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How To Get A Tv Job

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Television directing can be one of the toughest career paths in Hollywood to get into. But other opportunities for television and scholarship might be worthwhile places to start.

How To Get A Tv Job

How To Get A Tv Job

When Ava DuVernay launched “Queen Sugar” on the OWN network in 2016, she hired only women to direct — a practice she’s been doing for six seasons of the Louisiana family drama.

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According to the Directors Guild of America, about 17 percent of TV episodes in the 2015-16 season were directed by women, so she wanted to give directing opportunities to accomplished women who are still working hard. A recent report from the DGA showed an improvement: Women made up 34 percent of directors in the 2019-20 season.

Historically, Internet TV has been seen as creatively limited compared to movies. But now, especially with the rise of streaming, not only is TV widely respected, it’s where most jobs are.

“Television and film have such a different structure and hierarchy that any film director who isn’t an A-list star, let alone a female film director, is always going to have a hard time getting a first gig in the TV directing field,” Bertha Bessa said. pan.

Pan has directed since 1997, when she won the award for her first short, Face, which eventually became her first feature film of the same name in 2002. She has since directed a second feature film and has continued to work in and out of the United States. Chinese film industry. But she just directed her first episode of the TV series “Queen Sugar” in April.

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Shaz Bennett started out as a festival programme planner and eventually became programme director at AFI Fest before she directed her first feature film, Alaska Is a Drag, and served as a TV writer. In 2018, she also got her first TV directing breakthrough with “Sugar Queen.”

“All of us, you know, on a lot of shows, got really close a lot of times. … You just need that guy to say, ‘Go on! I believe in you,'” Bennett said.

How To Get A Tv Job

She’s since directed series like “Billion,” “Ordinary Joe,” and “Animal Kingdom,” and this year she’s returning to “Sugar Queen” as director, writer and co-producer.

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Why is it so hard to break in? How can you best prepare — so that one day a show host like DuVernay might call you?

Here are some suggestions from Pan; Bennett; Rebecca Windsor, who runs Warner Bros. Television Director Studio; Juan Jose Hernandez, Senior Manager, Emerging Directors Program, ViewFinder, ViacomCBS; Directed by ViacomCBS Program Senior Coordinator Wyatt Muma.

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Television directors need versatility and the ability to bring the visions of others to life. While film is the director’s medium, the main creative forces behind television are the producers and writers.

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“It’s someone else’s child,” Pan said. “They ask you to babysit, you just do everything the baby’s parents ask you to do.”

For someone who previously had complete creative control over their films, what was the appeal of being a TV director as she called it “a small piece of the broader tapestry”? Pan likes that she can focus on the director’s craft without having to take on the full production burden.

“It’s already a very well-constructed power machine that I can go in and just focus on the parts I really like,” she said.

How To Get A Tv Job

“It’s really a gift,” Bennett said, “especially coming from the independent film world, where you have everything. You’re a writer, director, producer, and sometimes editor and sound designer.”

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While some shows have a permanent director, it’s also common for TV directors to come in as guests for a few weeks to help teams execute their vision for a particular episode. So TV directors need to be very cooperative.

TV directors are also more likely to switch between genres and styles than feature film directors, who may work on a single project for years. On “Queen Sugar,” Bennett enjoyed being able to direct a very rich and visual family drama. In “Billion,” she started a show with playful dialogue, and the actors had to follow a very precise script. In Animal Kingdom, she directed fight scenes.

“You’re coaching all the time, so you’re honing your skills,” Windsor said. “You work with different crews, different actors, you’re challenged by different environments. …You use different cool tools and gadgets at times. So you’re actually expanding your skills as a director, and I think that Still very creative.”

Multiple Hyphens called her directorial debut on the HBO series a “call to fight for authenticity.” But getting there took a lot of growth.

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Television directing is one of the hardest career paths to get into, says Windsor, who writes and directs television workshops for Warner Bros.

She compares the two: “If you’re successful and you get a job as a full-time writer, you’re on the writing staff, you’re lower on the totem pole, so the expectation isn’t that you’ll come in and know everything, “she says. “You’re there to contribute ideas, learn and grow, and help with the process.

“But as a director, you come in as someone who hasn’t done it before, but you’re the captain. You’re the leader. That’s why it’s more challenging. You have to find the reins that are willing to hand over the $5 million baby. Showrunners, producers and studios of people who haven’t done it before.”

How To Get A Tv Job

There are many ways people get their first break in TV series directors, but interestingly, three seem to be the most common.

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To land a job as a TV director, you usually need to do a lot of work outside of TV, whether it’s directing films, documentaries, commercials, or music videos.

This is difficult, Windsor admits, because unlike writing, which can be done on a laptop alone, even a short film director requires a lot of money, time, manpower and resources.

But having a strong portfolio that showcases your skills can make it easier for showrunners to take your chances.

Another way people break in is to have been making a show for years, even if they haven’t directed it before. For actors, writers, cinematographers or editors who are already familiar with the inner workings of the show, taking the plunge is less risky.

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Major Hollywood studios have diverse scholarship programs designed to support emerging directors who would otherwise not have access to these opportunities.

The projects vary, but most involve classes, training, mentoring, and shadowing—in these projects, fellows follow the director through the pre-production, physical-production, and post-production processes. This gives the person the ability to direct their own plot.

Outside of formal scholarship programs, shadowing can often only happen through personal contact, although there are programs, like Ryan Murphy’s Semi-Initiative, that allow people to apply for shadowing and mentoring opportunities.

How To Get A Tv Job

For the past few years, the DGA has been pressuring studios to direct the fellowship program to guarantee that every fellow has the opportunity to direct an episode.

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“I know people who have been lurking for a long time and never had an episode,” Bennett said. “So it’s a very useful way to learn to direct, but I don’t know it’s a useful way to get hired.”

Actors who choose to pursue Hollywood as a second career later in life share their experiences and advice.

On TV, there are multi-camera comedies—think sitcoms like Friends and The Big Bang Theory—and they all have laughter. Those shoots are more like theaters with live audiences. There are also single-shot shows that are filmed like a movie, whether it’s a half-hour comedy or a one-hour drama.

Due to the specificity of the production, multicam comedy often has its own career path. Directors of single-camera shows can be categorized as either comedy or drama, but many are able to jump between genres.

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It’s important to figure out what your interests are, whether it’s directing a multi-cam comedy or an hour-long single-cam drama, so you can figure out how to work on your craft, Hernandez said.

Like most people in Hollywood, there is no single path, you need to know people to get more jobs. Getting your first TV director gig is very difficult, and getting your second gig is very difficult. But the idea

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