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How To Improve Business Acumen

How To Improve Business Acumen – Business Skills Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) has become one of the most important competencies for business partners. It’s an entry ticket to a permanent seat at the decision-making table in your organization.

Without business acumen, finance cannot effectively contribute to the value creation process and is not able to understand what is behind the numbers.

How To Improve Business Acumen

How To Improve Business Acumen

A solid business acumen can see the “full picture” of the business internally and externally and help the organization create value.

How To Improve Your Finance Skills (even If You Hate Numbers)

Nine Recommendations for Developing Business Skills 1. Draw your organization’s business model with your finance team.

Treat it as a project and spend quality time with each function to understand the entire value chain, revenue drivers, key cost drivers, customer value proposition, customer segments, key channels, key partnerships, pricing strategy, key competitors, suppliers, etc. After completing the whole business model drawing project the result will be great. You and your team will be able to understand the complete picture of the organization.

Don’t miss any opportunity to drive strategic conversations with senior leaders. If you get a chance to meet with the CEO, general manager, marketing director, etc., ask them about the company’s strategy, competitors’ strategies and the company’s strategic goals. Such conversations give a better business understanding of how the company is thinking about its future.

Invite different people from different levels in the organization for a cup of coffee. You can’t imagine the deep business knowledge you can gain by having casual conversations with people working on the ground like sales reps, key accounts, product managers, etc.

How To Develop A Strong Business Acumen

Frequent field visits with the commercial team will help you and your team understand what is behind the reported numbers. Seeing the day-to-day challenges of sales representatives on the ground is a unique experience. To understand market dynamics, pricing strategy, and all other business strategies, don’t hesitate to talk to customers, compare the position of your company’s products on the shelf versus competitors and talk to retailers, wholesalers, key accounts, etc.

To make these visits as productive as possible, you can take notes and later discuss with business leaders to get their feedback. The results obtained from frequent field visits are always great for you, your department and your relationship with the professional team.

Don’t miss any opportunity to join cross-functional projects as a project team member or as a project leader. It is a great way to learn, increase business skills, strengthen business relationships with other stakeholders, and improve interpersonal and social skills.

How To Improve Business Acumen

Although collaboration is important, finance should not underestimate its knowledge. Our business partners are eager to learn more from us. You can offer trainings like “Finance for Non-Finance” or “Advanced Excel” etc. Such training will help you have business conversations with your stakeholders, and you will understand their business problems as they share everyday examples. activities.

Steps To Build Your Business Acumen

You need to print out a master list of products, go to the marketing team, ask them about each product on the list, and get in-depth knowledge about each one: its features, benefits, pricing strategy, market share, positioning versus competition, etc.

I recommend regular meetings with your external partners (suppliers, customers, retailers, etc.). This will provide you with a complete understanding of external market dynamics and industry updates.

Attending any possible industry training and being an active member of industry associations will help you stay on top of new industry trends.

Business acumen is an essential qualification for all finance professionals. Without it, they cannot build credibility with business partners, provide business insights or create value. Therefore, I recommend all organizations to include business model, value chain and product knowledge as an essential part of the induction program for all finance new entrants.

What Is Sales Acumen And How To Improve It? (ultimate Guide)

We will regularly update you on the latest trends and developments in FP&A. Take advantage of having articles written by finance thought leaders delivered straight to your inbox; Watch engaging webinars; Connect with like-minded professionals; And become a part of our global community. Much has been said about not just the skills and attributes but the business acumen (or more specifically, salesmanship) that enable salespeople to perform at their best.

Among the most frequently mentioned are product knowledge, customer empathy, problem solving, motivation, and sales methods. No sales leader in their right mind would leave a sales rep who lacked all those important attributes on the floor. Nor can a salesperson achieve good performance metrics without strategic thinking, affinity with technology, and presentation.

Salespeople who lack these skills, marketing skills, and overall business sense will be working at a very serious disadvantage.

How To Improve Business Acumen

Business acumen refers to a strong understanding of business situations, which enables a person to quickly assess risks and opportunities, make smart decisions, and take actions that often lead to positive results. It is also called “business sense,” “executive mindset,” or “business savvy.”

How To Improve Your Business Acumen As A Data Scientist

Business acumen arises from a practical awareness of the various aspects, units, processes, and roles that comprise a successful business and how these components relate to one another.

A person with good business acumen has or develops some degree of leadership, innovative thinking, entrepreneurial mindset, and strategic sense. Using a business-focused frame of reference, they should be able to:

Sales Acumen encompasses the attributes, experiences, skills, and mindsets that make a salesperson excel at sales. These include prospecting, value articulation, problem solving, objection handling and negotiation, and relationship building. Professionals with good sales skills typically have high levels of customer empathy, patience, self-motivation, and persuasive skills.

On the other hand, having business knowledge means having a strong understanding of business fundamentals, which have been explained in the previous sections. In the B2B universe, selling can be very difficult without business acumen:

Joann Corley Schwarzkopf

Understandably, sales skills trump business skills when it comes to every sales-focused interaction. However, as customer-centricity increasingly pervades the emerging landscape, business acumen is almost as important as sales acumen in the world of B2B sales.

In a market where your customers are looking for trusted advisors and consultants rather than sales representatives, you cannot meet their needs as a sales professional without business acumen:

High-performing B2B salespeople serve as trusted partners and advisors to their customers. They understand relevant business models and industry trends that affect their prospects.

How To Improve Business Acumen

Some salespeople fail to build meaningful relationships or close deals because they don’t understand the basics of how businesses operate and make decisions. Although salespeople may be extensively trained in how to articulate the benefits of their products, this is still not enough to build strong connections with dynamic business organizations.

Basics Of Business Acumen

Business skills are not just for business owners, entrepreneurs, or corporate leaders. For companies to thrive in tomorrow’s highly competitive landscape, business acumen must flow into their corporate DNA. Specifically, a B2B company’s sales force—which owns the revenue streams that enable the company to sustain and grow—must be staffed by people who understand how businesses work and how enterprises behave in different scenarios.

Without business acumen, sales professionals will find it extremely difficult to build and maintain strong and value-driven bonds with corporate clients.

Conversely, a salesperson with business acumen will be able to perform the following critical tasks during a sales engagement:

In today’s sophisticated B2B markets, businesses don’t really need salespeople in the traditional sense. They want to find and consume product information online at their own convenience, rather than receiving phone calls from rabid salespeople armed with a sales quota, armed with a call script, and conditioned not to go beyond a pre-made sales pitch.

Entrepreneurship For Customer Success Departments: Business Acumen Basics

For sales organizations as well as for aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, or corporate leaders, one thing about business intelligence stands out as very good news:

It is not an innate ability. Anyone with sufficient motivation can develop business skills through self-learning through experience, reading and networking with business leaders, and formal training.

Salespeople can start by learning about a particular venture in which they are involved. They should have adequate knowledge of the specific industry related to the enterprise and the key factors that drive this industry.

How To Improve Business Acumen

They can learn more about their own organizations, the different units that comprise a company, the different processes that help generate profits, and the ways and roles in making strategic decisions. You can initiate proactive efforts to network with workers and executives in various departments and get a feel for their own challenges and how they operate.

How To Improve Business Acumen

Moving on, the next step is to read books and consume multimedia content such as audio files, podcasts, and videos that will help you accelerate your goal of building a decent level of trading skills.

There are also more formal training methods, such as going to school and signing up for workshops and seminars. While enrolling in an Ivy League business school or joining branded business training from top-notch providers will definitely strengthen your business skills, you can save on costs by checking out free online courses first.

8) Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap. . . And Others Don’t by Jim Collins

Many popular business personalities pop up every time the word “business skills” is used. You will hear some anecdotes

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