let the customer know they need your product as well. This requires some solid knowledge of the medical field and its products.

Knowledge is something every medical salesperson deals with, regardless of specialty. What matters is how much you understand. If you took a basic biology course in college and that’s it, then you may not be able to demonstrate surgical techniques with the products you sell. However, if you’ve had special training and aren’t squeamish, you shouldn’t have a problem with these types of demonstrations.

Some specialties require deeper medical, biological and general scientific knowledge than others. If you’re just not that science savvy and are better at the sales part of the job, then you should be drawn to something less complex. Maybe try medicines or medical devices which include general products that every hospital and clinic needs and uses on a daily basis.

Common Medical Device Sales Challenges For Reps

Aside from being able to answer the questions and tips above to help you choose the medical outlet that’s right for you, having a better understanding of what each specialty sells helps. There are five main types you will encounter:

As you can see, there are a number of different things to consider when choosing a medical outlet to enter. How much knowledge you have, or your willingness to learn, is critical as you speak to experts every day. After all, you want to choose the medical market that best suits both your personality and your knowledge in order to be successful.

Small Pharma Acella | Avion is also “one” of the best employers in 2021

How To Get A Medical Sales Job

If you are looking for the common medical sales job requirements, it is safe to assume that you are passionate about the job and want to get started in your new career. Medical sales jobs are exciting and rewarding. To be honest, they’re competitive, but that’s to be expected with a job that can bring in up to $198,000 a year. Luckily, you probably have what it takes to impress recruiters and land your dream medical sales job.

Sales Careers: Options, Job Titles, And Descriptions

Many industries expect to require a college degree. It’s the same in the medical distribution industry

Can find a job with a high school diploma or advanced technical college entrance qualification. However, most companies still require a bachelor’s degree (four years) to become a medical field worker. In fact, in our 2021 Medical Sales Salary Report, we revealed that 95% of salespeople have at least a four-year degree.

In many cases, your college major will affect what area you specialize in for medical sales. For example, if your major is pharmacology or other life sciences, you may want to apply for a pharmaceutical sales representative position.

Some degrees that are marketable when applying for medical sales positions include business administration, marketing, pharmacy, pharmacology, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, health and social sciences, and even nursing. While a master’s degree, particularly in business administration, is not required, it will make you more competitive for high-paying medical sales positions when entering the industry.

How To Get A Job In Medical Sales As A Pt/ot/pta/cota/ota/slp

Relevant experience is the fast track to fulfilling medical sales job requirements. This experience can be gained in many ways.

For example, you could volunteer at a local hospital or organization where you can learn valuable information about the industry, such as: B. medical terminology, patient base and related technologies. You may also consider an internship with a medical sales company or use your network to observe or interview a medical sales representative.

There are numerous opportunities to gain experience and skills relevant to many non-healthcare medical sales career requirements. Look for ways to refine and tick off these skill requirements:

How To Get A Medical Sales Job

When it comes to medical sales job requirements, you probably won’t see any personality traits on the list. However, there is a good chance you will be asked to take a personality test to ensure you are a good fit for the company culture and role. And for a good reason!

Insider Secrets To Landing A Pharmaceutical Sales Job [infographic]

The requirements for medical sales jobs are very different than most other industries. There is generally a lot of travel, you are in constant contact with people and you sometimes find yourself in more challenging sales environments than the average salesperson. Depending on your specialty, you may find yourself standing in the operating room for hours, even in bad weather or at unusual times of day, or hopping from one doctor’s waiting room to another.

In most cases, you will only ever deal directly with doctors. But in some specialties you could work alongside your clients, for example fitting prostheses. Your level of comfort in communicating with different people with different levels of knowledge about your products will determine how successful you are at sharing important information.

It is just as important for you to understand the requirements of the medical sales job you are applying for as it is for you to meet the requirements.

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How To Get A Medical Sales Job

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