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How To Get A Money Grant

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How to Get a Free Government Grant for Almost Anything: How to Get Free Government Grants and Money

How To Get A Money Grant

How To Get A Money Grant

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How To Find Grants To Pay For College And Avoid Student Loans

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Many teachers across the country are working hard to personalize learning for their students. Their efforts are often part of grant-funded initiatives that vary in size, duration, type of applicant, application process and evidence required to demonstrate success.

All these grants have one thing in common: they run out. And when they do, it can cancel programs that are working.

In the Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District, which serves students in one of the fastest growing regions in Alaska, we use grant funding to support a number of initiatives. Over the years, we have learned some tough lessons. We have seen programs lose momentum and disappear, devices break and practitioners lose their jobs because funding has lapsed.

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In times of seemingly never-ending financial hardship, it’s common for us all to practice habits that break the bank financially. Our school district is encouraging teachers to be disaffected and sustainable in seeking alternative approaches to sustaining successful programs.

We are always thinking about what issues we should consider when applying for a grant, to ensure that the work can be sustained after the initial funding has run out. Here are five questions we always ask ourselves when deciding whether to get a grant.

Our district has applied for various types of grants in the past, including large grants at the state level, funding from non-profit organizations, and funding from private companies. Some grants are specific to a specific student population, such as English Learners or students who receive free reduced lunch; others support the entire student body. In addition to the grants we have applied for as a district, we also see individual schools and teachers apply for smaller funding opportunities through crowdfunding platforms such as Donors Choose.

How To Get A Money Grant

These grants support a number of efforts such as improved Wi-Fi, increased equipment, new curriculum programs and new staff roles. Our district has had more experience learning about grants that support teaching tools and new jobs.

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Schools are hungry for data-driven digital learning resources that support teachers in personalizing curriculum for their students. The market for viable tools is huge and continues to grow as current research expands – but the tools are often expensive.

The cost of a student license continues to rise as companies continually update and refine their products. Many companies offer “grandfathered in” rates to those who have been with them since the beginning, attracting continued use at reasonable rates. Others offer free professional development or training time when subscriptions are renewed.

Some schools benefit from grants that will allow them to access resources for a year at no cost, although they are fully aware of the financial challenges of long-term use. There’s a mantra: “If it’s worth it, we’ll find a way to pay for it later.” But that is not always the case.

Whenever we receive a grant, our initial reaction includes gratitude and excitement. We look at all the ways we can use the funds to increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes – and the possibilities seem endless. In many cases, however, when we sit down to outline the necessary steps to achieve these goals, we realize that we lack the human capital.

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Grants rarely come with no strings attached. Typically, they require careful planning, project management, design, implementation and review of the new efforts. These tasks often fall into the head of someone who already has a full schedule, so sometimes we have to create new roles to make the magic happen.

Community engagement, planning and leading training, tracking purchases, ensuring robust implementation and reporting progress to the funder are just some of the responsibilities typically required to complete a grant project effectively. It is difficult to find someone with the necessary experience who is willing to take a rewarding full-time job that is expected to last 60 months, because it is funded by a five-year federal grant. Even more worrying is the question of who will take on all these duties when the funding is exhausted?

A recent job advertisement for a five-year state-funded position clearly outlines the responsibility to “coordinate sustainability efforts.” How can we expect an individual to do this when the position is only expected to be funded for five years? It is extremely challenging to convince someone to take such a big role on the understanding that we can only guarantee work for a limited period of time, no matter how well they do.

How To Get A Money Grant

So what will it look like when grant money runs out? In the worst case scenario, a program dies, good people lose their jobs and the kids miss out. But sometimes the impact is less dramatic – devices start to break down one after the other, or a teacher has to leave a lesson because there is not enough material for the whole class.

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Classroom costs can be a black hole when it comes to materials, supplies, technology and books; there is no escaping the ongoing costs of creating and maintaining attractive, organized, modern learning environments. Many committed teachers take on these costs themselves – but that is not a sustainable solution.

Asdis Derouen, a veteran second grade teacher at Swanson Elementary, knows this problem all too well. The time, energy and money she invests in making her a fun, safe and successful learning environment is evident when she enters her classroom. The walls are decorated with student-directed goal charts, small group assignments, and artwork created by current and former students. Her efforts have resulted in high academic gains and low behavioral incidents for students, and strong relationships with families.

Although Derouen is a trained expert, she still faces the same challenges as many other educators – a wide range of student abilities, an excessive teacher-to-student ratio and a classroom that is simply too small. But for Derouen, the biggest obstacle to further improving student outcomes is budget constraints.

Derouen believes that providing students with personalized learning opportunities is essential. But she also understands that implementing a project-based learning model, gathering enough material to provide students with options, and using a range of high-quality digital and analog curriculum tools can be costly. . Finding funding is not only time-consuming, but also unpredictable, making planning difficult. Recently, she invested hours of her time applying for a local grant to personalize and digitize STEM instruction. She was one of the top five contestants but in the end she was not awarded the money.

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Over the years, Derouen has applied for, been awarded and rejected several grants. She can point to some tools and materials in her classroom that she was able to purchase with grant money, but says most of those grants were awarded years ago so she uses her own money to keep their classroom up and up to date. date.

While there are many challenges to using grants to encourage educational objectives, there are some false solutions. Teachers can

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