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How To Get A Movie Theater Job

How To Get A Movie Theater Job – If you haven’t been to a movie theater in seven months, you’ll get two thumbs up when you see Robert De Niro in the Battle of the Six.

“It was fun — a good family movie,” said Ron Morse of Northville Friday after a screening of Grandpa’s War in Livonia.

How To Get A Movie Theater Job

How To Get A Movie Theater Job

Metro Detroit movie theaters, which have been closed since mid-March due to an order by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, are reopening this weekend.

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“We missed the movies. We used to go every Friday,” Nancy said, describing their usual routine of walking around Laurel Park Place, maybe grabbing a bite to eat before heading to Laurel Park’s Phoenix Theater next door. shopping center.

Both Ron and Nancy — who were nice enough to laugh when their names sounded familiar — said they were happy with Phoenix Laurel Park’s safety measures: floor markings indicating social distancing, required masks and sanitized seats in limited-capacity areas . , to name a few.

They also noticed that the available seats now have a paper strip across them to show that they have been disinfected after each screening.

Here and elsewhere in metropolitan Detroit, movie theaters are united in their commitment to keeping patrons as safe as possible from the coronavirus. In addition to complying with state measures, chains and independent cinemas have pledged to participate in national #CinemaSafe rules created specifically for their industry.

Movie Theater Classroom Transformation

To call the financial outlook for cinemas a challenge is to trivialize the situation. In addition to having to limit their viewership, they face a drought of potential blockbusters that are usually the backbone of the holiday season.

Although Thanksgiving and Christmas are busy for theaters, big movies like the new James Bond film, “No Time to Die,” “Dune” and “West Side Story” reboots, and Marvel’s “Black Widow” have disappeared from 2020 and moved to the market. dates in 2021.

Cory Jacobson, who owns Phoenix Theaters in Livonia, Wayne and Monroe, says the rest of the year will be “sustainability” as the theaters wait for improvements in 2021 and until then will focus on “keeping the lights on and keeping our key employees in place.” “

How To Get A Movie Theater Job

Jacobson said he and other Detroit movie theater owners have been frustrated by the delay in reopening theaters that he said should be open for business this summer — closer to Michigan’s June return to restaurants.

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The mission now is to reassure guests that safety protocols are in place and communicate the reopening — no easy task given that the absence of major movies means a sharp drop in TV and online advertising.

“As a company, we have to keep a long-term view,” says Jacobson. “We need to learn to live with the pandemic. If that means all the security measures we have have to be there for a while, then they will be.”

Customers returning to his Livonia site had no complaints about the selection. They mostly sounded happy to see what was available on Phoenix’s 10 screens.

The current lineup includes the new (or at least new to Detroit), the well-reviewed teen drama “Words on the Bathroom Wall,” modern classics like 1978’s “Halloween” and 1993’s “Hocus Pocus,” and a 40th anniversary 80s reissue.” Star Wars Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back.”

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Charin Fox of Dearborn and Chris McVicar of Livonia caught a matinee of Russell Crowe’s thriller “Unhinged,” which they enjoyed, even though Fox had to walk out briefly during the violent part.

“For me, I didn’t realize how much I missed the movies,” Fox said of being back in front of the big screen.

Fox and McVicar agreed they felt comfortable returning to the Phoenix, one of their usual theaters, given the precautions in place.

How To Get A Movie Theater Job

Marlene Slusser came from Huntington Woods to see “Unhinged” because Crowe is in it. “I’ve always gone to this theater a lot,” she said. “I thought why don’t we just go and wear masks and sit far away from people.”

Metro Detroiters Give Thumbs Up To Reopened Movie Theaters

Opening her purse to reveal a mini-bottle of hand sanitizer, Slusser said she supports wearing masks in public. If she sees someone in the store without a mask, she said, she will turn around and leave the other person.

Another Phoenix Laurel Park patron, Brandon Mills of Sterling Heights, said he enjoys going to the movies in his spare time and is ready to go back on reopening day.

“I can’t just stay at home all the time,” he added. “I’m wearing a mask. I feel that’s enough for me.” Regal Cinemas, also known as Regal Entertainment Group, manages one of the largest movie theater chains in America. 575 theater seats maintain nearly 8,000 high-quality screens. Regal Entertainment Group currently owns and manages all theaters in the chain. Regal Cinemas’ sister companies include Edwards Theaters and United Artists Theatres. Each Regal Cinemas theater has many employees such as ushers, projectionists, concessionaires and shift managers. Fortunately for job seekers, the movie theater often hires new team members for these positions.

Interviewing for a job at Regal Cinemas remains a relatively simple matter. The applicant usually participates in a one-on-one question-and-answer interview with the Theater Manager or Shift Manager. Interviewees should attend the interview at Regal Cinemas dressed appropriately and presentably. Business attire can be acceptable for both men and women. Avoid wearing jeans or sneakers. Instead, opt for khaki pants, trousers, dresses and formal shoes. Applicants should also prepare mentally for the interview by reviewing previous work skills or employment history. Applicants may also want to research Regal Cinemas to see the number of locations and services offered.

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Regal Cinemas interviews include both traditional and industry-specific questions. Accessibility is very important to Regal Cinemas when hiring new staff. Many places stay open late, so employees must be willing to work until 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. on occasion. Regal jobs require extensive customer service and interaction. Interview questions seek to assess the applicant’s social skills and verbal abilities. The interview also provides individuals with more detailed information about the job, such as the most common responsibilities, work environment, time commitments, and duties.

Applicants for Regal Cinemas generally do not face much challenge during the company interview. The answers do not require too much explanation. Usually 6-8 sentences are enough. Answers should contain at least some significant detail. Applicants should refer to past experience for the best answers. Successful interviewees should maintain pleasant body language and eye contact while answering all questions. At the end of the interview, applicants can ask the interviewer questions about Regal Cinemas or the desired position. The applicant should close the interview by thanking all Regal officials involved in the process.

Regal Cinemas Team Member: I work at the box office. From time to time at night I swept the popcorn that needed to be swept and cleaned the theaters after they closed.

How To Get A Movie Theater Job

Regal Cinemas Team Member: It was very nice. Everyone was very excited and happy. It’s just an overall good work environment.

Movie Theaters Get Creative With Concessions

Regal Cinemas Team Member: I actually applied online. I received an email and they contacted me and gave me a phone number where I can reach them anytime. I called the phone number and made an appointment.

Regal Cinemas Team Member: Here I come. I was dressed in a suit and tie. I’m wearing a coat. I looked very presentable. I basically went. I signed up in my name. They called me at a certain time and then asked me a few questions about why I wanted to work for the company and what I could bring to the table if they hired me.

Regal Cinemas Team Member: I think I was spoken to very well and very socially. I just had a very good attitude.

Regal Cinemas Team Member: I would tell them to always make eye contact with the person they are talking to. Basically, be yourself, but be very professional. Talk to someone like you at church or in public. Just keep yourself to a certain extent when you talk to them.

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Regal Cinemas Concession Worker: I worked at the concession, so that basically meant I sold popcorn. I gave everyone their drinks. I made all the candy and we also had a bunch of food and stuff. Regal just created this new program where they do things like burgers, fries, calamari and stuff like that. They were actually quite good.

Regal Cinemas Concessions Worker: The work environment was really nice. All the people I worked with were really nice people. It was very structured, but overall it was just a nice place to work, I would say.

Regal Cinemas Concessions Worker: Well, the application was straightforward at best. You must have completed an online application. I also went in and handed my resume to one of the managers. After about a week they called me and I went to training. It was basically a couple of hours where they went over everything we would really need to know to work with the concessions. They passed

How To Get A Movie Theater Job

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